Using Chalk Paint® to Paint Your Couch or Wing Back Chair

Not in love with your furniture any more?

Instead of tossing it and buying new right away- consider painting it using Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, like my customer’s Karen and Roxanne have (and many others!)
The Purple Painted Lady Painting a couch chalk Paint fabric BEFORE After 1

It does NOT matter if the furniture is fabric…velvet, brocade, leather or vinyl. Chalk Paint® will transform it…resurrect it…..and make you re-love it!

Chalk Paint® is absolutely amazing in all it can do and when it comes to painting furniture- which when it is fabric furniture, it is similar to dying it. The Purple Painted Lady has done this herself and has had so many customers do this also. In fact, one customer of ours, Teresa at Lou’s Back Door Consignment in Fairport, NY had an old style couch. You know the kind with the ruffle pleat that goes all the way around the whole base. She painted it- and cannot stop raving about it!!! (Check out here Facebook page by clicking on the business name above and consider giving it a LIKE)

Sarah Cornett The Purple Painted Lady Painted Chalk Paint Fabric Couch rustic chic interiors 2

Keep in mind that if the fabric on your furniture has a heavy textured pattern, Chalk Paint® will change the color of the fabric, but it won’t hide the pattern. And when painting velvet that has a heavy knap, make sure to lay the knap in the direction you want it to be once dry with your paint brush in your finishing stroke. And lastly, if interested in purchasing product on-line- check out our on-line store HERE after reading this post. We offer awesome customer service and the lowest flat rate shipping and…(drum roll please!) …… we ship the same day you place your order! (small print disclaimer – we ship same day as long as your order is placed before our UPS guy has come) But if you visit our FACEBOOK PAGE and look at our customer reviews- I think you will get the hint that we are super fast in turning your order around and we really care about our customers!

Now..after stirring up all of this excitement I need to share…..that Chalk Paint® is amazing- but it is not a miracle…so always do a test in an inconspicuous location if you are hesitant. What do I mean by this? I certainly do not want to burst the bubble, but I often share with my customers that some people “use” their furniture and then,..there are some who “abuse” their furniture. If you have four 120 pound Great Danes who like to play and jump on the furniture coming straight in from outside with muddy paws…this painting technique will work, but I would not guarantee it for years of use. Ok? For the majority of us who sit on our furniture and watch TV, take naps, read stories to our kids and yes, have pets- …you will love this as an alternative option.
PicMonkey Collage  The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Fabric Chair Roxanne

To paint your furniture- follow these steps:

1. If painting a chair or couch, you will need:

* Drop cloth
* Chalk Paint® decorative paint in the color of your choice! Depending on your project- you may need more than a sample pot- but you will NOT use a whole quart.
* A natural bristle paint brush …either one of these will work PURDY or Annie’s SMALL Brush
* Annie’s Clear Wax

2. Make sure to have a plastic drop cloth beneath your furniture.

3. It is important that immediately prior to painting the fabric- that you get a spritz bottle (like an old Windex bottle.) Fill it with water and lightly mist your fabric. You want the fabric to be moisten and definitely damp- but not dripping wet.

4. Thin your Chalk Paint® with water. So, whatever color Chalk Paint® you are using…pour some in a separate container and thin it slightly with water. I would consider adding about 20% water to whatever amount you have. If you do not thin your Chalk Paint®- due to it being a thicker paint- it may crackle a little. This does NOT jeopardize the adhesion ability of the paint and actually gives the look of leather or crocodile skin. Many of my customers love a chair that I did in my shop over two years ago like this!PicMonkey Collage painted couch The Purple Painted Lady before after

Painted Chair seat FABRIC

5. Begin painting your fabric. Apply a uniform thin coat and let it fully dry. You may want to paint a second coat depending on how it looks. If you need to mix more paint with water- you do not need to thin it quite as much.

The Purple Painted Lady Painted Chalk Paint Fabric Couch Rhonda Banton Vaughn  English Yellow picmonkey

6. Once everything is totally dry- and you are happy with the coverage- apply a thin coat of clear wax using a rag. This helps in keeping the fabric soft and subtle and protects it. Some people do not add the wax- but I think it is nice and again, it seals the fabric like a Scotch Guard protector. Again- I strongly recommend waxing, but you may want to watch THIS funny video of a gentleman named Perry doing the “wiggle test” on a chair painted using Chalk Paint® that has not been waxed. If you watch the video, leave a note that The Purple Painted Lady sent you.
PicMonkey Collage the purple painted Lady Reclaimed and lovely furniture fabric chair chalk paint

Sill unsure of about painting your furniture, check out Annie Sloan herself painting a chair on national television HERE.

