How To Hold Your Ultimate Wax Brush In Your Hand

Do you use an Ultimate Wax Brush?

Hopefully you said YES since I strongly recommend that you use one. It will help insure that your wax application is applied correctly. CLICK HERE to watch my video on how to properly apply clear wax.

Holding your wax brush properly when applying your wax can make a big difference in regards to how your hand will feel after waxing a dresser or – a whole set of kitchen cabinets. It will also make a difference in your experience using Annie Sloan’s products.

If you are gripping the handle of the wax brush too hard- it will strain the muscles and your hand will cramp up and feel sore afterward or the day after. If this happens to you- you should consider holding your Ultimate Wax Brush the way I suggest which will then make your waxing effortless and easy on your wrist.

First- let me show you how NOT to hold it. (see photo below)

Wrong way to hold Wax Brush

Again, I do NOT recommend holding your wax brush as shown above. When gripping and clenching- it causes strain on your muscles and will tire your hand. Ultimately, causing your hand to cramp.

I suggest to hold your wax brush where the handle naturally rests in the crook between your thumb and index finger like I show in the photo BELOW. Slightly wrap or cup your fingers around the outer edge- and voila…. you are ready to wax & roll!

How to hold a wax brush

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