Mixing Chalk Paint® – Pretty Aubergine Custom Color

Mixing custom colors using Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is so easy. Annie’s colors are pure and make mixing a creative adventure. Today I played a bit with Florence and Primer Red Chalk Paint®.

FLroence Primer Red Paint Cans

First, I mixed equal parts of both and the result was a sea green puddy color. (I did not love it)

Primer Red Florence Puddy color

Then I mixed an additional spoon of Primer Red Chalk Paint® and I loved the outcome. I would describe the custom color as an Eggplant or Aubergine….and since I do love purples- this will be a color I will have to paint a piece in.

Aubergine heart another view

Again- the recipe to creating this “Eggplant” custom Chalk Paint® color was 2 parts of Primer Red and 1 part Florence.

Here is another view of the “Eggplant” custom Chalk Paint® color.

Aubergine Heart with recipe

I then added 1 spoon of Old White Chalk Paint® to the Aubergine mixture and thought the muted color was gorgeous also!

Aubergine recipe

SLIDESHOW Color BookAubergine 2 hearts light dark

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