I have customers who have painted their furniture who also have dogs that get on their furniture and teenagers! They have been extremely satisfied in the longevity and how the paint can withstand the use. With that said, I think it is important to say- it is important that your pets nails be clipped and not be daggers. I also would not guarantee the outcome if you have little ones who use your couch as a trampoline. I always share that Chalk Paint® is incredible, but it is not a miracle. : )
The Purple Painted Lady Painting a couch chalk Paint fabric before after 2

If you have painted your furniture- please feel free to share your photos on my Facebook page! OR- email them to me at takuntz AT (AT – @)

And don’t forget The Purple Painted Lady sells Chalk Paint® here on line

: ) And if I do say so myself- we offer the BEST customer service that you will ever experience!

Thanks so much!
Trish ~
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Painting A Linoleum Floor

Although some of you have the awesome ability to tear tile out and gut a bath, there are many of us – who sadly, are just not as talented as you. That- or some of us- just want a quick fix to change the look of what we have till maybe we budget for someone else to come an do the job, correctly.

An example of changing the look of something you have in your home via an untraditional way- is painting it. Specifically, paining old linoleum flooring.

Painted Linoleum Floor bathroom Annie Laquer  The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint

The Purple Painted Lady was impress by the amazing job Cindy did!

Here is what she shared, “First, I cleaned the floor well with non-phosphate TSP but I have since heard it can take up to days to completely dry but that’s usually with furniture. (Some now some are using Simple Green.)

Most important, The Purple Painted Lady wants to add regarding cleaning: **Make sure to thoroughly rinse the floor after cleaning with any product though! Any residual cleaning agent will cause the paint to NOT adhere.

Next, Cindy put on 1 coat of the Old White straight from the quart. I recommend giving this first coat 24 hours to really set up before doing your next step.

Then she mixed 1 part Old White to 3 parts Coco for the stenciling project. She purchased a spray adhesive specifically for stencils, I think off Amazon. (she sprayed it on stencil outside; so it was easy to lift up and move to another area without leaving any residue and could move several times before having to spray again.)

She then put on 2 coats of Annie Sloan’s Lacquer (non-yellowing). It is important to always use 2 thin coats and apply with a foam/ sponge roller.

Annie’s Lacquer is meant for high traffic areas and is water repellant, but not water proof. That means if you have water sitting on it for long periods of time, it can effect it. Annie Sloan Lacquer is a clear matte water based varnish for painted floors or heavily used furniture items, particularly for those painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan (as in Cindy’s case). It is a strong penetrating Lacquer meant to be used over wood or concrete floors painted with Chalk Paint® that are interior floors only. This Lacquer is NOT intended to be used outside. Again, this is for INSIDE use only. Note- this is not recommended for outdoor use.

Whether the paint is applied as a wash or applied solidly with a foam roller, this robust Lacquer will seal it perfectly. It dries quickly – but allow your floor or furniture piece to cure overnight. It will slightly darken the color beneath it with a matte finish that has a slight sheen to give it strength.

Often customers will state after the first coat they see some slight lines in the Lacquer if using a roller, but after the second coat is applied- it looks wonderful. (just sharing this so you do not panic)

There is no need to sand in between either! The Lacquer will slightly darken the paint beneath it. Something to keep in mind…is that Graphite (and dark Chalk Paint® colors) are notorious tattle talers! Meaning if the Lacquer is too thick- it will appear to be streaky or cloudy. It is the flattening agents in the Lacquer that give it its matte sheen create a cloudy or milky effect when the Lacquer is applied too thickly and this is more noticeable over darker colors. I hate to write this- but often repainting and then thinner layers of Lacquer applied with a sponge roller or brush is the correction. So, since you are reading this- I would hope that you would not apply it too thick.

Some people will sometimes take a wide sponge brush or bristle brush to even out the rolled out Lacquer immediately after rolling it – as so to make sure it is thinned enough. Also- it is important – to make sure that the Lacquer was incorporated well before using it. Again- this is done either by stirring- or- tipping it upside down and rolling the container in your hands.

