Graphite Chalk Paint®

Here are a couple recent transformations completed with Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.  

Graphite Chalk Paint® is the darkest color in the whole Annie Sloan suite.  

Annie Sloan’s Graphite Chalk Paint® is a soft black – which I like to compare to a dark slate color or a vintage slate chalk board in an old school room! It is made with purplish blues, browns, and is not completely black. When waxed with Annie’s Dark Wax– the color becomes even more richer and warm. This is a popular color, especially when I am detailing a piece with vintage typography. I receive a lot of emails about this color. First- I want to clearly state again – this is NOT black.

It is a rich color – close to being a slate, or think …dark pencil lead. Depending on the orientation of the surface painted- it can appear darker or lighter. It does have depth and interest- and clearly plays wonderfully with other pieces painted in a true black. 

The photo immediately below shows  Graphite Chalk Paint® with all of Annie’s waxes applied.   

The upper left corner shows Graphite Chalk Paint®  with Clear Wax.   

The upper right corner shows Graphite Chalk Paint® with Dark Wax.

The bottom left shows Graphite Chalk Paint®  with White Wax.

The bottom right shows Graphite Chalk Paint® with Black Wax.

Okay- here is the first amazing resurrection that was completed by  Pam from Pamela’s Vintage Soul Jewelry! Pam is extremely gifted on many counts- check out this stunner where she took a dresser that is atleast 100 years old and gave it a new life! Pam used  Graphite Chalk Paint® and Dark Wax.    Then make sure to take a peek at her business page. Pam creates the most amazing handmade statement jewelry pieces comprised of vintage/antique materials. All pieces are one of a kind….just like her!  What do you think?

Here is Pam’s BEFORE photo:

Here is Pam’s “WOW” reveal:


Here is another great “before & after” using Here is another great “before & after” using  Graphite Chalk Paint® and Clear Wax by Heather Way.  Heather painted this hutch and all of her chairs with ONE quart of Chalk Paint®. 


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