Love How Dark Wax Was Used On This pIece!

WOW! Check out this piece by Laurie Davis. <br>Laurie Davis Dark Wax The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint

Funny story- I saw a photo of this piece earlier in the day and was so impressed. <br>

Then later last night- my husband (Mr. Purple Painted Lady) ~ Steve, actually brought his cell phone over to me and was like “You have to look at this!” (Now for a guy to take the effort to do that over a painted piece of furniture- says something!) I<br>

In my opinion, from an overall composition perspective- not only did Laurie hit a home run- she hit a Grand Slam! <br>

The colors she chose, the image & typography and then the strategic use of dark wax are like a Trifecta. I asked Laurie to share some project words of wisdom for you regarding using dark wax.<br>

“I love how it defines this piece…the whole piece was painted in graphite, then I painted the front old white…when I painted the old white I didn’t go for full coverage ( the same for the graphite) one coat of each.<br>

I stenciled, then distressed.<br>

I applied clear wax to the front of the dresser gently rubbed some off then I went for the dark wax! I like to “blend” it, I start on the outer edges first….work my way in, wiping and buffing as I go….<br>

Here is what The Purple Painted Lady thinks this was the BEST TIP LAURIE SHARED:<br>

This is funny…I take a picture of it while I’m working on it…to see where I need more dark wax or do I need to remove a little with clear wax….To me looking at it in a picture verses while I’m working on it is different. I’m not “afraid” to use the dark wax.<br>

Please don’t be afraid of the dark wax! Here is a quick link to it in our shopping cart.

FREE Wax Clinics at The Purple Painted Lady in Macedon

Hi all!

I know how much you love using the paint that we sell- but I often hear that waxing is not the easiest thing to do for you.

How much do you apply?
How should you apply it?
When do you wipe it off?
How much do you remove?
And….what about Dark Wax?

Well, we will be offering TWO FREE Clinics on How TO USE SOFT WAX on Thursday, August 15th. One event is from noon till 1pm (may go longer) and the other is later that night from 6 to 7pm. The clinics are FREE, but please register through our Facebook Event page HERE.

You must be registered to attend since it will help us plan and accommodate for all who would like to attend!

Hope to see you there!
wax brush chalk paint transfer

Please arrive on time as a courtesy to all others since we will be building on the information we share as we progress through the hour and will not be able to catch you up if late.

Clinic to be held at The Purple Painted Lady ~ located at 77 West Main Street, Macedon, New York 14502

Plenty of parking around back of building.

Chalk Paint™ Sample Boards showcasing both Clear & Dark Wax

I have been working on these photos longer than I would like to admit! And I am still not done. But I promise to have them all uploaded to Pinterest by the end of the weekend.

I hope that you enjoy these Chalk Paint™ Sample Boards showcasing both Clear & Dark Wax. They are a great way for you to see the possibilities of each color. And I have a lot of fun pairing up different colors to create new color combinations to paint future pieces in.

Each sample board was painted with two coats of Chalk Paint™. Then a layer of clear wax was applied to the whole sample board. Once dry- we taped off half and applied dark wax, and immediately wiped off the excess.

Click here to see Chalk Paint™ Sample Boards showcasing both Clear & Dark Wax or visit my on-line store to see each color.