My Job Process

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You want a mural or a painted piece of furniture? GREAT! Do you know exactly what you want? Yes? Even better! Just send me a link or photo of what you would like. If you do not know exactly what you want (and rest assured, that is like most people) – don’t worry, I can help you!

Either way, we begin this process by you emailing me information like:

1. What town are you in (and if you feel comfortable- what is your address) And don’t worry – I don’t send junk mail!
2. Size of room for artwork or dimensions of furniture
3. Do you want the painting to match your bedding or a theme? If yes, send specifics.
4. What color is the base wall in the room? What is it’s finish? (egg shell, matte, gloss, satin, shiny) PREFER FOR WALLS TO BE PAINTED EITHER IN a Satin, Eggshell finish or Flat finish!
OR describe the finish on the furniture piece. (example…..raw wood, stained, laminate top, painted, etc???)
Does the furniture piece have detailing, like…..any scroll work or indentations, medallions, embellishments, or cut outs?
5. Is this mural for someone specific? Is it for a boy or girl, what is their age?
6. What is the price point that you want the mural work to stay within? A budget range is helpful for me to understand so that I produce sample images that FIT your preference. This saves me from NOT wasting your time time by sending samples that are either way below or ABOVE what you would like to spend. Please keep in mind- no job is too SMALL or too BIG for me!
7. Can you send a photo of the wall or piece of furniture?
8. For furniture, I paint here in my studio which is located in Macedon. (NO! That is NOT another state. : ) Think Fairport and you are close in proximity!) Would you deliver the piece (obviously, this saves on your cost) or require pick up/delivery? I live on the east side of Macedon – 15 minutes east of the Village of Pittsford ….straight out on Route 31 (Pittsford Palmyra Road). If pick up and delivery is required, I would need your address also to provide a quote. (I don’t do a flat charge since if you live close I think it is foolish to charge you as much as someone who does not). I run my business based on what I would want if I was the customer.

Once we hone in on what the end product will be, prior to me starting any job, all of my clients receive a painting contract. It will specify out in detail the image that I am going to paint. It is very specific in regards to wall placement, size of mural, colors to be used, and requests, such as move the bed, toys, etc, For furniture, it will include a photo of your piece, and details of design for inside and out.

Also, I always ask prior to coming to paint at your home or business, is there anything quirky I should know about regarding parking or entering your home or shop? (Like park on the right of drive, or enter side back door?)

I am pretty strong and carry quite a bit between my ladder, paint, etc so if a clear path could be provided into your place, that would be wonderful!!!

I ask for access to running water (bathroom sink is fine), however if it is a new build, I can bring my own water if necessary. The work area should be room temperature OR COOLER. If it is too warm, it is difficult to work with the paint. (This is more of an issue when painting during summer months)

When the mural job is completed, I leave the work site (your home or business) in perfect clean condition. I bring my own drop cloth, and remove all my garbage (pans from painting).

I use quality Benjamin Moore paint- which is

* Virtually odorless
* Zero VOC’s
* Quick return to service
* 100% Acrylic
* Spatter-resistant
* Exhibits excellent holdout properties
* Carries the Green Promise designation

I also do a hard protective polyurethane top coat over all painted furniture pieces. I always recommend however to furniture clients to invest in a plexi-glass or cut glass plate for the top of the piece. Paint is durable, but will not withstand heavy usage like a cold glass of water being set on it in the summer and then having condensation dripping on to the table, or the base of a lamp that is not felted ….etc (you get the idea)

You would still like me to come to your home

Because I receive many inquiries daily- and some are just out of pure curiosity – I offer home consultations for a flat $30 fee (DEPENDING ON YOUR LOCATION.) Home consultations can last up to 1.5 hours. I will be at your home to listen to your requests, brainstorm ideas, take measurements, provide suggestions, and the best part…. and as long as I know prior to arriving at your home the the direction you would like- I can even bring images to project up on your wall as so you can get a visual of the impact the mural can have. I can also take a photo of your room and with the help of the computer- modify it so you can have a “BEFORE & AFTER” image of what you are considering! This is a great way to VISUALLY see the difference a mural and COLOR can make, versus just trying to “imagine” it! All part of the service I provide!

Lastly- I am a ONE WOMAN SHOW! I created this website, manage all of my PR, handle the administration, and best of all- I AM THE ONE YOU WILL MEET AND WHO WILL PAINT YOUR MURAL (the best part of my job)! What I am trying to stress is that my future business is always based on how well I have done my job in the past! So my goal- is to make you happy and that you delight in your art work! So much so, that you are excited to show it off to your neighbors, family, or fellow business partners! THAT IS HOW I GET MOST OF MY BUSINESS- by referrals. So, be rest assured- YOU WILL BE VERY PLEASED WITH MY WORK!!

Hope to get an opportunity to meet you!

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