Painting a Leather Cushion with Chalk Paint®

we are so proud of Gerri (shown in this photo) ~ one of our special customers in Syracuse, NY.

Gerri Olive leather The purple painted Lady

She painted her burgundy leather cushion with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Gerri painted a few thinned coats of the color Olive. We recommend that you apply your first coat- and allow 24 hours of wait time before you paint another coat.

Gerri thinned her paint slightly with water. (adding between about 20% water to whatever amount of Chalk Paint® you have)

Then- after her last coat of Chalk Paint® dried, she sanded the paint softly with some 400 grit sandpaper. In this step- make sure to be careful not to sand the edges or corners. Again- stay away from the edges so you do not accidentally wear thru the paint.

Once she polished the surface- the paint felt smooth and soft.

Lastly- she visited me at the Baldwinsville shop, and I helped her finish it off with an application of Annie’s clear wax.


After the paint on your leather has been dry for about 24 hours, then wax.  (this extra time allows your paint to really set up, adhere and cure)

To apply the wax, we used a lint free cotton rag instead of a wax brush.  The leather is soft and subtle and we found using a rag to be best, but you may have a different opinion- and that is fine.  Go with what works for you.

Basically- we gently rubbed the wax around and in and then stopped when it felt smooth and almost dry to the touch. This was a super easy process and the wax sealed the paint and made it feel like the most luxurious leather coat you have ever felt.

If you apply too much wax and need to remove the excess, just take a fresh, clean, lint free rag and gently wipe off the excess.

Be gentle when rubbing near the seems , corners or edges so that your removing of the wax does not act like a “wet distress” where you remove the paint.   It is normal to get some color transfer on your rag that you are applying your wax with, so do not panic when that happens.

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Thanks so much!

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