Old White Chalk Paint® Wash Over Exterior Brick

Before and After photos are always the best to showcase what is possible with a can of paint!  But not just any paint… we are referring to Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan because it is both an interior paint and exterior paint!

Anne, who is part of team at The Purple Painted Lady® has a young family and she and her husband Zack are serious DIYer’s.  From renovating their basement, to gutting their kitchen and bathrooms…they do not shy away from any project!  

This is Anne…isn’t she beautiful?

One smaller project she is currently in the process of doing – is giving her front entrance a face lift.  

Anne wanted to tone down the red of the brick.  She chose Chalk Paint® in the color Old White.

 Old White is the quintessential color to have in your painting pantry or toolbox! It is the perfect color, in that it plays perfectly with every other color! Old White out sells every other color in Annie’s suite.   NOTE though  – that  Old White is a very soft cream….. in my opinion. I think it looks literally like cream.  Something also to note….it does have the slightest hint of yellow.


If debating between this color and Pure White or Old Ochre Chalk Paint®, visit this link here => http://www.thepurplepaintedlady.com/2014/04/difference-between-annie-sloans-white-chalk-paint-colors/


Anne started with adding about 20% of water to a small portion of the Old White, but it wasn’t laying the way she wanted.  So, being that Chalk Paint® is an artisan paint- she started to dip her brush straight into the paint can, brushed it directly on the brick- and then dipped her brush into a cup of water and used the damp brush to spread the paint.  

Some things to consider when doing this project:

  1. If painting over concrete – place a drop cloth down.  If you drip paint on the sidewalk- it will leave a mess that you will not be able to wash away. (even with a powerwasher)
  2. I would suggest doing this project on a day that the temperature is reasonable.  Meaning in the 60’s, 70’s or low 80’s.  
  3. Check the weather forecast to make sure no major rainstorms are expected in the next 24 hours.  After that- you can have a Monsoon and not worry one bit about that paint!
  4. Start out with the paint thinned more versus less with water.  Remember – you can always apply another coat of the “wash” to make the white pigment heavier.
  5. Experiment with painting some random bricks in more of a solid to give dimension.  Or consider painting some random bricks using Paris Grey Chalk Paint®.  You could even use the  Paris Grey to cut in the mortar joints …if you have the patience.

Here is the “almost” finished outcome since Anne still has the top left corner.  Anne has not decorated her front stoop yet, but she always is working on different seasonal decorations to make her house a beautiful and inviting home!  Once she does- we will add a final photo.


Chalk Paint®️ by Annie Sloan is also an exterior paint. Absolutely no topcoat is needed over the brick. Bricks are extremely porous and they pull that color in. As you know, chalk paint®️ sticks, grips and adheres to virtually any surface. Once it is dried and cured …..it is almost impossible to remove it. We just recommend checking the forecast before beginning a project like this and making sure that it’s not going to rain for 24 hours.

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Chalk Paint® for outside projects!

Yes! You can use Chalk Paint® for outside projects!

As in shutters, doors, porch floors, staining concrete, painting barns, outdoor furniture, swingsets, birdhouse, concrete benches, mailbox posts, (and I can go on and on…)

One of our amazing customer’s who owns a local consignment shop near us called Lu’s Back Door loves the color Napoleonic Blue.


If interested in buying Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® on-line- visit HERE. (We ship same day and offer the lowest flat rate shipping fees)

Napoleonic Blue is a bright blue – almost like a coneflower blue. And is a great color for your painting pantry since it is – by default – a primary color!

DARKER NAVY Chalk Paint®?:

Keep in mind- if you want a darker Navy- by mixing 4 parts Napoleonic Blue to 1 part Graphite OR 2 parts Napoleonic Blue to 1 part Graphite  – you can create some perfect “navy” options.

So, Teresa used Napoleonic Blue to paint her front door and house shutters a year ago. What do you think?

Napoleonic Blue pic Lus back door Chalk Paint The Purple Painted Lady



The Purple Painted Lady is also so impressed with this pool/deck transformation done using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

The Purple Painted Lady Deck Pool Transformation Chalk Paint Annie Sloan Freeman


the painted penny completed this using 5 quarts of Graphite and 1 quart French Linen for the deck around pool and upper deck. Great coverage and great results. Next, she is moving onto the fencing, planter dividers, bar and pool.

When painting decks- please make sure to power wash off any loose paint or old stain prior to your project. Thinning the paint with water is also suggested. If painting an outside area like this- do it when there is no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours too.


At The Purple Painted Lady – the flower pots in front of our Macedon store were just ……pea green. Not a bright or eye catching green…plain ole’ …pea green. So…a little Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to the rescue!

YES! You can use it on plastic without a primer or a top coat outside and it will last!!!!! A little Pure White, Florence, Provence and Burgundy (mixed with Pure White to achieve that Berry color)

The Purple Painted Lady Painted outside pots flowers chalk paint before after

So see…..Yes- Chalk Paint® can withstand the crazy weather elements in northern NY!

Actually to read more about using Chalk Paint® outside, its durability and to see my exterior porch floors that I painted….- click HERE.

If painting outdoor metal furniture that has rust on it:

Rust will bleed through seven coats of paint, so make sure if you have outdoor metal furniture that has rust – seal it with Rust-Oleum® Clean Metal Primer before painting or using Lacquer.

Need Annie Sloan products?

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