Primer Red Chalk Paint® on a Basement Door

Ooh- check out this beautiful transformation by Anne Semel of Rochester, NY!

Anne and her hubby are super resourceful and talented when it comes to home DIY projects.  They have pretty much gutted and renovated a huge amount of their home.

This plain wood door is in Anne’s basement which they are in the process of refinishing.


Anne chose to use Primer Red Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to bring it into the 21st century.   Primer Red is a brownish, barn red. Since red earth pigments were plentiful and relatively easy to come by centuries ago, and only people with significant wealth had the funds to paint their interior or exteriors- left over paint was always saved and dumped into a community bucket- that the painter would use to “prime” for his next job. After mixing many left over colors from various paint jobs- all with a similar earthy color to them – you would get a similar color to this. So, this color is often associated with the color for priming furniture and as the base coat for gilding.

Anne painted her door with a couple coats of Primer Red, and then Anne applied a coat of Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax.   and then applied a coat of Dark Wax.



First- if you have a local stockist- go visit them and build a relationship with them.  Go to them with your questions and project issues.  BUT- if you do not have a local stockist- we invite you to try our customer service!

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Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint®, Graphite Wash and Black Wax…Ooh La La!

WOWZA!  Yes, that is right.  That is all I (me…Trish…The Purple Painted Lady) thinks when I see this piece completed by our customer Carol Ann Bianchi who is from Rochester, NY!


Seriously, what a change from the BEFORE photo!

Carol Ann wrote,  “This was a beast, but I’m thrilled with the outcome. I bought this whole entertainment center at Salvation Army for $79! It’s a Broyhill and solid! Two coats of Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint®, (followed with a) Graphite wash, Annie Sloan’s clear wax, and then black wax around the raised areas. Gold gilding wax to finish it off!

I used one and a half quarts of Aubusson but used almost two full quarts of the Graphite to paint the inside and do the wash on the outside. The inside was a lot of work.

I get all my supplies from The Purple Painted Lady INC®! Tricia and her girls are wonderful to work with! They are always so helpful and accommodating! I HIGHLY suggest you order from her if you don’t have a local stockist.”

Aubusson Blue is very popular color!   Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue is named and designed after the beautiful deep grey blue found on the classic 18th and 19th century Aubusson rugs from France. It is an elegant color that works well with many colors as it is a dark neutral but in particular it works with Paris Grey. It is also a color found in Scandinavian painted furniture.


After painting Aubusson Blue, Carol Ann then did a wash using Annie Sloan’s Graphite.  A “wash” is just thinning the Chalk Paint® with water.  Never add a bunch of water to your actual quart of paint.  If you mistakenly add too much, you are past the point of no return and the only solution is to buy more paint to offset too much water.  So, always pour some paint into a separate container and mix your water in that.  Often the ratio will be 1 : 1 or a little less water to paint.  By adding water to your Chalk Paint®…it thins it…..which allows you to create a translucent “veil” of the color versus a heavy, opaque effect. (See steps below on how to do a wash)

Once done with the wash, Carol Ann used Annie Sloan’s Clear wax.

After removing the excess of the clear wax, Carol Ann finished with Annie Sloan’s Black wax…making sure to let some catch and stay in the crevices and grooves.

Annie’s Wax Brushes are wonderful for applying wax.   


And don’t forget to pick up a roll of Scott Shop towels.  They are lint free and really helpful and sometimes, you just run out of t-shirts to cut up!

And the cherry on top, was the thin accent of gold gilding that Carol Ann delicately placed to highlight some of the entertainment centers architecture.

GILDING: The Purple Painted Lady sells gilding in all metallic colors at her shops and on her on-line store HERE.   Gilding waxes are easy and fun to use. They add a little sparkle to any project, humble or grand. You can use a small brush but personally I prefer using my finger to apply the waxes. There is something about the way your finger can just glide across the surface of a bead or relief that looks natural and authentic. Gilding waxes are the closest thing to the look of real gold leaf but are infinitely easier to apply and come in stunningly beautiful colors.

