Why Chalk Paint® is so pleasing to the eye in a home!

Annie Sloan chose the name ‘Chalk Paint’ because it was suggestive of its very matte – almost chalky – finish. I like to say, Chalk Paint® is “Annie Sloan Paint” though.  

Chalk Paint® ……..”Matte is the desert dryness of chamois leather and sand, the chalkiness of charcoal and powdery pastel drawings, of blackboard smudges and soot. It is the smooth, bleached surface of driftwood; the dry, unglazed texture of bisque pottery; the bare, flat finish of concrete; the rough graininess of sandstone.

A natural matte finish … looks as comfortable and mellow as an old armchair. Lacking any hint of shine or artifice, it has the reassuring quality of the completely natural. It has a velvety and sensual texture, like peach skin or blotting paper, that makes you want to touch it and hold it.

Matte finishes are absorbent, which means that light is soaked up rather than being bounced back, creating a restful, peaceful atmosphere. In white or pale colors, most things that are matte look dusty, powdery, and chalky, but when the colors are dark, they look as soft and rich as velvet. As matte finishes do not demand attention, they are unpretentious and low-key, which makes them perfect for a bedroom or a relaxing sitting room.”
– Annie Sloan, Modern Paint Effects, 2000

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