We Moved! Our new digs are at 2620 RT 31, Palmyra NY 14522

Hey there! It is just me, Trish. I am just one of the mighty team at The Purple Painted Lady.

WE MOVED and are totally open for business at our new location as of December 2021. Find us at:

2620 RT 31 Palmyra NY 14522 Same phone number 585.750.6056

We love our new building! It is spacious, has heated floors, and a dedicated workshop area. In spring 2022, we will be opening a coffee shop inside too!

We had been in our Macedon, NY shop for almost 8 years but this new building is some serious exciting news! We moved 2 miles east to a space that is three times bigger in December 2021. Our Macedon shop (shown below) has been our home and this building has been wonderful to us. But a new chapter has started ………..

Our new space is at 2620 RT 31 Palmyra NY 14522 and we officially opened there on December 18, 2021. We out grew the Macedon store years ago but were waiting for the right building and location to come available. And late in 2020, I heard gossip about a NAPA Auto Parts store possibly being put up for sale. Recognize that “NAPA AUTO” blue color?

So, after practically a year of waiting, twists and turns….we bought it! And within 5 days of closing on it ……it was painted by Mac Stringer Painting! We found their pricing to be very good and they were extremely responsive and helpful. We highly recommend them.

Our new building has great bones…..and even better, …….. heated floors! Living in the north east those floors are going to be amazing! You know how when your feet are cold- it is hard for your whole body to get warm? Well, me and the team will all be wearing flip flops now in January! Like I shared, our new space is 6000 sq ft. When we first moved in, it was an empty big building that we hold a roller skating party in.

Doesn’t it look great already?

We also had the lock rekeyed, the potholes filled, new lights installed, a grain bin brought in to be our space for clothing we sell, and soon the concrete floors will be acid washed and sealed.

Stay tuned because we have some really cool things planned for you in 2022!!

We are The Purple Painted Lady– your small business Annie Sloan provider. And small business is the backbone of our communities!! We are the ones in YOUR area funding your local Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. We’re the ones donating baskets and money to YOUR local charities. It is the local small business men and women of this country who know YOUR name! Not the conglomerates or Amazon’s. Small business owners are there stepping up when their is a house fire to a local family or the food pantry needs a little extra or the middle school play needs a sponsor! Please kindly consider all of this when you purchase and if you have no one local who retails Annie Sloan Products … please – PLEASE consider giving The Purple Painted Lady your valued business. We have been here for 11 years providing this one on one 24 hour Chalk Paint® Concierge Customer Service for when you have questions or having problems. We care about YOU and your projects!! We are grateful for you and we need you…. We really need you! And hope you will continue being our customer. Grateful that Annie Sloan products, including Chalk Paint®, are only available through small local retailers. Annie Sloan is a passionate supporter of small business, Annie Sloan has chosen to distribute her paint this way to ensure that you receive the instruction, support, and inspiration that she would provide herself.

We are here to help you and appreciate you!

Storing of Chalk Paint®

Hey all!

When it comes to storing your beloved Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan (or generically- any paint you have) – this information from The Purple Painted Lady™ should help you!

Since there are variables that come into play in regards to determining how long you can store paint- I will share that I have paint cans that are 3.5 years old and the paint is still perfectly fine in both color and consistency.


1) the edges of the can MUST be cleaned off so no paint is puddled in the reservoir.  

Do this either by using your brush and cleaning out the circle.  (even take a paper towel and fold into a point and run that around it.)


Paint Can Rim Cleaner Tool (which works like a plow)  Want one?  CLICK HERE

The Purple Painted Lady Paint Plow

Boy- don’t we need a manicure! (did you see the post photo above?)


Some people will take a nail and puncture a few holes straight down into the reservoir, so any accumulating paint – will drip back into the quart.

These steps will prevent rusting, which sadly- we all know happens over time.

Also- you won’t get that crusty paint around the top, which can fall back into the quart or onto your brush and then- the piece you are painting. No one likes crusty, unless we are sitting in Paris eating fresh baked French bread!

2. the paint should be stored in ambient temperature (This is suggested to be 55 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit)  SO- do not leave paint in the garage, work shed, or against an exterior basement wall)

3. no tap water has been added to the paint in the can. 

If wanting to thin your paint- ideally – pour some paint into a separate container- like a margarine container that has a lid.  Mix your paint in that versus the quart if using only a partial.

* Thinning your paint with a little water will help achieve a smoother finish – but no more than 20% though.
* Start with less water …and mix till you get a consistency that you want. (remember- you can always add more water, but you only have so much paint- so be careful)
* Use Distilled Water if adding directly to your quart and then planning on storing would be the best situation – since there is no bacteria in Distilled Water.  And since distilled water is “pure water” and organisms cannot form from nothing….technically- if you use distilled water- there should be NO introduction of bacteria at all into your paint.  (Reference this post if you are a science geek and want to read up more on how this was proven)

4. if the paint is going to be stored for awhile, it can help to lay a piece of plastic wrap on top of the remaining paint down in the can.  Literally sealing it at the surface, then place the lid on tightly.