By dipping a small 1″ or 2″ brush into mineral spirits wiping the excess on a paper towel, then dipping into the wax you can create a beautiful metallic glaze for your entire piece.

Like all wax, the gilding waxes clean up with mineral spirits. If you get a bit in an unwanted spot simply saturate a cotton swab with a dab of mineral spirits and wipe the area clean. OR- I PREFER to use a little of Annie’s Clear Wax on a rag and wipe off the extra gilding- this works like a charm!

In the sense of at what point do you apply Gilding Wax to your painted project piece….it is the very last step. Think of gilding wax as in roses on top of a wedding cake.  Once the roses are added- you do not go back and re-frost the cake!    : )

The Purple Painted Lady® INC was thrilled to see this transformation by Carol Ann!  

In fact, this color combination is something we are going to be doing in a home that is part of the property we host our annual art festival on and that Annie Sloan herself, will be staying in when she attends the 2018 Festival!

Here is our sample cabinet:


This what the kitchen currently looks like:


Since Carol Ann did a wash on the entertainment center, I thought it would be helpful to include some suggestions, tips, tricks and caveats about doing a wash.

Try this “wash” effect OR experiment with other color combinations like Duck Egg over Old White….or French Linen over Graphite, Provence over Old Ochre OR just Old White “washed” over natural wood! There are no rules- but I hope the following helpful hints make this project idea more do-able for you! Please keep in mind the following….


1. Always note the water to paint ratio in case you do not make enough to finish the whole project. (can I stress this any more? But I learned my lesson once and ended up goofing up a piece over this simple rule! Learn from my mistake!) Often a 1:1 ratio of paint to water is used.  

2. Never add the water directly to your actual quart of paint. If you mistakenly add too much, you are past the point of no return and the only solution is to buy more paint to offset too much water.

3. Brush on the wash in strategic brush strokes–meaning keep your lines straight and clean, not circular.

4. Be cautious not to drip on areas of the furniture you are not currently washing

5. Put a drop cloth down if doing this in your home…you will drip some on the floor.

6. Place your cup with the wash on a paper plate to keep work surface clean

7. WIPE OFF STRATEGICALLY.  Apply wash in small sections and wipe off – then move on to the next section. During the wiping off process- be careful to not have “rag blotch marks.” Start at the top and wipe off in clean, even pressured strokes all the way to the opposite side. Do not stop half way or go against the direction you want the streaks in. Never go in circles with the rag. If your rag becomes too saturated- get a new one.

8. I used a chip brush to apply- I like the streaky effect from the bristles.

9. Plan twice, “wash” once. Meaning- know your piece and your plan on how you are going to approach the project…top first, then sides.  Ithink starting at the top and working down to the floor is best.

10. If you are just trying a wash for the first time  – it is best to do this on a piece that is smooth across. Meaning- not raised panels, or with a lot of carved details.

11. Always wipe off your wash in the direction of the brush strokes. Never do it in circles- it will look a mess.

12. Never place your rag down in the middle of a wash. Gently wipe from one direction to the other- otherwise you run the risk of leaving an imprint of the rag in the middle of your painted surface.

13. If you get a wash in a spot that you did not want…don’t fret. Let it dry- then gently sand it off using some 400 grit sandpaper.

Well, we think that Carol Ann wins the 1st place award for the least money, largest piece transformation!  And we think it screams, “WOWZA!”

If interested in purchasing Annie Sloan products, please visit our website if interested in ordering Chalk Paint®. We have Chalk Paint® available for $34.95 per quart every day, we offer low/flat rate shipping and it always ships same day (as long as Pete, our UPS guy has not come already!)

