Create a Floor Cloth Using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan & a Scrap of Linoleum

Sometimes when you cannot find the right floor cloth for a space in your home- you just have to take charge and make it yourself using the one and only, original Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan!

Check out this beautiful handmade floor cloth created using a scrap piece of linoleum from a local floor store and Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan by our friend and customer, Stacey Goodspeed and her daughter Áine.  In fact, Stacey is such a fan of Annie Sloan – she helps us out at The Purple Painted Lady festival and other large events sharing her knowledge with customers.


Stacey and her daughter do a lot of creative things together.  This is Áine, in the photo – and she helped with this incredible transformation! 

She started out with a scrap piece of linoleum she purchased at a home improvement store…this is what the linoleum looked like before (not very pretty at all, but  Áine sure is!)  —>



Stacey started this project by covering the entire piece of linoleum with 2 coats of Cream Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. 

Cream Chalk Paint® is a soft buttery yellow.  She chose to use a roller to apply the paint to make it a little quicker and easier…AND so that she would have a smooth finish on her mat without any brush strokes! 


It is VERY important when rolling Chalk Paint® that you add water to your paint! You can add up to 20% water. This will allow the paint to apply smoothly and not pucker as the roller pulls away from where the paint was applied.  If your paint is too thick when using a roller, the result left behind could look a bit like “hammered copper” or puckered.

To prevent this- you need to use a foam roller – NOT a nappy roller like you would use to paint your walls with latex paint. Annie Sloan makes GREAT foam rollers that are available in a 2 inch size, as well as a 4 inch size!  The 4 inch size would be the recommended size for a floor cloth.


After rolling 2 coats to completely cover the linoleum, Stacey and Áine started using a stencil that they purchased from Michael s Crafts, to create the pattern. Annie’s Stencil Brush would have been the bomb to use though!

They used small artists’ brushes to paint the design with the Chalk Paint® colors Honfleur (the milk chocolate brown color) and Arles (the sunflower yellow color). It is important to make sure the stencil is lined up and is straight, so the pattern isn’t misaligned!  Measure twice before starting!

Check out the variety pack of detailed brushes made by Annie Sloan HERE!!








The pattern they used almost reminds me of a Mediterranean-style tile. 


To seal their floor mat, they needed something that would hold up and would protect the beautiful pattern from wearing away…so they chose Annie Sloan’s Lacquer! We ALWAYS recommend lacquer when painting floors with Chalk Paint®. Lacquer can be tricky to use….we have a very detailed post on how to use it HERE! BUT….I will go ahead and give you some of the highlights – 

ALWAYS use lacquer at room temperature – moisture and humidity can cause it to look hazy, rather than clean and crisp. 

NEVER over-brush your lacquer – this will also cause it to look hazy.

The varnish is quick drying, non-toxic, low odor, and non-yellowing. The lacquer will give you a very durable scuff resistant finish. Note though, it is not recommended in areas where there will be a lot of water. So, if using in a bathroom, plan on toweling up wet floors so there is no standing water for long lengths of time. After it has dried, it is VERY protective and will hold up extremely well even on floor that are constantly being walked across.

Stacey’s floor mat should hold up for a very long time, which is good because it is so beautiful!   

Stacey shared with us, “This was so easy and fun to do!!!! It’s been 4 months since it’s completion and I am still in love with it. So easy to clean and it handles my 13-year-old and 10-year-old boys plus a party!

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Inspiration Pieces! Facebook GIVEAWAY! Ends on 11/15/18

GIVE-A-WAY TIME! Hop over to our Facebook page HERE and join in !  Have you seen a piece done in a store or online and then, reproduced it using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan? If yes, share your inspiration and reproduction photos, and note the colors that you used here and whoever has the most LIKES by NOON Eastern time on Thursday, November 15th will win a Paintbrush Ornament! (sorry- you must be in the Continental USA)

Magazines, Pinterest, Mail Order Catalogs – heck, even furniture stores all can be inspiration to us.  We see something and would like it in our home.  Sometimes, we recreate it because the price tag on the actual piece is ridiculous, or maybe, we already own a piece that has similar bones but is just not the right color.

That happen with Anne who saw a post about a waterfall painted piece using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan online, shared from Architectural Digest.  

It is a flat front dresser painted in a range of color mixing and highlighting using  Barcelona Orange and Greek Blue in various blending amounts from the top to bottom of the dresser’s front. (On the Architectural Digest website page it is noted that the image was courtesy of Julia Duke at Susan Becher & Associates/Annie Sloan.)



Anne’s reproduction:


Why Chalk Paint® is so pleasing to the eye in a home!

Annie Sloan chose the name ‘Chalk Paint’ because it was suggestive of its very matte – almost chalky – finish. I like to say, Chalk Paint® is “Annie Sloan Paint” though.  

Chalk Paint® ……..”Matte is the desert dryness of chamois leather and sand, the chalkiness of charcoal and powdery pastel drawings, of blackboard smudges and soot. It is the smooth, bleached surface of driftwood; the dry, unglazed texture of bisque pottery; the bare, flat finish of concrete; the rough graininess of sandstone.

A natural matte finish … looks as comfortable and mellow as an old armchair. Lacking any hint of shine or artifice, it has the reassuring quality of the completely natural. It has a velvety and sensual texture, like peach skin or blotting paper, that makes you want to touch it and hold it.

Matte finishes are absorbent, which means that light is soaked up rather than being bounced back, creating a restful, peaceful atmosphere. In white or pale colors, most things that are matte look dusty, powdery, and chalky, but when the colors are dark, they look as soft and rich as velvet. As matte finishes do not demand attention, they are unpretentious and low-key, which makes them perfect for a bedroom or a relaxing sitting room.”
– Annie Sloan, Modern Paint Effects, 2000

Wax vs Lacquer on Kitchen Cabinets?

Wise Words from Annie! What is the best product to use to seal cabinetry that has been painted with Chalk Paint®?   Annie Sloan responded, “although lacquer seems like it will protect and you can scrub it clean, once it breaks, that’s it! Whereas wax can be cleaned and rewaxed if necessary and lasts many, many years!” 

The highest end craftsman made cabinetry have a hand rubbed wax finish.  Trust the wax!