5. Use a rubber mallet to close the lid- NOT a hammer.

6. We sell Paint-EZE bottles which makes dispensing of paint a breeze.  Seriously- dump your quart into the Paint-EZE bottle and then, literally squirt your paint directly on to the surface you are painting and immediately spread with your paint brush.  I love these bottles, but I do not like to store my paint in them for months and months.  I find that the paint coagulates slightly on the outer walls and then when I squeeze the bottle, that dried paint may flake back into the bottle.  Again- these bottles are fantastic to work with for big projects- but when I am storing my paint for long lengths time, I am totally old school and prefer leaving it in the quart.  Now with that said- if interested in buying Paint-EZE bottles- click HERE.

Paint Eze Picmonkey The Purple Painted Lady 3 bottles 16 32 8


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As for buying any of the products we mentioned earlier in this post- I hope that you select The Purple Painted Lady™ to be your one stop resource!  We have two locations in western NY.  Check out our Information tab and come and meet us!  Otherwise- if you are not located near me- the following information may apply to you.  This information is directed to those who do NOT have a local stockist.  Because if you do – go and meet them, shop from them and build a relationship with them.  The guidance, information and knowledge they share with you – will be invaluable.  But, if you are in a location where there is no one selling paint products- and you must buy on-line- consider us.  With that said, visit www.anniesloan.com to find a stockist near you.
We are here to help you, our customers!  We want you to be successful!  And, just so you know, when you place an order with The Purple Painted Lady:
*  If you order before 3pm EASTERN TIME any day Monday thru Friday – we will ship out your package that same day.
*  We ship orders out every since week day all over the US.
*  We offer the lowest flat rate UPS shipping cost so if you are one town away or 10 states away- the shipping cost is the same.
*  We have awesome follow up customer service, too!
And- it is my paint sales that keep me in business and allow me to be here to help you.  (my shameless but honest plug)    Here is a link to our on-line shop=>   http://shop.thepurplepaintedlady.com/
: )  And I will be here to help you as you progress through your future project!  And if I do say so myself- we offer the BEST customer service that you will ever experience!Lastly- if I was helpful to you- ….please consider leaving a positive review on my Facebook business page sharing your positive experience or thoughts about The Purple Painted Lady.  Here is a link to my Facebook page=>  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Purple-Painted-Lady/291882785710    This really helps me!  (wink, wink!)

The Purple Painted Lady™ ~ the serial no. is 86/641,416 with the US Trademark Office


Memorial Day 2014 (Shop Schedule)

Happy Memorial Day Everyone.

For many- it is a day off. For me personally- I work 6 days a week- every week- but Sundays and Holidays are sacred to me. If I was to be brutally honest though- I guess what helps me to actually sit back and relax- is that neither UPS or Federal Express work those days. Striking a balance in life- is something I struggle with- always have.

This weekend I reflect on all of those men and women who made the greatest sacrifice of all- their lives. There have been various “Memorial Day’s” established throughout the last couple hundred years, but on May 26, 1966, President Johnson signed a presidential proclamation naming Waterloo, New York, as the birthplace of Memorial Day.

I live about an hour away- and I think we may go and visit the festivities happening there. On Memorial Day- I plan to visit my father’s grave and place flowers and a flag there for him. He served in the Korean War on a ship called the USS Perry.

The Purple Painted Lady will be CLOSED in Macedon and Syracuse on Sunday, May 25th and Monday, May 26th. UPS and FedX are off also, so all on-line orders will ship out on Tuesday, May 27th.

And speaking of orders and ….paint- I love how patriotic the colors of Emperor’s Silk, Pure White and Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® look! Many people often ask about the plastic paint storage bottles that I show the paint in. They contain a whole quart and have an easy dispenser on the top. If interested in purchasing one- visit HERE.

Happy Memorial Day Chalk Paint The purple painted lady

I hope that you and your family take time to sit back, reflect and relax.

Please visit our website if interested in ordering Chalk Paint®. $34.95 per quart, low/flat rate shipping and it always ships same day!

In fact- there are many reasons we think buying through us is the best. Read THIS little post about what sets The Purple Painted Lady apart from the rest.

To visit our on-line store- click HERE.

Lastly, we share a lot more information to help you get the most functionality out of your Chalk Paint® on our Facebook page. Consider checking it out by clicking HERE. While there- kindly consider LIKING us.

Thanks again,
Tricia Migliore Kuntz ~The Purple Painted Lady ~
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