And the Winners of the Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee Raffle are……

Thank you to everyone who came out for The Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee on Saturday, September 21st, 2013!

Sadly, I could not have chosen a wetter day to have hosted the event. But yet many of you braved the weather!


We are very happy to report that the Macedon Palmyra Rotary raised $1400 while managing the parking lot. All of this money gets turned around and reinvested right back in to the community. They had 11 adults volunteer their whole Saturday, to run around the rain and get muddy, and ensure that the parking lot stayed organized so you could safely come and go.

We are also very excited that The Cracker Box Palace Large Animal Rescue raised almost $1200 managing the front entrance. All of that money will benefit the animals there.


Lastly, a huge thank you to all the amazing vendors who were so professional and had incredible hand made items for you!


And before I get to the winners of the raffles items- here are just a few more photos from the day:



And NOW- the winners for the some of the raffle items are below! Congratulations! You can pick up your winning at my Macedon shop- located at 77 West Main Street, Macedon NY 14502. Prizes will be available starting Monday, September 30th.:






Sample Pots of Chalk Paint®- Available starting January 2014

Have you noticed that sample pots of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan are difficult to find in stock?

Like…anywhere in the US?

That is because the demand for Chalk Paint® has been so incredible- that the manufacturer has had to make some modifications as so to accommodate all of the demand. Because of this- sample pot availability was initially pushed out.

First- back over the summer – we were told September 2013. Then the date got changed to early October. Well, instead of running the risk of another date change the North American distributor has collectively decided to have a clean launch of sample pots on January 2, 2014.

So….if you were holding out for a color…. we greatly apologize for the inconvenience. This is a situation that impacts all stockist in North America.

A possible work around you may want to consider is if you have a friend who wants a similar color. Go in together on the purchase of one quart (32 ounces) of Chalk Paint® versus waiting for a sample pot (which is only 4 ounces.) That way- for just about the cost of $18 each- (which is about $6 more than ONE sample pot at The Purple Painted Lady) – you both receive the amount of FOUR sample pots. (hope that makes sense to you) And again- I am sorry. : (
English Yellow sample pot

Painting a Union Jack with Chalk Paint®

Congratulations to Harry & Meghan on their royal wedding….May 19, 2018!    in celebration – I thought I would reshare this old post on how to create a Union Jack design on yor pieces.   Enjoy!!!!……………………………….

It happens every time I post a photo of a piece painted with the Union Jack. ~ I receive a message from someone telling me I painted wrong.

Tonight I started to work on a mid-century modern piece for our upcoming Barn Sale. When I looked at this piece- I thought the outer edge made a perfect “frame” for a Union Jack.
Union Jack Mid Century Dresser in process

Since I have received a couple messages- I thought I would revisit what are the rules when it comes to painting the trendy national flag of the United Kingdom. So, of course I referred to Wikipedia.

The main thing to know is that the design on the flag is not perfectly symmetrical. I learned that the easiest way to understand the orientation is approaching the flag as though you are going to fly it on a flag pole. Take a peek at the image immediately below regarding the width of the white strip relative to the red diagonal stripe located in the upper left corner.

Union Jack Mid Century Dresser ORIENTATION

Again, the flag does not have reflection symmetry due to the slight pinwheeling of the St Patrick’s and St Andrew’s crosses, technically the counterchange of saltires.

Traditionally, the colors are Union Jack (Royal) Blue, Union Flag Red and White. I like to paint mine using Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. I typically use Napoleonic Blue, Emperor’s Silk and Pure White.

I also like to add a little golden metallic gilding- like this:

Annie sloan Union Jack Armoire Corner with Gilding

The golden metallic is from a creamy French Gilding Wax that we sell. You apply the gilding last to your project- sort of like adding roses on a Birthday cake. Click HERE to check out our gilding.

Lastly, after I am done with my decorative painting, I like to rub over the whole area with some 200 grit sandpaper to distress. OR another option to really smooth the surface- especially if you do not want to distress through the layers of paint- is to use our 000 steel wool to smooth out the whole surface so when you slide your hand over the surface- it feels smooth as glass! Our Steel Wool is an awesome buy- 16 pads that should last you a very long time (even if you paint a piece a week!) for $5.95. Click HERE to visit our on-line store to read more about them.

Union Jack Mid Century Dresser after distressing steel wool

Painting a Union Jack is a fun way to jazz up a piece.:

Union Jack email

Union Jack Flag

Annie Sloan Union Jack Full Shot

Painting a Union Jack either in the traditional colors or playing around and perhaps doing it in all shades of grey and white, or how about shades of pink and white for a girls room, or light blue for a boy’s, or….. (I think you get the picture.)

The Purple Painted Lady sells both Chalk Paint® and Gilding Wax at our stores and On-line HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post!


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