The varnish is quick drying, non-toxic, low odor, and non-yellowing. The Lacquer will give you a very durable scuff resistant finish. Note though, it is not recommended in areas where there will be a lot of water. Annie’s Lacquer is ring resistant- meaning it can tolerate hot cups. It is also resistant to alcohol spills, which if using wax as a top coat- is not.

The liter will cover approximately 107 square feet (depending on how porous the surface and how thickly the Lacquer is applied.) Two coats are recommended for areas of high traffic (never substitute one thick coat if in a hurry- it will not dry uniformly and you will just have issues- this rule applies to paint and for that matter – ANY product on the market!) I applied it on the top of a heavily used dresser and it was dry to the touch within minutes!

How to Use:

Before use, turn the container upside down for about 1 to 2 hours since all the “good materials” that may have sunk to the bottom get well incorporated again to the top and is well dispersed.

DO NOT SHAKE since this will cause bubbles to form in the varnish which you do not want to happen! It is best to gently mix the Lacquer by rolling the containers around in your hands or pouring the contents into a bucket to stir.

Apply the Lacquer with a high quality sponge/foam roller and using a sponge brush to cut in at the edges.

Apply two THIN coats for areas of high traffic such as a hallway, stairs, or sitting room but you can consider only one for a bedroom if you like the look after the first coat. Again- it is best to apply two thin coats rather than one thicker one. You never get a head taking shortcuts!

An average coating needs to dry 1- 2 hours before another coat can be applied. Leave it overnight to “cure” before walking on it. Wash brushes/sponge rollers thoroughly in water.

Note that Annie Lacquer is NEVER applied over waxes! However, you can apply Annie Sloan’s soft waxes over the Lacquer.

Cindy purchased her stencil through Cutting Edge Stencils Check them out here =>

And, The Purple Painted Lady sells all of Annie’s product on line too! I hope you give us the opportunity to do business with you! I ship out every week day all over the US. I included a link below to my on-line shop below. We offer the lowest flat rate UPS shipping cost so if you are one town away or 10 states away- the shipping cost is the same. Also- it is my paint sales that keep me in business and allow me to be here to help you. (my shameless, but honest plug) wink-wink! Link to Our On-Line Store =>

: ) And I will be here to help you as you progress through your future project! And if I do say so myself- we offer the BEST customer service that you will ever experience!

Here is a little post about what I mean when it comes to what you should expect from us:

Lastly- If I was helpful to you- please consider leaving a comment on my business page sharing your experience or thoughts about The Purple Painted Lady. Here is a link to my Facebook page=> This helps me too!

Thanks so much!

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(How did I get that business name you ask?……I started the business in my 1885 purple painted Victorian – and I LOVE to paint – so the business name just fits perfectly!)

The Purple Painted Lady 4th Annual Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee- September 20th, 2014 from 10 – 5pm

Hope you will save the date for us! We are hosting our 4th annual Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 from 10 – 5pm. This will be a great artsy event with 80 unique artisans, bakers, junkers, wineries, cheese business, bee keepers and more!

All are welcome to come – NO INVITE necessary- but if you RSVP on are Facebook Event Page you will be kept on announcements: Click HERE to visit the EVENT Page
Barn Sale Sept 2014

The Show Goes On…… RAIN OR SHINE!

This event besides being fantastic- is a benefit! The Palmyra-Macedon Rotary, the grass roots organization that saves animals from “kill shelters” called “Joyful Rescue” and the Boy Scouts, Venturing Crew 313 will be just some of the organizations that receive 100% of the money raised.

The Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee will be held on Saturday, September 20th from 10 to 5pm at our home in Macedon on 20 acres with 10 acres dedicated to off road parking. (NO Parking permitted on the street due to safety.)


We have doubled the parking lot and guarantee solid ground to drive on! Look for the great volunteers from the Palmyra Macedon Rotary who will be directing traffic. (see map below with directions- we are EASY to find!!!) Again- this is a benefit and the parking is $5. 100% OF THAT MONEY goes right back into helping the community. The Rotary has over 20 volunteers who work ALL day to earn this money and then they turn around and re-invest that in t.


There is a $1 entrance fee to the Barn Sale & Junk Jubilee, and again 100% OF THAT MONEY will go the charitable organization called Joyful Rescues.

