Using Annie Sloan’s Tinted Waxes to Get Different Looks

Here is a great example of how using Annie Sloan’s tinted waxes can make a big impact with just one Chalk Paint® color like Honfleur.

Honfleur Chalk Paint® is a MILK CHOCOLATE BROWN. ….DARK BROWN. Think Easter Bunny Chocolate!

We love how David Burkhart used Annie’s White Wax strategically on the outside of the dresser and then Annie’s Black Wax on the inside section to create a contrast.

Annie’s White Wax has the consistency of cream cheese frosting. And although it is not edible, it always makes me crave frosting.

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Dark & Black Wax “How To”

TINTED WAXES by Annie Sloan: There are a few ways to use the Dark or Black Wax.


At a high level- when most people are using either Dark or Black Wax over “light” colored Chalk Paint®….. like any of the “white’s” or Louis Blue, Antoinette, Country Grey and so on……- unless you want a heavy rustic look- always apply an application of clear wax first. (Apply the clear wax and remove most of the excess)

The clear wax creates a barrier on top of the Chalk Paint® from having the “stain or tint” of the Dark or Black Wax penetrating directly into the porous Chalk Paint® – which makes manipulating it difficult.

Then- you can immediately apply your Dark or Black Wax. Typically, you only apply one coat of either the Dark or Black Wax versus multiple layers- so having the clear wax base gives an extra layer of protection.

A wax finish is as foolproof as you can get. You can only make two mistakes when waxing … putting too much on and buffing too soon. The secret … thin coats and lots of clean, lint free rags.

With that said- if you have a dark colored Chalk Paint®- like Graphite, Amsterdam Green, Emperor’s Silk, Napoleonic Blue and so on…..some people SKIP the clear wax and go directly to Dark or Black Wax. This means the paint will absorb more of the stain and make the piece even a richer or darker color.

If you purchase from us… please make sure to read the instructions we include for your products carefully and experiment on a test piece – like a chair or little side table that you have OR even on the back of the piece you are working on – before taking on a big project without any prior experience. As our instructions suggest- you should make sure to off load some of the Dark or Black Wax from your wax brush before slathering it on your piece.

We like to remove excess wax using lint free Scott Shop Towels versus cheese cloth.

If you are looking to “buff” the Dark or Black Wax to create a sheen – it is suggested to wait 24 hours before doing so. Many of our customers will use steel wool 000 or 0000 ……or a buffing brush, and lightly rub teh wax but I recommend in a linear fashion versus circular. ALWAYS test this in an inconspicuous location before just going at the top of a dining room table that took you weeks to perfect the look of. The larger and flatter the surface- especially when using “dark” Chalk Paint® colors- the more finesse it may take to buff.

The link to the YouTube video below on The Purple Painted Lady channel shows Courtney and Trish applying dark and black wax in different ways to achieve different outcomes. If you do not want to hear the informational discussion and just skip right to the wax application – jump to the 15 minute marker on the video. Please take a moment to watch it and consider subscribing to our channel.

Here is the YouTube VIDEO link:

Lastly- if you have stain on your fingers or under your nails from the Dark or Black Wax – the Scrubby Soap we sell works wonderfully removing that. My favorite are Lemon, Orange OR Lime. Here is a link to that:…


Here is an old timer’s trick too for when applying tinted waxes over previous wax:  Only occasionally and ONLY over a wax layer … never directly on Chalk Paint® because it can leave some discoloration. Usually when I want to touch up or refresh an old waxed finish. These cabinet doors are a couple of years old and had been handled a lot. I just use a very very small amount of wax, rub it on with 0000 steel wool and light pressure, and buff.   Again- Only occasionally do I use steel wool and ONLY over a wax layer … never directly on Chalk Paint® because it can leave some discoloration. Easy and fast. Leftover tricks from my old cabinet finishing days!

And do not doubt using wax!  … but think about something we all own that we think is extremely durable but it has just a painted finish … your car.  When you want to rejuvenate the finish or give it some protection or durability, do you put polyurethane on it or do you wax it!?

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Graphite Chalk Paint® with Black Wax

Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan with Black Wax

Isn’t this handsome piece a show stopper?!

Sometimes you have to be patient and let a piece of furniture speak to you, for example… this vintage top hat dresser above!

Initially, we started out using Lem Lem Chalk Paint® on this piece.  And – with a little of Annie’s White Wax and even maybe an Iron Orchid Transfer in white – it could have been a show stopper too!    

But…after getting the Lem Lem on it…   I did not feel right!  This “handsome” piece had a maculine feel to it with its hefty wood posts on each side and just the way the burled wood on the drawers attracted me! 

Burled wood is special!  It is that swirly-grained wood that is often used on modern-styled pieces or as an inlay on vintage chests and dressers.

And the more I looked at it- it spoke out saying, “Please use Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan with Black Wax on me!”

So, we took it another direction.


Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan’s Black Wax

Annie’s SMALL dome top Paint Brush (this is my favorite!)

Annie’s SMALL Wax Brush (this is also our favorite wax brush!)

Scott Shop Towels (they are lint free and are hearty to remove the wax)

Odorless Mineral Spirits

Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is a soft black – which I like to compare to a dark slate color or a vintage slate chalk board in an old school room! It is made with purplish blues, browns, and is not completely black. When waxed with Annie’s Dark Wax- the color becomes even more richer and warm. This is a popular color, especially when I am detailing a piece with vintage typography. I receive a lot of emails about this color. First- I want to clearly state again – Graphite Chalk Paint® is NOT black.


