Chalk Paint® Sample Pots…come here my little pretties!

I am so excited!!!

Chalk Paint® Sample Pots….GLORIOUS Sample Pots are now available for me to order here in the USA again!

AND….I just ordered a TON! Seriously- I really did order a ton!

If you have been waiting for them- I want to guarantee you – that the day we receive ours …is the day yours will ship out!

And we ship orders Monday through Friday…almost always same day that you place your order too!

English Yellow sample potWe sell sample pots for $11.95! So, if you are interested in purchasing a pot or two or three- just click HERE

And although you cannot see me- I just had to share that I am doing a happy dance!

Available in all 31 delicious colors. A sample pot can cover between 14 and 17 square feet of surface. And actually if you thin it with a little with water ~ it will go even further!

Happy Painting!

Do You Sell Your Painted Pieces? Always Add A Care Tag To Them!

Do you sell painted furniture?

Many of you out there bought a quart a paint and a tin of wax~ just to do a piece for yourself, and then your friends saw it and…..BAM! You are in business!

Suddenly, everyone wants you to paint something for them, right?

Well, congratulations! You are in business!

Something very important – is to make sure if you are painting pieces- that the people who receive them know how to properly take care of them.

This helps them and also helps you in the long run- since you would not want them using a product on it that could effect the wax or ruin the piece.

So, please make sure to attach a “care tag” & your business card to your painted pieces.

First, no matter if selling your pieces on Craigslist, a co-op, or in a store ~ adding a care tag and your business card is a very professional courtesy to provide to your customers.

I would suggest items like these below be included on your care tag:

First! Always include your business name and contact information! Sounds obvious, huh?

Even if you have a business card attached to the piece- if gets lost- your customer may have no way of tracking you down to paint another piece for them. (so here is a tip- decoupage one on the bottom of the top drawer. When I say “bottom”…I mean – they literally need to pull the drawer all the way out of the cavity and flip it to see it.)

Then…..write something like:

Your newly finished painted piece needs about 10 to 21 days for the top coat to cure. Wax may only take about 8 days.  Please treat it with care and avoid excess handling during this time.

To clean your painted & waxed piece, use a mild soap & water. Never use a degreaser soap that can effect the wax.  On other top coats- still use a gentle cleaner.  Method is a brand that is safe.

Avoid all contact with furniture polish, sprays, excessive water, alcohol and anything acidic.

If this is a table or desk – use a blotter pad to avoid pressing into a finished piece when writing on top of it. And always use place mats and coasters.

And- I only use Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan purchased at The Purple Painted Lady (LOL- I just had to my shameless plug)

If interested in purchasing Annie Sloan products, please visit our website if interested in ordering Chalk Paint®. We have Chalk Paint® available for $34.95 per quart every day, we offer low/flat rate shipping and it always ships same day (as long as Mike, our UPS guy has not come already!)

In fact- there are many reasons we think buying through us is the best. Read THIS little post about what sets The Purple Painted Lady apart from the rest.

To visit our on-line store- click HERE.

Lastly, we share a lot more information to help you get the most functionality out of your Chalk Paint® on our Facebook page. Consider checking it out by clicking HERE. While there- kindly consider LIKING us.

Thanks again,
Tricia Migliore Kuntz ~The Purple Painted Lady ~
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How To Hold Your Ultimate Wax Brush In Your Hand

Do you use an Ultimate Wax Brush?

Hopefully you said YES since I strongly recommend that you use one. It will help insure that your wax application is applied correctly. CLICK HERE to watch my video on how to properly apply clear wax.

Holding your wax brush properly when applying your wax can make a big difference in regards to how your hand will feel after waxing a dresser or – a whole set of kitchen cabinets. It will also make a difference in your experience using Annie Sloan’s products.

If you are gripping the handle of the wax brush too hard- it will strain the muscles and your hand will cramp up and feel sore afterward or the day after. If this happens to you- you should consider holding your Ultimate Wax Brush the way I suggest which will then make your waxing effortless and easy on your wrist.

First- let me show you how NOT to hold it. (see photo below)

Wrong way to hold Wax Brush

Again, I do NOT recommend holding your wax brush as shown above. When gripping and clenching- it causes strain on your muscles and will tire your hand. Ultimately, causing your hand to cramp.

