Duck Egg Chalk Paint® – Shut The Front Door!

I love this vintage door painted by Laura Campagna Emond using Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

Duck Egg is a beautiful color….. The crazy thing is…..Trish, The Purple Painted Lady has the SAME door in her home!

Trish’s house was built in the late 1880’s….. If you have a vintage door- share it below with us!!!!!

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(*Duck Egg is a GREENISH SOFT BLUE! If you are looking for a “baby blue” – you want to purchase Louis Blue. Click here for Louis Blue=>… ………….

Again Duck Egg is a greenish soft blue reminiscent of Rococo French and Swedish interiors. It looks wonderful and fresh with Old White. We also love it distressed when it is used over Chateau Grey.

This color is definitely a color you would want to add to your suite of colors if you love French Country. Pair it with Arles, add some Dark Wax and you have a killer combination!



First- if you have a local stockist- go visit them and build a relationship with them.  Go to them with your questions and project issues.  BUT- if you do not have a local stockist- we invite you to try our customer service!

As for buying any of the products we mentioned earlier in this post- I hope that you select The Purple Painted Lady® to be your one stop resource!  We have four locations in western NY.  Check out our Information tab and come and meet us!  Otherwise- if you are not located near me- the following information may apply to you.  
This information is directed to those who do NOT have a local stockist.  Because if you do – go and meet them, shop from them and build a relationship with them.  The guidance, information and knowledge they share with you – will be invaluable.  But, if you are in a location where there is no one selling paint products- and you must buy on-line- consider us.  With that said, visit to find a stockist near you.
We are here to help you, our customers!  We want you to be successful!  
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Painting Walls With Chalk Paint®

Painting Walls With Chalk Paint® is not only going to give you a beautiful finish, but may be ideal for people with hypersensitivities, according to our customer Carrie.   It is also great for walls if you live in an older home with lath and plaster walls.

The Purple Painted Lady® LOVES her customers ~ and loves to hear about your experiences with Chalk Paint®.

Carrie is one of our customers with a hypersensitivity to chemicals decided to give Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan a try.

Check out how Carrie painted her entire house!

Carrie wrote us, “After renting for 12 ½ years, my husband and I bought our first house this spring.  One of the tasks that I was both excited about and dreading was painting.  It was exciting as we could finally choose colors that we wanted to use in our home; it was worrisome as I have intense chemical sensitivities, allergies, and asthma.  I started researching options other than latex paint.  Previously, I had used milk paint on a piece of furniture and loved the results, so I visited The Purple Painted Lady® in Macedon to talk to them about milk paint on walls.  I met a kind, helpful, and knowledgeable employee, Courtney, at The Purple Painted Lady®.  She told me about what to expect with milk paint on walls.  She also asked me, “Have you considered Chalk Paint®?”  That day I left with the Chalk Paint® color card and went home to research Chalk Paint®

The next week I went back to the shop in Macedon to purchase a quart of paint to try out Chalk Paint® on a small hutch that I had bought.  The paint applied easily and looked terrific, but more importantly, I had no negative health reactions from the paint.

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #1

My husband and I decided to go ahead with painting all of the rooms of the house using Chalk Paint®

Color Blocking Ability:

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Dining Room Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan Transformation

Each time I went back to The Purple Painted Lady®, the employees were helpful and curious about our BIG painting project.  Some of the first rooms that we painted were the living room and dining room.  The previous owner had painted the rooms dark red and yellow.  We were concerned that it would take several coats to cover the dark red; however, the coverage of the Chalk Paint® was exceptional.  In the photo above – Carrie used Duck Egg Chalk Paint®.  Note that it looks darker than normal, but that is only due to the room’s lighting.

Duck Egg Blue Sample Board Annie Sloan Chalk Paint The Purple Painted Lady


After one coat, my mom asked, “Do you think that you even need a second coat?”  The coverage was truly that thorough.

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #4


One of my favorite colors that we used was a mix by Courtney at The Purple Painted Lady®.  I walked into the shop with a bowl from my favorite vintage dishes, Fire King Jadite.


The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Jadite Custom recipe

I asked her to match the color as closely as possible.  She experimented and mixed until we were both pleased with the color.  The results are remarkable.  Thank you, Courtney!  The color makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen.


