Painting Your Floor with Chalk Paint® Projects (wood floor, tile and Linoleum)

These floor projects using with Chalk Paint® on wood floor, tile and Linoleum are just spectacular. 

Here is one of my favorite blogs to follow, Dana at HOUSE*TWEAKINGDana is a pharmacist by trade but her passion is houses. She is seriously talented in her vision. She recently painted a tile floor entry to look like slate using Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and then protected it with Annie’s Matte Lacquer.

Tile floor project by HOUSE*TWEAKING

Just a disclaimer, usually over dark colored Chalk Paint® you should use Annie Sloan Gloss Lacquer since the flattening agent in the Matte can look hazey.

Dana was clever though and wanted that potential haze to make the tile look more like authentic slate. 

Here is a link to Dana’s beautiful website:




HOUSE*TWEAKING – applying Annie Sloan Lacquer

0We think she nailed it! In her post, she shares some of our instructional information…but check out the first comment below to a link to our website for a lot more Lacquer tips! Here is a link to Dana’s beautiful website:

Check out this wood floor fixer upper project by our friend Amy Smith – who is an entrepreneur and has had multiple successful businesses.

Picking out colors of Chalk Paint® at The Purple Painted Lady

This new chapter she just began is being the caretaker for the Taylor House 1810 at 2941 West Lake Road in Cazenovia, NY. They will be doing an exciting new launch of their gorgeous bed and breakfast in early January 2020….and will be sharing more photos. But we just had to share what they did to their floor using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

However, we wanted to give you a little taste of how they are using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and inspiration from blogs like Quintessence on this journey. 

Amy’s Inspiration for her floor transformation


Amy had some restoration to the wood floor and the repairs did not fit in with the previous wood stain.

Taylor House 1810 Wood Floor Restoration

Amy had a vision and with Athenian Black, Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint® and patience ~ she is creating something gorgeous.

Taylor House 1810

……and then she used Annie’s GLOSS Lacquer to seal the floor.  To read more about using Lacquer- visit this post HERE.    The whole bed and breakfast is really coming together! 


Once the Taylor House 1810 does their formal debut- The Purple Painted Lady will make a road trip to visit Amy and do a Facebook LIVE. We will give you a tour and discuss the projects Amy did and let you ask any questions to get real answers! I cannot wait- it is going to be gorgeous!!!!

Next up is a project from an Annie Sloan Stockist named Josh Mintoft who owns Martha Heritage in Sheffield –  he transformed his old tile that was a terra cotta red to something current, fresh and very clean looking! 

Josh cleaned his floor well and followed up with an additional rinse of fresh water to ensure there was not soap residue left behind, or any dirt.  He then made sure the floor was totally dry before he began.  Especially, in the grout lines.


French Linen Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan’s Lacquer

First- he painted in the grout lines with white.

Once the white on the grout was dry- he began to use the French Linen Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to cover the bulk of the tiles. 

He was not too concerned about if he accidentally covered some grout with the French Linen Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan because he knew once he added the stencil…there would be enough movement- no one would really notice!

Josh stated he used a brush, and managed to get away with one coat generally of the French Linen – but touched up in places.  Then he stenciled and applied the Lacquer.   

Here is some important information about using Lacquer since it does NOT behave like paint. It is critical you read and follow the instructions we provide!!!!…/using-annie…/

This Linoleum floor was completed by Maddie with her sister and mom.  They used Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.  They sealed the floor using two solid coats of Annie’s Gloss Lacquer.  Most importantly- they wanted to share to take your time cleaning the floor.  It is one of the most important steps…along with taping the perimeter to protect the walls.
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