Love How Dark Wax Was Used On This pIece!

WOW! Check out this piece by Laurie Davis. <br>Laurie Davis Dark Wax The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint

Funny story- I saw a photo of this piece earlier in the day and was so impressed. <br>

Then later last night- my husband (Mr. Purple Painted Lady) ~ Steve, actually brought his cell phone over to me and was like “You have to look at this!” (Now for a guy to take the effort to do that over a painted piece of furniture- says something!) I<br>

In my opinion, from an overall composition perspective- not only did Laurie hit a home run- she hit a Grand Slam! <br>

The colors she chose, the image & typography and then the strategic use of dark wax are like a Trifecta. I asked Laurie to share some project words of wisdom for you regarding using dark wax.<br>

“I love how it defines this piece…the whole piece was painted in graphite, then I painted the front old white…when I painted the old white I didn’t go for full coverage ( the same for the graphite) one coat of each.<br>

I stenciled, then distressed.<br>

I applied clear wax to the front of the dresser gently rubbed some off then I went for the dark wax! I like to “blend” it, I start on the outer edges first….work my way in, wiping and buffing as I go….<br>

Here is what The Purple Painted Lady thinks this was the BEST TIP LAURIE SHARED:<br>

This is funny…I take a picture of it while I’m working on it…to see where I need more dark wax or do I need to remove a little with clear wax….To me looking at it in a picture verses while I’m working on it is different. I’m not “afraid” to use the dark wax.<br>

Please don’t be afraid of the dark wax! Here is a quick link to it in our shopping cart.