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GIVE-A-WAY TIME! Hop over to our Facebook page HERE and join in !  Have you seen a piece done in a store or online and then, reproduced it using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan? If yes, share your inspiration and reproduction photos, and note the colors that you used here and whoever has the most LIKES by NOON Eastern time on Thursday, November 15th will win a Paintbrush Ornament! (sorry- you must be in the Continental USA)

Magazines, Pinterest, Mail Order Catalogs – heck, even furniture stores all can be inspiration to us.  We see something and would like it in our home.  Sometimes, we recreate it because the price tag on the actual piece is ridiculous, or maybe, we already own a piece that has similar bones but is just not the right color.

That happen with Anne who saw a post about a waterfall painted piece using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan online, shared from Architectural Digest.  

It is a flat front dresser painted in a range of color mixing and highlighting using  Barcelona Orange and Greek Blue in various blending amounts from the top to bottom of the dresser’s front. (On the Architectural Digest website page it is noted that the image was courtesy of Julia Duke at Susan Becher & Associates/Annie Sloan.)



Anne’s reproduction:


Why Chalk Paint® is so pleasing to the eye in a home!

Annie Sloan chose the name ‘Chalk Paint’ because it was suggestive of its very matte – almost chalky – finish. I like to say, Chalk Paint® is “Annie Sloan Paint” though.  

Chalk Paint® ……..”Matte is the desert dryness of chamois leather and sand, the chalkiness of charcoal and powdery pastel drawings, of blackboard smudges and soot. It is the smooth, bleached surface of driftwood; the dry, unglazed texture of bisque pottery; the bare, flat finish of concrete; the rough graininess of sandstone.

A natural matte finish … looks as comfortable and mellow as an old armchair. Lacking any hint of shine or artifice, it has the reassuring quality of the completely natural. It has a velvety and sensual texture, like peach skin or blotting paper, that makes you want to touch it and hold it.

Matte finishes are absorbent, which means that light is soaked up rather than being bounced back, creating a restful, peaceful atmosphere. In white or pale colors, most things that are matte look dusty, powdery, and chalky, but when the colors are dark, they look as soft and rich as velvet. As matte finishes do not demand attention, they are unpretentious and low-key, which makes them perfect for a bedroom or a relaxing sitting room.”
– Annie Sloan, Modern Paint Effects, 2000

Wax vs Lacquer on Kitchen Cabinets?

Wise Words from Annie Sloan herself! What is the best product to use to seal cabinetry that has been painted with Chalk Paint®?   Annie Sloan responded, “although lacquer seems like it will protect and you can scrub it clean, once it breaks, that’s it! Whereas wax can be cleaned and rewaxed if necessary and lasts many, many years!”

Personally- The Purple Painted Lady loves Annie’s Clear Wax over her Chalk Paint®. I find the wax to be very forgiving.  I keep my tin under the kitchen sink.  Do you need to wax every three months or year?  TOTALLY NOT TRUE!  But if a little person decided to take a crayon to my cabinets, or the black rubber bumper from my vacuum left a scuff – a little Clear Wax on a rag rubbed over will remove it all.  So, I would recommend three coats of Clear Wax total on the fronts of the cabinet doors you use the most.  Two coats on the doors you use the least, and two coats on the back of the doors. It goes on quickly, you wipe away the excess. There is no long wait time to let it dry. You can use a bleach wipe on them to clean up dirt and messes.

The highest end craftsman made cabinetry have a hand rubbed wax finish.  Trust the wax!