All 80 vendors will be donating a creation- and raffles will be held every hour on the hour this year! We will be sharing a FREE printable Raffle Ticket here on Facebook and our website as we get closer to the event. The Purple Painted Lady will be giving away a quart of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and a tin of wax and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint (alternating) every hour too!~ Look for the “Raffle Booth” which will be located near the entrance to the sale this year! We have the Boy Scouts, Venturing Crew 313 managing the raffle- and all sales from raffle tickets will go directly to their troop.

We will have a chicken dinner barbeque, wineries, a micro-brewery, farmer’s market and an incredible selection of artists joining us to make this day amazing for you!


Again – this event is happening at my home on Saturday, September 20th from 10 to 5 at my HOME – located at 845 Yellow Mills Road, Palmyra NY 14522.

Just a reminder that everyone get’s ONE FREE raffle ticket and since EVERY artist has donated something – you can inexpensively buy more raffle tickets there too!

Barn Sale 2014 Directions with curve in road


If interested in being a vendor (sorry – no jewelry vendors needed) – please email Trish at and note in subject title, “I want to be a 2014 Barn Sale Vendor.” Include all of your contact information and your Business name in the email! Photos of what you create is required too! We will fill up and close out accepting artists around June!

Thanks so much!

Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale house

Why Buy Chalk Paint® From The Purple Painted Lady?

Click HERE to access our on-line store to buy Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint or Artisan Enhancements products.

If you are considering ordering any of the above products on-line- here are 5 attributes that set The Purple Painted Lady apart from other options.

1. Our Level of Customer Service:
If you are a customer of ours…..when it comes to customer service- The Purple Painted Lady will go above and beyond.
That means if you have a question in the middle of your project, something is not turning out the way you expected it to or are looking for some advice on how to approach your project- all you need to do is call me! Yep, that’s right! By purchasing from The Purple Painted Lady- you get a “Chalk Paint® Concierge” if you will! Or- if you are using any other product that we sell- do not hesitate to contact me for help.

Just type my digits into your phone- and voila- you get a real person to talk to. (And yes- it will probably be me, Trish ~ The Purple Painted Lady!) 585.750.6056 My phone number is also noted on every piece of paper that accompanies your package to make it easy for you to find my contact information. (did you ever order something from a place and then you get it- and there is no contact information included on anything? That so annoys me. Thus why my phone number is on everything!)

And- since it seems many of our customers have “9-5 jobs” and are evening or weekend warriors- the probability of you having a problem after most shops are closed for the day can be pretty high. Since you cannot tell your wet paint to “hold on” and wait till the following day to dry till you can speak to someone – having a source that offers customer service that is almost 24X7 can be pretty helpful. (I do ask however, that if it is after 10pm Eastern Time, please email or text me) But by placing your order through me- The Purple Painted Lady, all you need to do is give me a call and mention your order number (and yes- I do check my ordering system) At that point- I am all yours! 585.750.6056

2. The Purple Painted Lady Always Has EVERYTHING In Stock:
In one of my past lives- I was a software consultant for a Supply Chain company. What does “Supply Chain” mean? Basically, it means the management of goods through the whole cycle from distributor to you, the end customer. You want this flow to move without stops or bottlenecks or more importantly, delays! My focus in this past life was to help Fortune 500 companies (like Cisco, Subaru, Dell Computers, HP, Canadian Department of Defense to name a few) strategically forecast so they always had the right part in stock. I took this experience and apply it to how I run my business and manage inventory. But what does this mean to you? (see Item 3 Below)

3. SAME DAY Shipping:
If you place an order- be confident in knowing that The Purple Painted Lady has everything in stock! What does this mean in the end? With the team we have in place- your order ships the same day as you placed it. (note however, this is as long as your order came in before UPS picked up our packages)

4. Awesome Instructions Are Included With Your Products:
Have you ever ordered product from a business and are all excited to receive it, then your package arrives and all that is in it is a quart of paint. You ask yourself, “what do i do now?” Well, when purchasing through The Purple Painted Lady every package goes out with 2 page instructions on the products you just bought. Why do we do this? Because the money you spend on your order- you worked hard for. We want you to get every single ounce of fabulous functionality out of the products we ship to you. We also want you to use the product correctly the FIRST time you try them!