Courtney’s recipe for a Fire King Jadite color completed in Chalk Paint®:

1 part Pure White

1 part Antibes Green

¼ part Louis Blue  

The Purple Painted Lady Custom Chalk Paint Annie Sloan Jadite color

We used  (a 2 quart mixing bucket sold at The Purple Painted Lady®)  with measure marks to mix the paint. I loved the Jadite color so much that we used it in the bathroom as well.

In the library, we used Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre.


Old Ochre Sample Board


Unfortunately, we did not take any before pictures of this little room.  It was blue above the chair rail and a pinkish-hued tan below the chair rail.

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #15

We learned that Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan can also be used outside.  In fact, Old White was a perfect color match with the existing paint on our porch.

The Purple Painted Lady Old White Chalk Paint Exterioir use outside handrails Carrie



  • Spackled
  • Dry dusted walls
  • Wiped walls with a damp cloth and let air dry
  • Removed switch plates
  • Taped trim


  • Painted edges and corners of rooms with brush
  • Painted walls with large and small rollers
  • Allowed paint to dry overnight
  • Kept the temperature around 70 degrees in the house while the paint was drying
  • 2 coats of Chalk Paint® in each room
  • Waxed walls of bathroom with Annie Sloan Clear Wax


  • No allergic reactions, no difficulty breathing, no headaches, etc.
  • Complete coverage of dark colors including dark red and navy
  • Lathe and plaster walls look better with the flat paint…fewer imperfections show
  • Friends and family remarked at how great the paint was to work with
  • My husband and I discovered that we truly enjoy painting together


Products used:

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Alcove Transformation Chalk Paint by Annie SloanChalk Paint® Colors used:


What we have painted so far using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Library
  • Porch railing and spindles
  • 3 pieces of furniture


What we have yet to paint:

  • Vintage metal medicine cabinet
  • Trim
  • Hallway
  • Back porch
  • Front and back doors
  • Wainscoting in bathroom

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #27CARRIE’S TIPS & TRICKS

  • As paint is drying, cover vents with terry cloth towels otherwise cool air blowing directly on drying paint will make the paint crack
  • Use the small roller around the edges to give the paint a more consistent look- the brush and roller apply the paint quite differently
  • Pour the paint in the paint tray and then use what’s left in the can to work on the edges- there is still quite a bit of paint in the can clinging to the bottom and sides


Chalk Paint® cans fit perfectly into the HANDy pails.

The Purple Painted Lady Carrie Titlow Image #28


If I was asked to condense my experience of using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan into a few sentences, it would be this:
Chalk Paint® applied easily, and the results were beautiful.  There was very little odor to the paint, and I had zero allergic reactions when using it every day for 2 weeks (small miracle for me who reacts to everything).  I will be going back to The Purple Painted Lady® for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan for all of my future painting projects; I am a customer for life.  “


Come visit one of our FOUR locations:


Photo of 77 west Main Street shop store front photo

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Village Gate Outside The Purple Painted Lady

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The Purple Painted Lady west genesee Baldwinsville Chalk Paint FRONT Savvy Chick


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Chalk Paint® Has So Much Functionality!

I always enjoy hosting our Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan BASICS Workshops. First, I get to meet people who are creative, fun and obviously, enjoy their lives. But also because I always learn something new myself.

In a recent BASICS Workshop, as always- everyone creates their own sample boards to take home. While making them and completing the class steps, I encourage each student to have fun and try something new, perhaps from something different from what the person sitting next to them is doing. We are always impressed with how amazing the pieces come out and also – how different they can look by just doing one small thing different.

In class we create a sample board using two different colors, layering them and using a dry brush technique. Then we apply a dark wax glaze and some French Gilding Wax.

Typically we apply the dark wax glaze as the second to last step. We brush it on and then normally, wipe it off so the board is dry. And our last step is to apply the French Gilding Wax, which is that coppery metallic color on the sample board below.

Duck Egg over Primer Red

At our last BASICS Workshop, one of our fabulous students named Lauren- decided to approach this project slightly differently. She wanted to leave more of her Dark Wax Glaze on, instead of wiping it off. While the glaze was still moist, she continued to move to the next step of adding the French Gilding Wax. Again, the Mineral Spirits in the Dark Wax Glaze was still moist, so when she applied the French Gilding Wax- it caused it to be thinned out and basically, was like becoming a Gilding Glaze. Lauren also chose to apply her Duck Egg Blue paint minimally and blended it more into the Primer Red Chalk Paint® I think her piece looked fantastic!