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Painting Walls With Chalk Paint®

Painting Walls With Chalk Paint® is not only going to give you a beautiful finish, but may be ideal for people with hypersensitivities, according to our customer Carrie.   It is also great for walls if you live in an older home with lath and plaster walls.

The Purple Painted Lady® LOVES her customers ~ and loves to hear about your experiences with Chalk Paint®.

Carrie is one of our customers with a hypersensitivity to chemicals decided to give Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan a try.

Check out how Carrie painted her entire house!

Carrie wrote us, “After renting for 12 ½ years, my husband and I bought our first house this spring.  One of the tasks that I was both excited about and dreading was painting.  It was exciting as we could finally choose colors that we wanted to use in our home; it was worrisome as I have intense chemical sensitivities, allergies, and asthma.  I started researching options other than latex paint.  Previously, I had used milk paint on a piece of furniture and loved the results, so I visited The Purple Painted Lady® in Macedon to talk to them about milk paint on walls.  I met a kind, helpful, and knowledgeable employee, Courtney, at The Purple Painted Lady®.  She told me about what to expect with milk paint on walls.  She also asked me, “Have you considered Chalk Paint®?”  That day I left with the Chalk Paint® color card and went home to research Chalk Paint®

The next week I went back to the shop in Macedon to purchase a quart of paint to try out Chalk Paint® on a small hutch that I had bought.  The paint applied easily and looked terrific, but more importantly, I had no negative health reactions from the paint.

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #1

My husband and I decided to go ahead with painting all of the rooms of the house using Chalk Paint®

Color Blocking Ability:

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Dining Room Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan Transformation

Each time I went back to The Purple Painted Lady®, the employees were helpful and curious about our BIG painting project.  Some of the first rooms that we painted were the living room and dining room.  The previous owner had painted the rooms dark red and yellow.  We were concerned that it would take several coats to cover the dark red; however, the coverage of the Chalk Paint® was exceptional.  In the photo above – Carrie used Duck Egg Chalk Paint®.  Note that it looks darker than normal, but that is only due to the room’s lighting.

Duck Egg Blue Sample Board Annie Sloan Chalk Paint The Purple Painted Lady


After one coat, my mom asked, “Do you think that you even need a second coat?”  The coverage was truly that thorough.

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #4


One of my favorite colors that we used was a mix by Courtney at The Purple Painted Lady®.  I walked into the shop with a bowl from my favorite vintage dishes, Fire King Jadite.


The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Jadite Custom recipe

I asked her to match the color as closely as possible.  She experimented and mixed until we were both pleased with the color.  The results are remarkable.  Thank you, Courtney!  The color makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen.


Courtney’s recipe for a Fire King Jadite color completed in Chalk Paint®:

1 part Pure White

1 part Antibes Green

¼ part Louis Blue  

The Purple Painted Lady Custom Chalk Paint Annie Sloan Jadite color

We used  (a 2 quart mixing bucket sold at The Purple Painted Lady®)  with measure marks to mix the paint. I loved the Jadite color so much that we used it in the bathroom as well.

In the library, we used Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre.


Old Ochre Sample Board


Unfortunately, we did not take any before pictures of this little room.  It was blue above the chair rail and a pinkish-hued tan below the chair rail.

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #15

We learned that Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan can also be used outside.  In fact, Old White was a perfect color match with the existing paint on our porch.

The Purple Painted Lady Old White Chalk Paint Exterioir use outside handrails Carrie



  • Spackled
  • Dry dusted walls
  • Wiped walls with a damp cloth and let air dry
  • Removed switch plates
  • Taped trim


  • Painted edges and corners of rooms with brush
  • Painted walls with large and small rollers
  • Allowed paint to dry overnight
  • Kept the temperature around 70 degrees in the house while the paint was drying
  • 2 coats of Chalk Paint® in each room
  • Waxed walls of bathroom with Annie Sloan Clear Wax


