Annie Sloan’s Lacquer on Outside Projects

Annie Sloan is dedicated to helping you make your house a home! Even, outside in the yard and garden.

First and foremost- here are FOUR of the most IMPORTANT tips we can share if using either Gloss Lacquer or Matte Lacquer on outside projects:

  1. Wait 14 days after applying your last coat of either Annie’s Gloss Lacquer or Matte Lacquer BEFORE putting your finished items out in the direct elements of Mother Nature.
  2. Make sure when using either Gloss Lacquer or Matte Lacquer on a piece of furniture or whatever you are coating, that you completely coat 100% of it. Meaning, even the bottom of the feet or if a table, the side that faces the ground.
  3. When using Annie’s Lacquer over dark colored Chalk Paint, always use Annie’s Gloss Lacquer or apply it first before using her Matte Lacquer . The reason is that the flattening agents in the Matte Lacquer can leave a white, hazey, cloud like appearance.
  4. Annie’s Gloss Lacquer is more robust and is better for outside projects.

Annie recently shared that using Chalk Paint® outdoors is incredibly easy. Read this blog and learn all you need to know to ensure your garden Chalk Paint® projects stay colourful and cheerful for years to come! Annie made a video for you to enjoy at the end!

  • Do use Chalk Paint® outdoors. It’s one of the things I’m most frequently asked, and the answer is yes! You can use Chalk Paint® outdoors.
  • In the North East of the USA however, make sure to use it when there will be weeks ahead of you of warmer weather versus in late fall. You want the sun to be able to have time to “bake” and cure your piece.
  • Don’t sand! As with using Chalk Paint® indoors, there is no need to prep or prime your outdoor furniture.
  • Do remove old peeling paint or rust. You will be able to paint over these…but if you don’t get rid of them they will continue peeling under your Chalk Paint® – and will eventually flake off, taking your lovely new paint job with them! Rust may even show through, so best to tackle it head on.
  • Do wipe away any cobwebs or dirt, pop open your Chalk Paint® tin and get stuck straight into the fun part.
  • Do know when to Lacquer and when to not. Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® Lacquer is your garden furnitures’ best defence against UV rays, fading paint colour, and peeling paint caused by water damage.
  • Do Lacquer: Garden furniture – anything which will be touched a lot, sat on, or has a horizontal surface which will collect water or fade in bright sunlight needs to be protected with Chalk Paint® Lacquer to ensure paint won’t transfer, peel or fade.
  • Don’t Lacquer: Vertical surfaces – shed walls, fencing, and brickwork are all a) porous (making them IDEAL Chalk Paint® surfaces) and b) vertical facing. This means they are much less prone to the key causes of outdoor damage – UV rays and standing water. Twin enemies of garden furniture!
  • Do use two coats of Lacquer! Apply two thin coats or more of Chalk Paint® Lacquer so you can be sure the entire painted piece is fully protected to prevent any water ingress. Note that curing time for maximum protection occurs over 14 days. See out Fact Sheet here for more info.
  • Do check the weather forecast! Rain will wash away Chalk Paint® and compromise the Lacquer if either hasn’t dried sufficiently before being exposed to water.
  • Don’t use any of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® Wax on outdoor projects.
  • Do play with bright colours – being bold is easier outdoors and adds some fun and whimsy….and let’s face it, right now – we need it!
  • Do seal outdoor metal furniture that has rust with Rust-Oleum® Clean Metal Primer before painting or using Lacquer.

If you’re in need of some extra confidence boosting before you commit paint to brush and brush to furniture – watch Annie’s quick video on using her Lacquer   on a metal garden chair here.

The Purple Painted Lady is going to be painting the outside brick of her Macedon, NY location in June using Chalk Paint® . Follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram to watch!


Although our store fronts are closed for walk in shopping……we are shipping online orders! To purchase online – CLICK HERE!

We always encourage you to visit your local Chalk Paint® stockist…but if you are stuck at home and do not have anyone local… The Purple Painted Lady is here to help and we are shipping! Please just place your order online and we will ship it out ASAP! In fact, if you place an order- be confident in knowing that The Purple Painted Lady has everything in stock! What does this mean in the end? With the team we have in place- your order ships the out via USPS or UPS the same day you place it – Monday through Saturday. (note however, this is as long as your order came in before 3pm EASTERN TIME, because UPS picks up our packages around 3:30pm)

To purchase online – CLICK HERE!

