Creating a Darker Navy with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan says, “Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is inspired by the ultramarine and cobalt blue pigments used for decorative work in everything from neoclassical interiors through to modern 20th century decoration.”

I feel it is a cone flower blue….almost with hints of Periwinkle to it!  I recall when we described it as a deep true blue that is the color of fresh picked blueberries- perfect for creating the Union Jack flag!

By itself as is, it is not navy that is all the rage to do your cabinetry in. So, we played around with a few recipes mixing Graphite Chalk Paint® into it, and that did the trick!
Graphite Chalk Paint® is a warm black and works perfectly..

One option to create a navy, is to mix 4 parts of Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® to 1 part Graphite Chalk Paint® . (colors noted for this recipe are from litre packaging)

When we say “part” we are referring to any unit of measure you require. So, you can mix eye drops, tablespoons, cups or quarts – just keep it consistent. . (colors are from litre packaging) When we say “part” we are referring to any unit of measure you require. So, you can mix eye drops, tablespoons, cups or quarts – just keep it consistent.

Another option for a darker navy, is to mix 2 parts of Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® to 1 part Graphite Chalk Paint® . (colors noted for this recipe are from litre packaging)


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Painting a Slate Foyer using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Another Tile Floor Transformation with Chalk Paint®

Posted on 09/26/2017 by Tricia

This is spectacular!   One of our customers, Laura Guncheon really disliked the colors in her entrance. I mean, REALLY disliked. Between the floor and the hunter green doors and trim…she wanted a change. So, The Purple Painted Lady was able to step her through the process and she is so proud of the transformation that we just had to share it!

Laura first cleaned her floor really, really well and then followed up with an additional rinse of fresh water to ensure there was not any soap residue left behind, or any dirt. Cleaner repel paint and not allow it to adhere to properly. The same goes for dirt. This is a boring step, I know! But do it well and take your time! Then, allow the floor to dry thoroughly (including the grout) before painting.


Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Old White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan’s Lacquer

Annie Sloan’s 2 inch Flat Paint Brush

Once the floor and doors were clean and dry, she began to use the 
Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to cover the orange and grey slate tiles.

Graphite packaged in a litre container (starting in 2019) is a soft black. I feel much more of a black than the Graphite that was once packaged in a quart container (pre Jan 2019.) I understand that this may be confusing so please call us with any questions you have on colors!

The image below is Laura’s Hunter “before” photo showing the Hunter green painted trim and doors that she was not a fan of.

First Laura painted the grout lines with Old White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. However, she realized once she began that she would not be happy unless they were the same size and decided it was more effort than it was worth to her. So, then she went directly to rolling on two coats of the Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, and then followed up using Annie Sloan’s Lacquer.   Keep in mind, that Lacquer does not like to be handled like paint! It is super important that you read the instructions we include and follow them to the “T” otherwise, you may have problems. Click Here for important information about using Lacquer since it does NOT behave like paint. It is critical you read and follow the instructions we provide!!!!

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Svenska Blue Chalk Paint® and IOD Transfers

We adore this little wine cabinet that our customer, Leanne, refinished using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in the color Svenska Blue. She also added Transfers by Iron Orchid Designs to give the piece a little something extra!

We always start by cleaning a piece of furniture with either Odorless Mineral Spirits or Krud Kutter! Then, we will do a fresh water rinse to remove any left over chemicals from the cleaners. Sometimes…you can get away with just one coat of Chalk Paint®, but we typically recommend 2 coats to achieve full coverage.

Next, I would apply the IOD Transfer. Leanne chose to use the transfer called Wild Flower Botanical. You can view our post HERE which gives step-by-step instructions on how to apply transfers. After that application, I would distress – I will even distress the transfer very lightly sometimes! Not everything is set in stone….some people may prefer to distress prior to applying their transfer – that part is up to your discretion!

Last, would be the topcoat application. Personally, I LOVE Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint Wax as a topcoat. Clear Wax gives such a nice, smooth finish….and I also like the fact that you are able to get a higher sheen by buffing if that is what you prefer! We actually have a video on how to apply Clear Wax HERE. Some people may prefer to use a brush on topcoat (like Clear Topcoat Sealer) over a piece they have applied a transfer to because they feel it is delicate, which is TOTALLY fine…but you can absolutely use Clear Wax without damaging your transfers!


Leanne shared with us that when it comes to transfers….patience is key! Gather all of your information first – watch videos, read instructions, and get inspired! Leanne prefers to use a brush-on topcoat over her transfer, but like I mentioned before…wax is great, too!

Adding Gold Foil or Metallic Gilding

It is almost Valentine’s Day – and since I am an alien from outer space and do not like chocolate….that makes me think of jewelry……and then that makes me think about gold…which brings me to of course, ……. Gold Foils, Metallic Gilding and Metallic Foils! LOL!

VIDEO LINK TO METALLIC GILDING AND GOLD LEAF APPLICATION (skip to the 29 minute mark for leaf application)

The look of silver leaf or gold leaf can totally revolutionize your finished piece. In fact, here is one of the best examples, in my humble opinion of how to use Gold Leaf with a modern day twist! This piece was completed by Chic and Shabby Furniture by Rebecca. I love perfectly placed and carefully balanced placement of the gold leaf on this piece. To me, it is perfection!

Gold Leaf, Metallic Foils and Gilding are all ways to make your furniture or frames look amazing! The approach though on how to use these products and at what point do you apply them, is something to understand before just attempting.

Here is a link to a past video we made showcasing how to apply all of the above. Feel free to jump to the 29 minute mark if you just want to see the gold foil application!


Gold Leaf or any leafing ….is the look that I think of when it comes to the renaissance period. It has an authentic aged look to it! With any “leaf” …like Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf or Copper Leaf……you must use some type of “sizing” adhesive for it to stick to your piece. Be careful on where you apply the sizing because this stuff really works! Also, always use your leafing products inside and where that is NOT a breeze. The leaf products are like feathers- extremely light and it will easily float in the air if you have a breeze. We carry both Annie Sloan’s and Artisan Enhancements. And the foil application MUST happen before you apply your wax or brush on top coat.


Gilding is a wonderful way to easily add a little sparkle on to the edges of you frames, cabinets or furniture. Gilding is a creamy substance that you spread on with your finger or an artist brush. You can use the most minimal amount and very lightly kiss the edge of a piece or , apply it more boldly. We love to use a little metallic gilding to freshen up aged hardware where maybe the patina has become too dark.