5. We Offer The Lowest Flat Rate Shipping!:
Our low, flat rate shipping costs are strategically based on the amount of money you spend- NOT the weight or the distance between you and I. That means if you are 2 towns away or 15 states away- the shipping is the same. And just an FYI- the UPS cost you pay- is LESS than what our discounted rate is. I guarantee our shipping is the most competitive! (See chart below)

Vista Print 2014 Colorful LOGO FLAT RATE SHIPPING COST

We are all committed to servicing you. Orders come through, but we all work hard and know that you do too. We do not take it lightly that you chose us to do business with. In fact, we are honored that you did so.

So, we hope you consider all of the above when choosing a website …a business to order your product through.

Thanks again,

The Purple Painted LadyImage of Tricia ME

Do Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Tired?

Do your cabinets look tired?
OR, are you tired of your cabinets?

The easy, affordable and beautiful solution is to paint them using Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan…the “No Stripping, No Sanding, No Priming” “World’s Best Paint!”
PicMonkey Collage The Purple Painted Lady Painted Caninets susan Old White

If interested in painting your cabinets but are afraid to- please don’t be. All of us at The Purple Painted Lady are here to help you through your project.

Check out the amazing transformation that my customer Marian Harrison completed in her kitchen. Between the two Before & After photos, nothing changed, other than the cabinets were painted and waxed.


purple painted lady chalk paint

Amazing transformation, yes? I think so!

Many customers want to paint their kitchens but have questions, such as:

* What prep is there when painting a kitchen?

ANSWER: Before painting, it is necessary to clean your cabinets. When you cook, fry, broil or boil whatever you are making, even with a fan- steam goes into the air. It eventually settles on your cabinets. If you have children or a dog, who knows what else might be stuck to them. Get some Odorless Mineral Spirits and wipe down the cabinets using a rag or even a ScotchBrite Scrubbie. Note that the image of the Mineral Spirits shows different packaging that is available. The key thing here is to purchase the regular Odorless Mineral Spirits. NOT the environmentally green Mineral Spirits which is shown in the white packaging in the right of the photo. Mineral Spirits The Purple Painted Lady - Green vs Odorless regular

* Will the Chalk Paint adhere to the sides of my cabinets, they are made of a laminate material?
ANSWER: YES! You do not need to do any additional prep- but if you feel more comfortable doing a light sanding using 200 grit sandpaper- you can. I however, have painted many laminated cabinets and have never sanded them.

* I have old cabinets and the protective top coat is worn, especially around the hardware. Is there anything I should do?
ANSWER: YES! You will most likely need to apply shellac to your doors. Shellac is a “sealer.” that means it seals in the surface – preventing stain or wood tannins from bleeding through to the paint.

We prefer the clear Zinsser shellac. Again, note that shellac is a sealer so it will seal the surface preventing stain or wood tannins from bleeding through your new paint. I recommend getting the quart of shellac and using a rag, wipe down all the doors and the cabinet frame just like you would wipe down your kitchen table when you clean it. You want the rag moist but not dripping. I cover the whole cabinet in a linear fashion, making sure to NOT miss any spot and to catch the edges also!

Spraying the shellac using an aerosol can is also an option. I have done this many times. On a small job this is good, but remember to spray 2 coats. Aerosol cans of shellac will cost more than buying the quart, so for large jobs- I recommend the quart.
Kitchen Cabinets shellac Zinsser

Zinsser shellac comes in quarts and aerosol containers. If you have a well ventilated space and take your doors down- you can use the spray, but I feel the quart and a rag will give you better coverage. I usually will do 2 coats.

If you already started painting and did not shellac prior, and then realize that you are getting bleeding- you can still apply the shellac. Just allow the paint to dry thoroughly and then apply the shellac. when to use shellac on kitchen cabinets bleed tannin

* Do I have to take the doors off to paint using Chalk Paint?

ANSWER: NO…you can leave the doors hinged and on the cabinets when painting. Many do this! However, when I am painting a kitchen- I typically take the doors off and will number them. I then lay them down flat and process them a bit like a production line. If you choose to paint them while they are hanging and plan on painting the hinges, just lightly dry brush the hinges so they are not “caked” with paint.
Raw Cabinets

* How do I calculate how much paint I need?

ANSWER: I will take a piece of paper and make a drawing of the kitchen layout. Literally drawing out the each section of cabinets. I then note the height, width and depth of the cabinets. You need these measurements in order to determine the square footage.

Calculating the square footage is very easy. For each section, multiply the height times the width. The result is your square footage for that section.