  • No allergic reactions, no difficulty breathing, no headaches, etc.
  • Complete coverage of dark colors including dark red and navy
  • Lathe and plaster walls look better with the flat paint…fewer imperfections show
  • Friends and family remarked at how great the paint was to work with
  • My husband and I discovered that we truly enjoy painting together


Products used:

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Alcove Transformation Chalk Paint by Annie SloanChalk Paint® Colors used:


What we have painted so far using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Library
  • Porch railing and spindles
  • 3 pieces of furniture


What we have yet to paint:

  • Vintage metal medicine cabinet
  • Trim
  • Hallway
  • Back porch
  • Front and back doors
  • Wainscoting in bathroom

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #27CARRIE’S TIPS & TRICKS

  • As paint is drying, cover vents with terry cloth towels otherwise cool air blowing directly on drying paint will make the paint crack
  • Use the small roller around the edges to give the paint a more consistent look- the brush and roller apply the paint quite differently
  • Pour the paint in the paint tray and then use what’s left in the can to work on the edges- there is still quite a bit of paint in the can clinging to the bottom and sides


Chalk Paint® cans fit perfectly into the HANDy pails.

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #28


If I was asked to condense my experience of using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan into a few sentences, it would be this:
Chalk Paint® applied easily, and the results were beautiful.  There was very little odor to the paint, and I had zero allergic reactions when using it every day for 2 weeks (small miracle for me who reacts to everything).  I will be going back to The Purple Painted Lady® for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan for all of my future painting projects; I am a customer for life.  “


Come visit one of our FOUR locations:


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SYRACUSE (Baldwinsville, to be exact)

The Purple Painted Lady west genesee Baldwinsville Chalk Paint FRONT Savvy Chick


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It’s 10pm- Do You Know Where Your Stockist Is?

Hi all,

I just thought about all of you who called or emailed me today. I hope that the service we provide to you conveys are appreciation that you are a customer to us!

Then I thought I would share with you what I am doing. And that made me think of this:

“It is 10:00pm – do you know where your Chalk Paint® stockist is?” – which made me laugh!

Paint EZE mermaid dresser waxingSo, just in case you are one of my customers- I wanted to share with you that I am at my shop waxing the “Mermaid” dresser that I painted a while ago.

I added a little wash of Pure White Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan first though.

See those little bottles on top of the dresser? I store my paint in them and think they are absolutely brilliant! If interested in learning more or would like to purchase one- just click HERE.

I hope you all have sweet dreams!

Weekly Furniture Transformations ~ Our Whiskey Buffet

Starting now (September 8, 2012) – The Purple Painted Lady will be featuring a piece of furniture we are painting! Watch for our transformations! Paint that will be highlighted is both Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan and Milk Paint by Miss Mustard Seed.

Here is this week’s featured piece- and the inspiration for our color choices and design comes from this fun bamboo mat (4’X6′) retailing for $66 at our shop. (and these mats already have a non-slip grid on the back- they are incredibly durable and won’t slide around your floor- I LOVE THEM!!!)

Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan colors that will be used on the buffet are Old Ochre, Arles & Emperor’s Silk. Then the whole piece will receive one coat of Annie’s Soft Clear Wax, and finished with Dark Wax. We will update this post with progression photos and “How To” information.

Keep in mind- when you have a piece and have no clue what colors to paint it, first determine what room will it be going into. Draw inspiration from colors in that room and accessories or art that is in the space already. If you are starting from a fresh slate- go to Pier 1, HomeGoods and look for something that you love! Is it a coffee mug, a picture frame or a pillow? Buy it and use that as your springboard to develop the room around! This process is so much fun! Don’t force the progression and never settle for something that you only “like.” Find something that you LOVE! It could be due to the colors, the theme of the design or decor style. Stay true to yourself and not what is the latest fad in the decorating magazines. Your tastes are what they are and will probably be the same next year or at least similar- where design styles come & go.

Hope this new continuous post idea helps you and makes you happy!!!! It does for me!