Coolabah Green and Whistler Grey Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

What makes March 9, 2023 special? The release of two new Chalk Paint® colors in AnnieSloanLand! We are so excited!


First- let us introduce you to Coolabah Green Chalk Paint®!

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We are going to use this color with Annie’s White Wax to paint our cabinets in our brand new coffee shop we are opening. Coolabah Green is named after the Eucalyptus coolabah tree, this is a grey-green paint with a blue tone, inspired by Annie’s childhood in North Sydney where she remembers the wonderful smell of the elegant native Eucalyptus. Annie says, “I’ve wanted to create this colour for a long time; it’s a colour that’s been missing from my range of grey-greens. My existing grey-greens all have a more yellow tone, but Coolabah Green has a blue tone, an ‘eau de nil’ feel… My aim was to mix the colours to match the leaf colour of the evergreen Eucalyptus tree, which I love and have lots of fond memories of from my childhood”.


Whistler Grey was inspired by the beautifully atmospheric paintings of 19th century American-born artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Whistler Grey is an attractive, warm grey that complements lighter tones and pastels, sitting between Paris Grey and Graphite in terms of tone. 

Want to watch a Facebook video about this color? Click HERE

“I felt like my range of greys needed another colour, and one that was different from my charcoal colour Graphite,” explains Annie. “My context for colours is always art, paintings and nature – these are the things that inspire me and where my ideas come from.”

Like all Annie’s colors- it is available in the smaller container of her Sample Pots.

Seriously! We feel this gray was so needed! It is a little darker than a medium tone between Annie’s Paris Grey and Chicago Grey or lighter than Graphite and Athenian Black. Whistler Grey is a nice nuetral grey in that we feel it is not a cool tone or a warm tone.

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