Once you have this initial number- understand that this would be for only one coat of paint. A typical kitchen project will take 2 coats. Sometimes, even 3 coats of paint depending on the color you select and the color of your cabinets.

Because you will probably need 2 coats of paint- you will need to double your square footage in the end. Also- don’t forget to paint the underside of your top cabinets. This is the part that is directly over your counter top. And- are you planning on painting the inside of the door? If yes, (and most do) account for that in your total.

A quart of Chalk Paint® will roughly cover about 150 square feet. So take your total amount of square footage and divide by 150. The number from this calculation will be how many quarts of paint you need. And always error on the side of an additional quart so you have enough for your project.
Old Ochre Cabinet with name

* I want durability- will this paint work?

ANSWER: Yes! Chalk Paint® is extremely durable and when you finish the paint with the wax- it becomes even harder. Something I suggest to my “kitchen Cabinet” painting customers is to apply a uniform – thin even coat of paint and then wait 24 hours before painting the second coat. There is a lot of science that goes into paint products in general. In the first 24 hours- the paint will really bear down and tighten its grip to the surface. I was once told to think of the paint molecules as floating around with space between them, then as it dries over that first 24 hours- the space between them gets smaller and the paint gets tighter against the surface. Allow science to do its thing and for the first coat of paint to have 24 hours.

* What is the process when it comes to painting cabinets using Chalk Paint®?

ANSWER: If you are looking for texture, use the Chalk Paint® directly from the quart in the consistency it is made in. However, if you are looking for a more traditional smooth finish, consider applying your first coat directly from the quart. Once the first coat is dry, pour some of your Chalk Paint® into another container and add some water to thin it. I would say add about 10 to 15% water in comparison to your paint. Use a cheap measuring cup so you can easily reproduce this thinned mixture. Apply your second coat of pant with this thinned Chalk Paint®. This will allow to get a smoother finish and it will even stretch your paint a bit.
The Purple Painted Lady apply chalk paint thinned with water to cabinets during second coat kitchen bathroom

* Can I paint the cabinets outside in my garage?

ANSWER: Maybe! You should only paint pieces, cabinets or any furniture for that matter if it is at room temperature consistently. The same goes for all of your paint products. Never let them freeze or sit in a 100 degree garage. Temperature will effect your products. This recommendation applies to even while they are drying, curing and the time in between!

A space heater is not adequate and definitely not sufficient if only being used while you are in the workspace.

The best thing to do – is set up a painting area in the house where you know the temperatures will be within normal range consistently and that there will not be any excessive dust.

* Should I paint the inside of the cabinets?

The answer to that is really totally up to you. I always paint the back of the door, but not always do we paint inside the cabinet box. It will add more time and cost to the project and many people are fine with leaving them as is…so consider what is best for you. Consider though when it comes to the resale of your home- having the inside of your cabinets finished nicely is a plus!

* What type of brush should I use?

We recommend using a natural bristle brush. Annie Sloan has amazing brushes available-but I still like to use a 1.5 inch Purdy brush that has an angled brush. These are very nice if you are “cutting” an edge.

* How many coats of wax do you recommend?

I always apply two coats of wax on cabinets that I am doing. Three if I need to add a dark wax glaze.

Here is some additional high level information / steps to reference if planning on doing your kitchen.

Lastly- please consider using The Purple Painted Lady if needing to purchase your chalk paint on-line.

Kitchen Cab ReFAB workshop Facebook 2014

The Purple Painted Lady Kitchen BEFORE AFTER SUsan Old White 1

The Purple Painted Lady Kitchen BEFORE AFTER SUsan Old White 2
The Purple Painted Lady Kitchen BEFORE AFTER SUsan Old White 3

FREE Hands On Chalk Paint Demo THIS Saturday, Jan. 25th at our Macedon location!

FREE Hands On Chalk Paint Demo THIS Saturday, Jan. 25th at our Macedon location!

Have you wanted to learn about Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan?

Come and watch, listen and then help me paint a dresser!

Paint demo happens at NOON!

We are located at 77 West Main Street in the village of Macedon.
We have plenty of parking around back of our building!

And……we have some guest vendors that will be joining me too from 11- 3pm.

Indigo Moon Fibers
Indigo Moon Fibers- March 16

The Griffen Bakery
griffen bakery

K. Higgins & Co.
K Higgins

The Traveling Vineyard (Wine Tastings)

Critters 3D
Critters 3D

Betty Lou Designs
Betty Lou Designs

Sweet Pea Felts
Sweet Pea Felts

WANT TO PLACE AN ON LINE ORDER WITH The Purple Painted Lady? Jan. 6th

WANT TO PLACE AN ORDER WITH The Purple Painted Lady?

