Color Mixing with Chalk Paint®

One of our Facebook friends, Suzi Mitchell wrote us saying she has the Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan colors of English Yellow and Louis Blue.

Sample Board The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint English YellowLouis Blue Sample - Copy






Suzi asked if mixing them could achieve Duck Egg.

Duck Egg Blue Sample Board Annie Sloan Chalk Paint The Purple Painted Lady

So, we did a little finger painting here for her. We did heavier on the Louis Blue…I am guessing maybe a 4:1 ratio and we achieved a color that is similar. It is definitely NOT an exact match…actually there more of a lighter blue hue to it….but yet, it is similar.


English Yellow Duck Egg Louis Blue Recipe The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint recipe


After creating this combination for Suzi, I thought I would write a brief post encouraging you all to not be afraid to dab the tip of your pinkie into some of your left over paint, and mix a couple to see the outcome.

You will enjoy doing this and possibly find, a whole new color to use on a new project.

Have you tried our Paint Mixing Tool on our website? CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

It is a fun way to play with color mixing if unsure where to start. This tool is not an accurate, exact representation of an outcome- but mathematically it is pretty darn close. Note that your monitor quality does play into that equation. And just remember though- nothing compares to working with your local stockist and playing with real Chalk Paint®. With all that said…I hope you have fun using this Paint Mixer!

English Yellow Is Here!

English Yellow Is almost Here!

We are so excited to welcome our newest color, English Yellow next week! (week of 6/24/2013)

Pre-orders for quarts only are being accepted now HERE.

Again, English Yellow is expected to arrive the week of 6/24/2013. If ordering English Yellow, your entire order placed will ship next week after we receive our truckload of English Yellow.

Annie Sloan explains English Yellow as, “This clean yellow was particularly popular in English 18th Century decoration inspired by hand painted Chinese wallpaper and the development of Chrome Yellow pigment. It was the first non earthy yellow and at first would be very expensive. In the 1950s this yellow became popular as a strong primrose. It can be mixed with Antibes Green to make lime green.”

English Yellow sample pot

Don’t forget when purchasing Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan- to consider purchasing her Clear Wax also. Annie’s paint and wax were created to partner perfectly together! The paint itself will harden but the wax will truly protect it! The wax does completely harden and it becomes hard and is water repellent. It is a wonderful protective finish that you can buff once dry- to the sheen you desire.