Mixing Chalk Paint® Colors

Annie Sloan created beautiful colors for her Chalk Paint® pallette- however, as of 2018- there are only 36 colors.  Perhaps – you are looking for a purple?  Or a teal?  Or a coral!  This is when mixing colors comes into play!

You can create almost any by mixing some of Annie’s together…again, almost any color can be made!  The Purple Painted Lady’s Color Mixing Tool  on our website is a great way to experiment with color mixing.  It will at least give you a direction to head in to achieve a certain color.  Keep in mind- your monitor may skew the color a bit so being to play with Chalk Paint® at a local stockist’s shop is always best…but if you do not have anyone around- this is the next great way to experiement so when you finally invest and purchase your paint…you do it intelligently and not waste money by buying a color you do not need.


Speaking of custom colors- if you create a custom color and post it on social media use the hastag #TPPLchalkpaintmixer and we may showcase it and send you a free gift in the mail! 


HERE is a quick link to our Pinterest board showing some different recipes to try.


If you create a custom color for yourself or, if you paint for customers.  Always make a paint swatch on a piece of paper and write down details.  Like the date you created it, and the actual recipe.  Please trust me on this…..just write it down and save that note in your painting tool box!


When we post a recipe and say the recipe is a ratio of 2 “parts” of this color to one “part” of that color…… the unit of measure id determined by HOW MUCH paint you need to make. What is important- is that what ever you define as the “part” meaning tablespoon…or a 1/2 cup measuring container- is that you are consistent through all of your mixing.

So….let’s think about it. If you are painting your kitchen cabinets – than the unit of measure should be in cups.

If you are painting a dining chair…I would consider using “1/8 of a cup” as my unit of measure.

So….for example…..if I wanted to paint my chair in 2 parts of Old White and 1 part Napoleonic Blue. The “part” would mean I would be using “1/8th” of a cup. So- I would fill the 1/8th measuring cup TWICE for the Old White and ONCE for the Napoleonic Blue.

If I was painting a kitchen island- the “part” would be in cups, So, I would fill the measuring cup TWICE with Old White and then ONCE with Napoleonic Blue.

Does this make sense?