How to remove the plastic safety rim on gallons of paint?

Have you purchased a gallon of Annie Sloan’s Wall Paint or a gallon General Finishes through The Purple Painted Lady on line and we packed it up and shipped it to you? That is one of our specialties! We are really fast at shipping and super good at packing up your order so it arrives safely.

Part of that process includes a special plastic ring around the top of the lid. These work great but need a little extra effort to remove.

To remove the safety ring on the gallon of paint, you will need to use a pair of pliers and gently lift the ring around the edge of the gallon.

Check out this video link here! To save you on time, jump to the 1:16 mark to see the removal process in action:

If you ever need assistance on anything you purchase from The Purple Painted Lady- we are here to help you and appreciate you!