Please follow the recommendations being directed by local, state and federal government to flatten this curve! Stay home, be safe and paint on!



Painting Your Stone or Tile Backsplash using Chalk Paint

Danielle Dreyer of Rochester, NY Transformed her kitchen backsplash that she was really…really not on love with using Chalk Paint ® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan in Pure. But now…..she loves her kitchen now!

Danielle has been painting with Annie Sloan Paint for a few years. You might recall the Amsterdam green bathroom vanity she completed a month ago.

As a young mom and an entrepreneur (doodle & jack ) ….a clothing line for littles, she loves the colors in the Annie Sloan suite and the ease of use with minimal prep since she does not have much free time.

Here are some BEFORE and AFTER photos of her kitchen backsplash that she painted with Annie Sloan. First…the AFTER photo because it looks so good!

And here is her kitchen BEFORE.

If wanting to paint your tile, the first thing to do is clean your tile well using Krud Kutter. Make sure to follow up after cleaning the tiles with a new rag with fresh water. You want to rinse away any remaining cleaner.

COVID-19 ……yes, we are here to help supply your paint therapy.

Depending on where you are located on this planet- unless you are hiding under a rock, you have become well versed on COVID-19 . In the midst of the reactions from panic, fear to utter chaos from the shutdowns, cancellations and possible quarantines….planning ahead is always helpful. In my area of western NY, literally, there is no toilet paper available to purchase…… anywhere! None at WalMart, Target, Wegmans, Tops, Lowes, Home Depot, etc….. What is up with buying out cases and cases of toilet paper? It is like people think it is made in China and importing it will stop. I am curious, is this happening in your area too? I find it crazy that it seems like toilet paper is what everyone is buying…versus food, water, or how about cold medicine…..heck, what about Chalk Paint®?

Lucky for me, I have cases of toilet paper leftover from the annual art festival that we host every September……and I have cases of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan!

So, plan ahead and go visit your local stockist and pick up a can of your favorite color, or try a new color like Oxford Navy or Lem Lem. If you do not have a local stockist and would like to use The Purple Painted Lady as a resource – we are here, fully stocked and ready to support and help you with any questions you might have with a painting project! If you place your order before 3pm Eastern time Monday through Friday, we will pack and get your package out that same day. And depending on where you are located, you should have it within 2 – 3 business days.

So, the moral of this story, is to buy stock in the toilet paper companies, if you see some tp on a shelf at a store, buy it to sell on the black market….and don’t forget to order your Chalk Paint® so while you are home – hopefully waiting out this global issue, you can still be creative and productive!

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Trish Turned the BIG 5.0.

This may be a “TMI” blog post……but I turned 50 a little over a week ago. Yep, I did …and there….. I said it! LOL I think whenever each of us is blessed to graduate from one decade to the next it brings a range of emotion. Hopefully all are good, but for me …there is always a little tinge of a melancholy – emotional farewell.

I remember when I became a teenager…I was sad because it meant I was no longer a “kid.” Here I am today and feel anyone younger than 40 is just a “kid.” I guess it is all in your perspective and I will probably feel anyone who is 50 is just a kid, if I hopefully make it to 70 or 80…or heck….90!

My last year, being 49 was a great year for me in all senses, professionally and personally. I accomplished some very cool goals with my business, managed a bunch of overwhelming tasks that truthfully, I think some would have crumbled under the pressure and personally, focused on my health and close relationships.

My dad passed away from cancer a week and half before my 12th birthday in 1982. He was only 47. He was a wonderful man and every year on my birthday…of course, I think about him. But breaking past the milestone of 47 meant alot to me. But there was something about turning 50 with the goal to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure that was super important to me. Many have never struggled with their health and that is a blessing for them!

For me…it was not quite a straight path but I am really proud to say, that I did it! I saw this sign that says, “Success is never owned. It is only rented, and the rent is due every day.” This is true for all aspects of life or any goal you might have in business, relationships and health. I would like to think I pay a little rent every day with the choices I have made and continue to make and my daily decisions. It is not always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

And although this post is not related to paint, or a “how to”….I do feel that “The Purple Painted Lady” is little more than a paint resource to many people and even if we have not met face to face…..we are friends. So, here is just glimpse into one of the millions of thoughts bouncing around in my head at any one minute. LOL

If you are reading this…I just want to thank you for being part of the extended Purple Painted Lady Family!

XO~ Trish, The Purple Painted Lady 💜

Tricia, Kuntz, The Purple Painted Lady

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