Differences between Annie Sloan’s “Grey” Chalk Paint® Colors

Which “Grey” Chalk Paint® Should I Get???

If you order paint on-line, it can be a bit intimidating since colors may look differently on your monitor (especially depending on the quality of it.) I receive many questions about the differences between the “grey” colors in the Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan family. (Chateau Grey, Country Grey, Paris Grey, French Linen)
French Linen Chateau Grey Paris Grey Comparing The Purple Painted Lady Country

First let me share that neither Chateau Grey, Country Grey are actually a true grey! Their names can cause confusion for some of you if not able to see the color first hand.

I describe the colors as:

Chateau Grey = Annie Sloan says this is an elegant greyed green. (And I want to stress “green” here!) This color is beautiful- but is definitely green- like a sage or lighter hue of olive green! I really like Chateau Grey paired with Antoinette, Scandinavian Pink, Duck Egg Blue, Old White and Old Ochre.

Chateau Grey Color Paper The Purple Painted Lady

Country Grey = It is a putty color using greenish raw umber. It is a lighter color and will brighten a space. I would consider this a neutral color since depending on the other colors around it- it can appear slightly different . With that said- it plays well with many colors. Many are surprised when they see it on a piece in our shop how much they like it. It is a really useful color. It’s terrific on its own and with white or for distressing as a top coat with Cream or Scandinavian Pink underneath. According to Annie’s site, “It is generally seen as a more rustic color good for a country look rather than the chateau.”   Annie Sloan recommends using Country Grey beneath Pure White- since Pure White by default- does not have as much color blocking ability per say, Provence. So, Annie Sloan herself suggests using Country Grey as a base over surfaces that are dark and that you are painting with Pure White. This creates a great base of blocking ability and will actually save you from painting more coats of Pure White than you would like to.

Another way to use Country Grey is to mix it into another color such as Chateau Grey or Duck Egg Blue to make them paler and knocked back. I like Country Grey paired with Antoinette or Primer Red, or Aubusson!

Country Grey Color Paper The Purple Painted Lady

Paris Grey = It is a light dove grey with slight blue undertones. It is a silvery – white grey. Many customers say they think, “Restoration Hardware” when they see this color. It is a “cooler” grey!

Paris Grey Color Paper The purple Painted Lady

And since we are doing colors with shades of grey- let’s talk about French Linen.

French Linen = This is more like a light khaki or taupe. To me, the color makes you think “Pottery Barn.” It is a timeless & classic color. It has a bit of grey to it compared to the color Coco.  Just a quick note!  The extended color paper for French Linen seems darker than it does in person when looking at this image on my monitor.

French Linen Color Paper The Purple Painted Lady

French Linen with both Clear and Dark Wax Sample Board - Copy

And speaking of Coco …Coco is more brown and has a warmer feeling to it. I like to describe this as the color of coffee flooded with cream in it.

French Linen Paris Grey Coco Comparing The Purple Painted Lady

Lastly- I need to mention Graphite.   Reminiscent of Gun Metal.

graphite Mixed with Old White Spectrum The Purple Painted Lady

Annie Sloan’s Graphite is a soft black – which I like to compare to a dark slate color or a vintage slate chalk board in an old school room! It is made with purplish blues, browns, and is not completely black. When waxed with Annie’s Dark Wax- the color becomes even more richer and warm. This is a popular color, especially when I am detailing a piece with vintage typography. I receive a lot of emails about this color. First- I want to clearly state again – this is NOT black.

It is a rich color – close to being a slate, or think …dark pencil lead. Depending on the orientation of the surface painted- it can appear darker or lighter. It does have depth and interest- and clearly plays wonderfully with other pieces painted in a true black.

To create other lighter shades of grey, mix it with either Pure White or Old White.


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