Colourist 6 HOT OFF THE PRESS!

Annie Sloan’s Bookazine, Colourist 6 is available starting today, May 27, 2021!

This Bookazine is one of my favorites, full of color inspiration! This issue really gives it respects to Capri Pink!

We cannot wait for you to get in your hands….and in your head. Oh, the pieces you will paint from the seeds that will be painted!

Save all your bookazines and put them on your bookshelf with the spines facing out…. you will see a gorgeous array of colors in how Annie strategically designed the covers. Eventually, there will be an issue, dedicated to every color in her gorgeous Chalk Paint® suite.

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What is the Best Way to Clean a Waxed Piece of Furniture?

“What is the Best Way to Clean a Waxed Piece of Furniture painted with Annie Sloan” We just received this question from a customer named Lorraine. Caring for your chalk painted piece that was sealed with wax is important to know since you do NOT want to use Endust or Pledge!

The Purple Painted Lady’s response was:

Did you paint it or did you purchase it from someone? What was the top coat that was used on the piece? That will be needed to really guide you. I am going to go out on a limb and “assume” since it was painted with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan that it was sealed with Annie’s Clear Wax. So, if it was waxed – Here is some info for you:

Your newly finished painted piece needs about 10 to 21 days for the top coat to cure. Wax may only take about 8 days depending on where you are located. Please treat it with care and avoid excess handling during this time.

To clean your painted & waxed piece, use a mild soap & water. Never use a degreaser soap that can effect the wax. On other top coats- still use a gentle cleaner. Method is a brand that is safe.

Avoid all contact with furniture polish, sprays, excessive water, alcohol and anything acidic.

Be cautious of using essential oils, diffusers or aerosol products like hair spray near your painted and waxed pieces.

Sometimes- depending on how dirty it has become- I will wipe the surface down with clean water, let dry and then apply a fresh coat of Annie’s Clear Wax. Annie’s Clear Wax works like magic and can remove crayon and even a Sharpie marker as long as a good base of Clear Wax was applied originally.

If this is a table or desk – use a blotter pad to avoid pressing into a finished piece when writing on top of it. And always use placemats or coasters to protect from hot dishes or cups or glasses that perspire due to heat or humidity.



Did you hear we are opening an Event Barn to host Paint Retreats?

Ooh- I am so very excited. We have been working hard for a few years on this idea. We have this ole’ horse barn that is around 21,000 square feet. It is seriously huge! The barn sits on 40 pretty acres in western NY and we are opening an event barn to host markets and paint retreats starting in 2022. We named our barn Fig Hollow because we grow and sell fig trees. Here is a link to our Facbook page if you would like to follow along with us is called Fig Hollow Barn.

Back in 2018 we put a new metal roof over the whole thing and had that pretty cupola built for the top. Then, in 2020 we have 7000 square feet of concrete poured. Most is for the main portion but some for storage. And in 2021, we are installing glass carriage doors along one 60 foot wall that looks over the back 20 acres that we hope to eventually have a herd of sheep grazing on. The glass doors will open and run along the profile of ceiling. This year we will convert the big grain bin into a multi-purpose space to serve beverages from and also use a cash out counter. The ideas and opportunities are endless for what we hope to accomplish.

Fig Hollow Barn in western NY during construction

To divide the event space from the remainder of the barn where we will have storage for items like 14 church pews, 300 white wedding folding chairs and 300 black Chiavari chairs – we are using a bunch of 8 foot tall wood hutches. We are working on a frame that is 8 feet tall that will connect the space between the hutches using really tall vintage wood doors.

I am hoping to host paint your piece of furniture workshops where you can literally bring in a big dresser and we will coach you through painting, applying IOD products and then sealing it. We want to have barn quilt painting workshops, farm to table dinners, musicians, and niche farmer markets. Can you see my vision? Is this something you would like to visit?

I hope so! Stay tuned on more details.

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Two Facebook LIVES Scheduled for May 2021

Are you on Facebook? You should check us out.

We have two fun Facebook LIVES scheduled that we would love to have you participate in.


On Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at noon Eastern time come hang out with Courtney on a Facebook LIVE. She will be sharing all about using Gilder’s Paste on projects. See all the colors available and some of the creative cool things you can do with it both inside and outside of your home. Have a wedding in your future and making your own decorations? Gilder’s Paste is an absolute. Want to jazz up your outside mailbox? Why not, right? Use Gilder’s Paste! Freshen up old hardware on pieces of furniture or cabinets. Tune in for more ideas.


Join Trish as she interviews via a Facebook LIVE, furniture artist – Pam on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Pam will be sharing how she started her business and will be doing a demo on her blending technique using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to make soft transition between multiple colors. Pam sells her painted pieces at a few venues in NY and is extremely talented.

Again, both events are hosted as a Facebook LIVE.

If you are interested in purchasing Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan or any other of the products we carry ~ or would like some help with a project- reach out to us! And….consider purchasing from us too, although we always encourage you to visit your local Chalk Paint® stockist if you have one …but if you are stuck at home and do not have anyone local… The Purple Painted Lady is here to help and can ship your order right to your front door step. Please just place your order online and we will ship it out ASAP! In fact, if you place an order- be confident in knowing that The Purple Painted Lady has everything in stock! What does this mean in the end? With the team we have in place- your order will get packed and picked up by FedX, UPS or USPS. We pack up your order ship your order out our doors the same day you place it – Monday through Saturday. (note however, this is as long as your order came in before 3pm EASTERN TIME, because most of the carriers pick up our packages around 3 or 3:30pm)

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