We are implementing an amazing NEW shopping cart software on our website this week- with a GO LIVE of 1/13/14- during this transition period- if you have any difficulty with the old shopping cart- please, just CALL ME!


I will take your order over the phone and & we are adding surprises to packages just as a consolation of this extra step!

OR – feel free to email your order of the items you would like, ship to address and your phone number – then when you call- I will have your total ready! Email me at and label your email “Order to be placed!.” Thanks!!!!

French Gilding Wax – How I like to apply it (VIDEO)

I like to say that French Gilding Wax is a great way to “Ohh La La” with minimal “Mooh La La!” I know that is a bit cheeky, but it is true.

Are you impatient like me- skip reading my post and go straight to the GILDING WAX VIDEO – CLICK HERE

The Purple Painted Lady sells French Gilding Wax here on-line HERE and in our Macedon and Solvay locations.

French Gilding Wax adds sparkle to your projects. Gilding waxes are the closest thing to the look of real gold leaf but are infinitely easier to apply and come in 6 stunningly beautiful colors. We have Renaissance Gold, Empire Gold, King Gold, Copper, Silver, and Pewter/Tin available. You can mix the French Gilding Wax for a multitude of color variations like Platinum and Gold Leaf.

Here is my “HOW TO” to suing French Gilding Wax:

Most importantly- Gilding Wax is used LAST in the sense of project’s process.

I like to use the analogy of decorating a cake. You add the pretty roses to it after you are done frosting. You do not re-frost your cake after adding roses. This same example applies to the Gilding Wax. After you have painted, distressed, waxed- then add your Gilding!

Gilding Wax is easy and fun to use. It adds a little sparkle to any project, no matter if it is humble or grand. It is perfect to emphasis detail of a piece, especially if it is ornate. But even using it in a subtle way on a simple cabinet, cam really add a little drama!

Duck Egg blue Primer Red Cabinet display Close Up

No fancy tool, I just literally opened the top of the 30 ml glass container and using my finger- lightly touched the creamy Gilding Wax. It has a smooth-silky feel to it! Very luscious. The reason I like to apply Gilding Wax using my pinkie or index finger is because I can gauge exactly where it is being placed. I have better control using my finger. I only put a VERY SMALL amount in a small spot on my finger since I do not want to be sloppy and get the Gilding Wax in an area- that I did not intend for it to be.


However, if it does get on an area where it should not be use a little of Annie’s Clear Wax on a rag and wipe off the extra gilding- this works like a charm! OR…worse case scenario….use a very little amount of mineral spirits on a Q-tip and lightly touch the area and wipe. Note though- mineral spirits effects ALL wax so you want to make sure you have minimal on your Q-tip or it will effect your wax finish. (I hope that makes sense)

By dipping a small brush 1” or 2” brush into mineral spirits wiping the excess on a paper towel, then dipping into the wax you can create a beautiful metallic glaze for your entire piece.

Mixing the gilding waxes together allows you a larger range of colors in which to make your piece unique. Try mixing Silver and Brass or Empire for an exceptional platinum color.

Now – to contradict the “finger” application noted above – another great way to use the French Gilding Wax is by taking a a little mineral spirits, placing it in another container and add a little Mineral Spirits to it. By doing this, you create a metallic glaze that you can use a brush to gently apply to your painted pieces. Use the Gilding glaze strategically or all over- either way- you will love it!

I was playing around the other day with a sample board at the shop. First I painted it with Antoinette Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan and then – while it was still wet- wiped a good amount of the Chalk Paint™ off. Not sure why I chose to do that- but I did.

Although the washed off sample board had a simple look- I still thought it was pretty. But then I realized how much nicer it would be by applying a little French Gilding Wax.

Immediately I realized how the French Gilding Wax transformed something that was simple & pretty- to something that was haute & exquisite.

French Gilding Wax is so easy to use!

Using my pointer finger, I rubbed some of the Empire Gold Gilding Wax to my sample board…and WOW! The areas I wanted to accentuate- danced with luster. The French Gilding Wax was incredibly easy to use and I immediately started to think of all the projects I plan on using this with.

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Old White dresser Before and after

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