Basic Tips on Painting (Laying the Paint) VIDEO

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This is a quick little post & video about brush strokes. I get emails often from friends after they have painted a piece and they complain they have blotchy paint or they have a segmented appearance in their paint. I then explain that although the paint is self- leveling, you need to help it. This is especially important if you prefer a traditional smooth look.

For example, if painting the top of a 5 foot wide side bar. I would apply the paint across of it in sections. Once I have paint covering from one side to another, I go back quickly with my brush and complete a final finish stroke where I lay the paint with one solid pass from one side all the way to the other without lifting my brush. This incorporates the “sections” I just painted individually and removes all of those disjointed brush marks. Keep in mind that Chalk Paint® dries 50% faster than latex- so you must do this as you proceed through your painting versus waiting till you are done getting paint all over an entire side. By then, paint may have started to dry and you run the risk of pulling it and giving it texture.

Some quick tips:

Thinning your paint with a little water will help- but no more than 20% though.
Start with less water …and mix till you get a consistency that you want. (remember- you can always add more water, but you only have so much paint- so be careful)
Using Distilled Water if adding directly to your quart and then planning on storing is best – since there is no bacteria.

Lastly- I made this video a few years back before Annie released her flat brushes that will really help you in achieving a smoother look- if that is what you are after!
(See them HERE)


The Purple Painted Lady Annie LARGE FLAT PAINT BRUSH
Blotchy Appearance

This is best explained by watching me paint- so click HERE to view the 2 minute video.

Here is a link to another post I wrote about blotchy looking paint and wax. Click HERE to read more.

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