How much does a Quart of Chalk Paint® cover?

How far can Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan go?

Generically speaking- a quart of Chalk Paint® will cover 150 square feet. Did you know that is almost twice the amount a quart of Latex covers.

Now depending on the style of your painting, you may even get more surface coverage out of quart. And then on the other hand, you could get less if you are thick painter.

To put this more into perspective versus giving abstract numbers. Today I started to paint a vintage hutch. The hutch is 37” wide and 68” tall. I painted 2 coats of Country Grey on it. (I did not paint the inside- since I plan on painting that in Old White.

Country Gret Hutch POST

I still plan on accenting the hutch with Old Ochre also to highlight the details. And then, clear wax and a little dark wax too.
Country Gret Hutch POST

I opened a brand new quart of Country Grey for this project- and used an inch of the paint to complete the two coats on the hutch. I would estimate this was about 20% of the quart. In comparison- a quart of Chalk Paint® will cover double the amount compared to a quart of latex paint.

I used my Annie Sloan Medium Paint Brush. If you have never used a paint brush by Annie Sloan- you are truly missing out.

Annies Brushes

As I like to share- the brush works like a ball point pen, in that it holds the paint and releases it smoothly. You will quickly realize, that you are spending less time dipping your brush in the quart, and more time painting.

Country Grey Quart blog post

Annie’s brushes come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. I feel a bit like Goldie Locks here- but for me, the medium paint brush, is just right! The small paint brush is great for small projects, and the large paint brush would be perfect for a wall project or when you have a large surface area to paint.

If you are ever debating on purchasing a tool and would like to speak with me on if it fits your needs, or to know if it is a necessity or if it is a luxury- just give us a call or shoot us an email! We are here to help you!

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am so impressed how it holds the paint and

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