Whimsical Painting using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

We had fun using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® on the top of this dresser doing a little color blending and whimsical painting during our January 12th, 2023 Facebook LIVE!

We used a bunch of colors. Antoinette, Versailles, Original, Old White, and Provence. What do you think? You love it? Not your cup of tea? Oh well, maybe just appreciate the artistry and fun behind the application.

Here are some types if you like what you see.

I like my squares to an odd number in a row. That is because I live the squares in each corner to be the same color.

I usually choose two main colors and then three additional colors to pull through. I always use a light color – like Annie’s Old White. I almost always use a metallic…like a gold and for some reason on this one- I forgot too.

I recommend an artist brush for each primary color. Meaning in my example, one brush for the pink. One brush for the white squares.

Paint a whole vertical row at a time, alternating pink and white. If you are lucky, you will “catch” some of the previous color and pull it through the new square.

Start painting on the far left row so that your right arm has a place to rest without the risk of touching wet paint when you rest it. If you are left handed- do the opposite. : )

Periodically clean your brushes with paper towel or a wet wipe. If they get too much of other colors on them. Your squares will look muddy.

I will add some more tips and tricks, but hop over to the Facebook LIVE because I think it was pretty good.

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We are here to help you and appreciate you!

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How to remove the plastic safety rim on gallons of paint?

Have you purchased a gallon of Annie Sloan’s Wall Paint or a gallon General Finishes through The Purple Painted Lady on line and we packed it up and shipped it to you? That is one of our specialties! We are really fast at shipping and super good at packing up your order so it arrives safely.

Part of that process includes a special plastic ring around the top of the lid. These work great but need a little extra effort to remove.

To remove the safety ring on the gallon of paint, you will need to use a pair of pliers and gently lift the ring around the edge of the gallon.

Check out this video link here! To save you on time, jump to the 1:16 mark to see the removal process in action:

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IOD Iron Orchid Design Fall and Winter Release 2022

We are so excited and have all of the new Holiday release in stock for online and inhouse shopping! Without any further wait- here you go!


IOD Christmas Valley Transfer (pad of 8 12″x16″ sheets) by IOD – Iron Orchid Designs. The Christmas Valley Transfer set contains 8 pages of lavish Christmas and Holiday elements to mix and match at will – cardinals, holly, bears, signage, reindeers, holly, ornaments, and more! 

Inspired by traditional glass baubles, tin baubles and churned wood, these are the vintage moulds you didn’t know you needed! Since they’re symmetrical, you can place them back to back and create some fabulous 3D projects.

This limited edition mould is super versatile and can be used any time of year (think architectural accents on your furniture projects ), so grab it while you can!


We aren’t going to keep the IOD community from what they want, so say hello to Blitz! With intentionally sized snowflakes for projects of all sizes, stock up on this delicate and detailed mould to use during the winter months.


We have holly to your heart’s content! With so many compositions for this classic Christmas staple, you have the opportunity to play around with different types of borders and projects using this mould!


Jingle all the way down to your nearest stockist to grab this darling mould! The leaping reindeer and stag head are classic Christmas decor elements that will complement any holiday project. 

2022 Christmas Limited Release.  IOD Cozy is a 1-sheet stamp set with 23 unique individual stamps loaded with Christmas Spirit – reindeer, snowflakes, warm drinks, and various Christmas phrases and patterns. 

Sheet Dimensions 12″ x 12″ (one sheet set).

Pretty in Plaid Decor Stamp by IOD – Iron Orchid Designs

http://IOD Pretty in Plaid is a 1-sheet stamp set with 5 unique individual stamps of plaids, patterns, and a bow – all loaded with Christmas Spirit, or can be used for any occasion! Sheet Dimensions 12″ x 12″ (one sheet set).IOD Pretty in Plaid is a 1-sheet stamp set with 5 unique individual stamps of plaids, patterns, and a bow – all loaded with Christmas Spirit, or can be used for any occasion!

Sheet Dimensions 12″ x 12″ (one sheet set).

Heavenly Decor Stamp by IOD – Iron Orchid Designs

IOD Heavenly is a 1-sheet stamp set. with 16 unique individual stamps including wings and trumpet blowing angles.

Sheet Dimensions 12″ x 12″ (one sheet set).


The IOD Noel Paint Inlay (Limited Release) by Iron Orchid Designs loaded with Christmas elements – such as horse and sleigh, Christmas Trees, ornaments, and more – to mix and match at will!

Wall Paint By Annie Sloan

In 2022, Annie Sloan introduced her 32 luscious Wall Paint colors in a durable, washable and scuff-proof finish. Now, you may be thinking, why is there a need for another Wall Paint? I know, I did initially. But here is why. Annie’s Wall Paint is very unique in that it delivers a velvety matte finish but that is extremely washable. That is like saying, here is the most delicious cake that has no calories at all. Typically, those two attributes do not co-exist, but in the Annie Sloan world – they do now. So, you can have you cake, and eat it too. Or in our case, you can have a flat finish on your walls and it will wear well and be washable without evidence of being washed. We have color charts available here.


Annie’s Wall Paint is a thicker paint that is extremely pigmented. Another stockist, Thomas Mach Interiors shared the following responses from professional painters that have used Annie’s Wall Paint:

“Luxurious and so rich”

“Such gorgeous depth of color”

“It rolls onto the wall like butter”

“No drag, no flashing, no odor, just a beautiful finish”

“The finish looks like polished chalk”

Below is an instruction sheet or “How To” with tips on using Annie Sloan’s Wall Paint:

The Purple Painted Lady has Annie Sloan Wall Paint available for $90 a gallon. Orders placed online by 3pm- typically will be packed and shipped out to you that same day.

We are here to help you and appreciate you!