Lauren BASICS Gilding Wax Glaze

Lauren’s look was more translucent and very funky! Oh, by the way, Lauren is the happy one in the background of the photo. (I think you can get the gist that we like to have fun in our workshops!)

Well, what I hope you take away from this post is:

1. Try using your Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan products in different ways! Explore making a wash, mixing paint into some Clear Wax, change the timing of when you traditionally apply or remove product. Don’t be afraid to play!

2. Workshops are a great way to expand your product knowledge. They are fun and you will get to meet some other fantastic and creative people!

3. You will always learn more from a hands-on workshops taught by a stockist compared to a video.

Thanks to everyone who came out for this workshop and I hope to get the opportunity to meet you at one!

Look What Sally Scheele Did!

I love receiving notes from all of you – especially when photos are attached and show me what you have accomplished or how you were inspired. When I started writing posts to share information- I did it to be helpful to you. What a surprise it has been to receive so much gratification from your messages and this email was so awesome I had to share it! I received a letter from Charles and Albert’s cool mom, Sally Scheele last night. I really enjoyed her note and was so impressed with what she did! Especially with the chair project shown below- most of us would have tossed it to the curb. You did not just refurbish it- I feel you resurrected it! Sally, you have earned the title of “Salvage Sister!” So, dear Sally– YOU are being featured on The Purple Painted Lady!

Sally’s email

I re-read your “Fairy Godmother” article and wanted to share with you how I’ve taken all of your tips to heart.

First- I bought an old weathered wooden desk chair, where a huge chunk was broken out and held in place with years of duct tape, all the mechanical parts were extremely greasy and grimey, and the seat looked like it had housed a plant (watered) for years. Wow, this was my biggest vision.

Second- I’ve always wanted to attempt a Subway Art Typography project. My youngest son is an avid baseball fan, a college pitcher, and a life-long Angel’s fan. For his b-day, we got him tickets to see the Angels when they travel to KC next month, and I needed a neat way to present him with the tickets. It also helps out a college life/ apartment/ needs a dresser/ single guy decor – type of way. ( I had to do this before there is a bride who says- “that piece has to go, it goes with nothing!” A perfect opportunity arose!

I borrowed our small parochial elementary school’s overhead projector, that they had buried in a back room. I bought them the bulbs, I get to use it. A great marriage. I followed all of your tips: tranparencies, watercolor pencils, Graphic Fairy, etc….. And when I re-read your article, I knew I had to send you a few before & after pictures to show you how we do listen, appreciate, and use all of your tips. Keep inspiring us, we’re definitely out there!! Thanks again!! These are not the type of pieces most people would do or want, but for me….. they made me smile. And I’m now the coolest, most talented mom out there, amongst the baseball guys anyway! Haha!! It’s all about SMILING! Thanks Again!

Click here to read the post that inspired Sally. It was titled, “Who Is Your Fairy Godmother?”

Denice Clark Won the Whimsical Wednseday GIVE A WAY!

Happy Wednesday!

Thank you to my friend Garden Whimsies by Mary. Mary has a passion for repurposing thrift store “treasures” into unique, one of a kind garden art. They are the added “bling” every garden deserves. No matter what your garden style is …from formal, eclectic to cottage, a garden whimsy is the perfect garden accessory.

Her designs include: Garden totems, centerpieces, garden stakes, plate flowers, wind chimes and home accessories.

Mary’s whimsies were recently featured in the Outdoor Living 2012 issue of Valley Homes & Style Magazine. Mary shares tips for creating your own whimsies via her Facebook page, website and blog.

Mary and I partnered on introducing some of our Facebook friends to one another! Colleen Lang from my page was the lucky lady who was chosen to receive this beautiful whimsical pedestal stand!

It would be perfect for holding cupcakes, jewelry, candles or pretty soaps in the powder room. All you need to do are three simple things: 1) show her some LOVE by visiting her page and LIKING it. 2) Leave a note on her page saying “The Purple Painted Lady sent me”. 3) Then, leave a note on my Facebook as a comment to this posting stating “You LOVE Garden Whimsies by Mary”.

And The Purple Painted Lady in turn gave a way a free custom house plaque! Denise Clark from Garden Whimsies by Mary‘s page won it!!!

Congratulations to you both!