I suggest to hold your wax brush where the handle naturally rests in the crook between your thumb and index finger like I show in the photo BELOW. Slightly wrap or cup your fingers around the outer edge- and voila…. you are ready to wax & roll!

How to hold a wax brush

Hope this quick tip helps you! I post weekly on Facebook ideas and suggestions. If you would like to be included, click HERE and then LIKE my page so you see my posts in your facebook updates.

Thanks again,
The Purple Painted Lady

Chalk Paint® BASICS Workshop -Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 starting at 10AM

This Workshop is happening on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013- Starting at 10am and lasts about 4 hours.

Register by clicking HERE.

In this casual hands-on introductory workshop you will not only have FUN! But you will learn the “basics” of using Chalk Paint® Decorative Paints and Waxes by Annie Sloan. This paint is not one dimensional and there is so much functionality in it- let us show you how to take advantage of that and create pieces that will be drop dead gorgeous!Basics Workshop june11 2013

All supplies will be provided. First you pick out a sample pot of Chalk Paint® of your favorite color that you will use when learning how to wet distress. But from the very beginning, you will learn about making a glaze/stain using Annie’s soft, dark wax.

Lauren BASICS Gilding Wax GlazeThen you will be painting a one and two-color technique- showing you how to add a little dry brushing for effect and creating a wash. A very important finishing step in regards to distressing – sharing our tips & tricks and making sure you can create a professional effect. You will create a wash and learn the fundamentals of how to apply it properly. Lastly- we will focus in on using the wax! Hands on training on how to age and tone your finishes with clear and dark waxes and the proper application process. (applying the wax is often the biggest issue Chalk Paint® users have- what is learned in this workshop will eliminate that from happening to you!) And hands on experimenting with “polishing” the Chalk Paint® using sand paper.

You will leave the workshop with your own sample boards, a sample pot of Chalk Paint® in the color of your choice, and a funky fleur-de-lis …and most importantly – you will leave with the confidence and skills to tackle your own projects at home.

CLASS SIZE: We like to be able to help you one on one- so we have a class maximum of 6 people- with a minimum of 3- exceptions may be made based on my schedule- however, this would not set a precedent.

DURATION: This workshop runs around 3 hours- but has gone longer based on the amount of questions asked- which is very positive. Please try to get here 15 minutes prior to class starting. * This is a casual painting party so bring a light snack or lunch and your favorite beverage to enjoy.

77 Main Street logo metalNEW LOCATION!!!: The Purple Painted Lady, 77 West Main Street, Macedon NY 14502

By purchasing this Workshop you are acknowledging the Workshop Cancellation Policy which is => In the event you cancel with more than 2 weeks notice from the date of the start of the workshop, you may: 1) request a refund of your payment OR 2) choose to transfer your deposit to a later scheduled class.

Due to fees and losing the opportunity of placement of another student- you will incur a $15 processing fee for either choice.

In the event you cancel with less than 2 weeks notice from the date of the workshop, $40 will be forfeited.

However- IN CASE OF BAD WEATHER such as significant snow of more than 3 inches falling in the last 24 hours – DISREGARD THE ABOVE..we live in NY!

Mix & Mingle Painting Party- Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 starting at 7PM. Hope to see you there!

Are you curious about Chalk Paint®? This is a great 2 hour gathering where we mix the best of both worlds! Bring an appetizer to share and a copy of the recipe and I will supply the Chalk Paint® and beverages that will be in the spectrum from sparkling water, to soda – to a little wine, anyone?

In this fun, casual workshop you will create your own hand painted color chart to take home and while doing so, I will discuss the colors, share which ones look stunning paired up and share information about the use of Chalk Paint® and how to get the most of it!

This is a great workshop also if you have been thinking about a custom color. Let’s tackle it together – using the color wheel as a guide and our Paint Mixer Tool.

Any and all questions are encouraged!

Starting time is 7pm sharp and we will will probably end around 9pm.

COST is $30 and an appetizer to share! I need at least 4 people for this workshop- so invite your mom or girlfriends to come too!

Register HERE.

Periwinkle progression 1

You need to be registered to attend. Please arrive on time as a courtesy to all others since we will be building on the information we share as we progress through the 2 hours and will not be able to catch you up if late.

Party to be held at The Purple Painted Lady ~ located at 77 West Main Street, Macedon, New York 14502

Plenty of parking in our lighted parking lot around the back of building too.