Little Gray House Update

#littlegrayhouse update!

Back in September of 2016, we purchased a property that had a little old house on it. The house was built around 1856.

Little Gray House The Purple Painted Lady


 It is a tiny little house- right around 1,000 sq ft.  It was in pretty poor condition and hadn’t had any work done since the 6th layer of linoleum went on the floor back in the 1950’s. 

Linoleum Little Gray House Old Flooring

The Purple Painted Lady® is getting ready to paint the upcycled wood cabinets in the kitchen.

We don’t plan on having any upper cabinets, instead we will have white tile with barn wood floating shelves and white counter tops.

This custom blue shown is made of 1 part Greek Blue to 1.5 parts to Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint®.

Aubusson Blue Greek Blue Cabinet Custom

Then we used clear wax and black wax. I love this sample cabinet!



Second Saturdays at Village Gate (January 14, 2017) hosted by The Purple Painted Lady®

Tomorrow, January 14th is …….. Second Saturdays at Village Gate (January 14, 2017) hosted by The Purple Painted Lady at 274 Goodman St North, Rochester between 10 and 5. We will line the hallways with artists, bakers and vendors.

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Village Gate Outside The Purple Painted Lady

**ALSO- we have a FREE KITCHEN CABINET Q&A at from NOON til 1pm on Saturday, January 14th!!! Bring a cabinet door from your kitchen and we can discuss options and techniques with you!

The Purple Painted Lady Maureen Gaffney LaFontaine Kitchen transformation Chalk Paint before after

Effects of Dry Winter Air on Painted Cabinets (& Humid Summers)

Winter is here and so are the days of static electricity and dryness. This not only causes us to get a shock when we slide our feet across a carpet, but we get that dry tight skin feeling…and also……. “I’ve painted my kitchen cabinets and now the paint has cracked around the center panel.” Here is a post to understand why this happens and how to help prevent it!

Hop on over to HERE to read my post about the effects of winter and humid summers on painted cabinets,.