Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint® – Tell me all about it! (and Annie’s other reds)

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® ~ “Emperor’s Silk

Emperors Silk The Purple Painted Lady All you Want to Know

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Emperor Silk Sample Board Comparison The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint

If you order paint on-line, it can be a bit intimidating since colors may look differently on your monitor (especially depending on the quality of it.)

When it comes to Annie’s “reds” – I think there is enough of a contrast that it is pretty easy to understand and see the difference of them on-line. And typically – the photos you see are true representations of the color. But still- depending on the amount of light shining on a piece when a photo was taken – or filters used on a lens, it will influence how the color appears. So, when purchasing paint on-line- always look at a few examples of it (just google the color name) and also, feel free to contact The Purple Painted Lady and ask questions prior to buying.

Primer red Sample Board Comparison The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Antoinette Emperor Silk Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint 2

With that said- today we are featuring Emperor’s Silk! This is a bright red! Similar to the color of a Coca Cola can. Annie likes to say this bright pure red is like the red silk lining of a jacket, because of the way it looks. We love it used as an interior of a cupboard or drawer. It is the red -almost like a summer ripened tomato. Absolutely stunning. Add dark wax and you have a jaw dropping piece!
Primer red Sample Board Comparison The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Antoinette Emperor Silk Close up Chalk Paint

Since it is a primary color- it is a wonderful addition to your “painting pantry” because of all you can create when mixing it with other Chalk Paint® colors:

Coral color: Mix equal amounts of Pure White & Emperor’s Silk and half amount of Scandinavian Pink for a pretty pink. Then to achieve coral add equal amounts of Barcelona Orange.

Coral recipe option 2 arles

Coral Color Recipe

Baby Pink color: Mix a few drops of Emperor’s Silk into Old White or Pure White

Pink Chalk Paint hues From The Purple painted Lady Emperors Silk Old white

Berry color: Equal amounts Emperor’s Silk and Emile

Dark Purple color: Mix equal amounts of Emperor’s Silk with Napoleonic Blue

Periwinkle progression 4

It is a great red if painting a Union Jack too!

Annie Sloan Union Jack Full Shot

Annie sloan Union Jack Armoire Corner with Gilding

Inside of store 77 west main street Union Jack suitcases

Now- another Chalk Paint® “red” color is Burgundy!

In October, 2014, Annie Sloan introduced this color to her palette of Chalk Paint® ~ …..it is …..Burgundy.

Burgundy color change The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint

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The Purple Painted Lady has found Burgundy to be interesting, in that the color appears to be like a bright berry color when wet, but once dry, it deepens and is a significantly richer color. Check out the difference between the paint stick and the paint lid shown above.

We love this paired with both the clear and dark wax, but using dark wax deepens the color even more.

The images below shows it sandwiched between Emperor’s Silk and Primer Red as to understand the difference between them. Annie Sloan defines this color as a rich deep warm red the color of dark cherries. Most of Annie’s colors are 18th and 20th century inspired but this one comes from the 19th century when the discovery of Alizarin Crimson made this color possible for the first time to a large number of people.

Burgundy Sample Board Comparison The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Chalk Paint

Burgundy is a wonderful color to try mixing with others you may already have. Make a deep purple by mixing Burgundy with Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. On the left of the image, can you see how the Burgundy dries darker and deeper compared to when it is wet?

Burgundy picmonkey Napoleonic Blue Custom blend recipe The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Purple




Emperors Silk The Purple Painted Lady Laura Burke Simon 2016 B

Emperors Silk The Purple Painted Lady Gayna Joy Redick B

Emperors Silk Coco The Purple Painted Lady Todd Holly Carpenter 2016 B

Emperors Silk The Purple Painted Lady Joshua Brodie The Turqoise Fairy 2016

Emperors Silk The Purple Painted Lady Jill E Rose 2016 B

Emperors Silk The Purple Painted Lady Sue 2016 Uppity B

Emperors silk The Purple Painted Lady Hazel Mae Home 2016 B

Emperors silk The Purple Painted Lady Brenda Headley B

Emperors Silk The Purple Painted Lady Bewley Massey 2016 B

Emperors Silk Barbara Hansen The Purple Painted Lady 2016 B


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