For this top hat dresser- I knew that I wanted it darker in color, so it was repainted using Graphite Chalk Paint®.


…..once we finished painting it – we decided to use  Annie Sloan’s Black Wax.  This photo belows shows the very top hat finished with Annie’s Black Wax but the lower portion with raw Chalk Paint®…meaning that is not waxed yet.  

Typically, at the shop we suggest to customers, to always apply a coat of clear wax before applying either black wax or dark wax (brown color)….this is especially important over light Chalk Paint® colors.  But since this is Graphite Chalk Paint® – we skipped the clear wax and went straight to the black.  

Here are the steps we took to paint this piece:

  1. We dampened a rag or a Scott Shop Towels with Odorless Mineral Spirits.
  2. We wiped down the areas of the dresser we planned on plainting.
  3. Took a rag moistened with fresh water and wiped down the whole piece.
  4. Once it was dry- we shook our quart of Graphite Chalk Paint® and shaked it  well, then opened and stirred it with a paint stick – making sure to scrape the bottom of the can.
  5. Using Annie’s SMALL dome top Paint Brush – paint the dresser applying the paint in the same direction as the wood grain.  Be sure to “lay” your paint on the final stroke.  (watch this VIDEO HERE if you do not understand what I mean by that)
  6. Once the first coat is thoroughly dry- (like within an hour)   Paint your second coat of Graphite Chalk Paint®.  
  7. Later that day or the next, feel free to apply Annie Sloan’s Black Wax using Annie’s SMALL Wax Brush (this is also our favorite wax brush!)
  8. I take a plastic spoon and using the back of it- I scoop some wax out of the tin and place on to a paper plate.   I have never dipped my wax brush right into my tin of wax.  It does not matter if I am using clear, white, black or dark wax.  I have always taken a scoop out and placed it on a paper plate and pulled from that wax with my brush.  I guess because if something was on my brush or if I got some light paint transfer – which can happen- it never would get into my tim by doing this.
  9. Once you have the Black Wax on the tips of the  Annie’s SMALL Wax Brush start to spread it all over the surface.  This is like skin moisturizer- you want a thin veil over all of the surface and you want gentle pressure so – it gets absorbed into the  Graphite Chalk Paint®.   
  10. Once- you have it all over your area- take a few sheets of your Scott Shop Towels  ….fold it into quarters and begin to wipe off the excess.  Thus, why we do not want to slather the wax on like we are icing a cake- because it will just go to waste now when we remove it.  
  11. Once I have lifted most of it off- Iusually take a clean Scott Shop Towels and wipe again gently in one direction.  just like we “laid our paint” – I feel this “lays” the wax.  You should be able to FLIP YOUR HAND OVER- and using the top of it….glide it on the surface.
  12. Now either move on to another area- OR leave it alone for an house!  Let the chemistry in the products have some time to set up.  Although “curing” takes a good 8 days –  after an hour or so….you can immediately begin to gently use your piece! 
  13. YES!  It is that easy!

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Little Gray House Update

#littlegrayhouse update!

Back in September of 2016, we purchased a property that had a little old house on it. The house was built around 1856.

Little Gray House The Purple Painted Lady


 It is a tiny little house- right around 1,000 sq ft.  It was in pretty poor condition and hadn’t had any work done since the 6th layer of linoleum went on the floor back in the 1950’s. 

Linoleum Little Gray House Old Flooring

The Purple Painted Lady® is getting ready to paint the upcycled wood cabinets in the kitchen.

We don’t plan on having any upper cabinets, instead we will have white tile with barn wood floating shelves and white counter tops.

This custom blue shown is made of 1 part Greek Blue to 1.5 parts to Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint®.

Aubusson Blue Greek Blue Cabinet Custom

Then we used clear wax and black wax. I love this sample cabinet!



Annie Sloan Black & White Waxes NOW Available!

The Purple Painted Lady® are so excited!  Annie Sloan has a NEW RELEASE of Black and White Waxes….and we have them in house!

Annie Sloan BLACK WAX The Purple Painted Lady

Annie Sloan WHITE WAX The Purple Painted Lady

Visit our online store to order for shipping out to you TODAY!


Annie Sloan White Chalk Paint® Wax can be applied directly onto wood to create a limed look, and it also has a wonderful effect on painted pieces. “Think of a piece which has been gracefully, subtly faded by sunlight – a piece left in a sunny spot, a terrace in Tuscany,” says Annie. See Annie Sloan White Chalk Paint® Wax in use HERE.

The Purple Painted Lady is extremely excited about the White Wax.

Napoleonic Blue with White Wax:

Napoleonic Blue with White Wax Frame The Purple Painted Lady

French Linen with White Wax:

The Purple Painted Lady French Linen Chalk Paint White Wax Frame

Graphite with White Wax:

The Purple Painted Lady Graphite with WHITE Black Dark Clear Wax Sample Board Chalk Paint


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Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint® Wax gives a cool, dark finish to your paintwork, bringing out texture in brushwork and moldings, as well as darkening and enriching colors. Where Dark Soft Wax ‘antiques’ pieces, Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint® Wax toughens them up! See Annie Sloan Black Chalk Paint® Wax in use HERE.

Order your 500 ml WHITE WAX HERE

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Order your 500ml BLACK WAX HERE

Order your MINI BLACK WAX (120ml) HERE

WHITE WAX The Purple Painted Lady Annie Sloan

BLACK WAX on Antibes Green The Purple Painted Lady Annie Sloan