Making a “Teal” with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Interested in making a teal using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan?  If you are by one of our shops – you can always stop in and experiment mixing using our paint bar.  Otherwise- another option is using our virtual color mixing tool that is on-line HERE.  This software tool allows you to select up to three colors and specify different ratios to see a hypothetical mixture of what the mix outcome would like.  
Otherwise, here are some “teal” color recipe ideas to get you started.  Remember, Chalk Paint® is an artisan paint and Annie created it for you to use, to experiment with and to enjoy!
* Old Ochre and Florence make a nice Tiffany Blue- some of our customers call that teal.
* 3 parts Aubusson Blue and 1 part Antibes Green.  (but we encourage you to play with various amounts because the created colors are beautiful)
* Equal parts Aubusson Blue and Florence

* Napoleonic Blue and Florence1 part each, that makes a nice dark teal.  Then, if you want the best turquoise…..add 1/2 the mixed amount of quart of Pure White.

*  For a brighter teal, try only 10 or 20% Napoleonic Blue added to Florence.
Once you create your customer color  – you can then lighten it using Pure White.
Celeste Blemenauer – an Annie Sloan Stockist at her shop, Catfish Studios Mixed  Aubusson Blue with a hefty touch of Antibes Green to create a Teal on the hutch below to make a shade that everyone has loved.


2019 Color Trends Predicted

I always find it interesting what the forecasted “in” colors will be for the upcoming year.  I immediately think about the scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly explains to Andrea Sachs on how the “blue” sweater she is casually wearing – is actually called cerulean blue and that it was selected by a team of color experts a few years prior – and Andrea’s sweater- although purchased at probably .  Have you seen this scene? 

Anyway- Pantone Color Institute always releases their prediction on which will be the hot colors in fashion – which Miranda Priestly explained- also trickles down into other commodities, such as home goods.  Or- in my world, paint colors for walls or furniture.  When I look at the colors below- I start to think about how Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan colors pair up.