Touch Up’s with Chalk Paint®

Hey all- Trish here. So, you painted a piece of furniture or your cabinets with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan a while back and now you need to do a touch up.

Here are some important questions to know the answer to:

How long ago was your original painting done? If it was painted recently- then the color matching is fine. If however, it was more than a year ago – you may want to consider repainting the whole side that needs a touch up. Keep in mind- that I painted my walls a year ago with Sherwin Williams wall paint and when I went to do a touch up on one wall recently, my touch up looked different and was an obvious touch up because the touch up was fresh and the rest of my walls had been exposed to airborne particles since it was in my kitchen from the last 2 years of living.  Then, also take into account, between just normal wear and tear, UV rays and life with my two dogs – the original paint had a different appearance than the freshly applied paint.  Ultimately- I repainted the entire wall. 

If you literally, just recently painted and something happen where you need to do a touch up- you should be successful. You will want to account for what type of top coat and what sheen it was before doing the touch up. If going over a super shiney surface- sometimes – touch ups are noticeable.

If you painted your piece or cabinets with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan sometime prior to early 2019 and you purchased your paint from The Purple Painted Lady – you will want to call us and confirm if the Chalk Paint® was packaged in a litre or a quart container. This is important to know because Annie Sloan took over manufacturing and distribution here in North America at the end of 2018. The packaging changed from quart containers to litre containers. About a third of her colors, changed slightly.  Some colors changed more than others though. Meaning- if doing a touch up or painting a new cabinet addition to a pre-existing kitchen row- the difference may be in some cases, totally noticeable.

If you need assistance trying to determine if your paint was packaged in a quart- call us and we will do our best to help you. 585.750.6056