Can you wash the towels or rags that you use for waxing furniture?

“Can you wash the towels or rags that you use for waxing furniture?”

That is a question I am often asked. My response is yes….BUT! …..I would NOT wash them in my washing machine or place them in my clothes dryer.

Here is what you should do:

Cheese cloth for shopping cartPlace the dirty towels in a plastic bucket (the kind you would use to wash your car) and fill it with really hot – hot water and dish soap. (use a dish soap that contains a degreaser like Dawn Platinum.) Then swirl them around using a wooden stick. Make sure there enough hot water that it covers the towels totally and they have room to agitate.

Dawn Platinum The Purple Painted Lady to clean dirty wax rags

Once the hot water cools a bit, feel free to ring them out. Then- (and VERY important) …hang them on a clothes line to dry.

Two important reasons why NOT to use your washing machine or dryer! 1. you do not want any residual wax getting in your washer or dryer- where it could then transfer onto your nice clothes! 2. wax can be flammable. (So, with that said- let’s keep it away from a heat source – like a dryer.)

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Burgundy Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

In October, 2014, Annie Sloan introduced the newest color to her palette of Chalk Paint® ~ … is …..Burgundy.

Burgundy color change The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint

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The Purple Painted Lady has found Burgundy to be interesting, in that the color appears to almost be like a bright berry color when wet, but once dry, it deepens and is a significantly richer color. Check out the difference between the paint stick and the paint lid shown above.

We love this paired with both the clear and dark wax, but using dark wax deepens the color even more.

The images below shows it sandwiched between Emperor’s Silk and Primer Red as to understand the difference between them. Annie Sloan defines this color as a rich deep warm red the color of dark cherries. Most of Annie’s colors are 18th and 20th century inspired but this one comes from the 19th century when the discovery of Alizarin Crimson made this color possible for the first time to a large number of people.

Burgundy  Sample Board Comparison The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Chalk Paint

Burgundy is a wonderful color to try mixing with others you may already have. Make a deep purple by mixing Burgundy with Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. On the left of the image, can you see how the Burgundy dries darker and deeper compared to when it is wet?

Burgundy picmonkey Napoleonic Blue  Custom blend recipe The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint  Purple

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Here is a little post about what I mean when it comes to what you should expect from us- click HERE to read that.

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