Mini Wax Pots by Annie Sloan (4.22 ounces for $15)

Mini Wax Pots by Annie Sloan?!

Yes, in deed! And aren’t they beautiful!

The Purple Painted Lady mini wax pots 500 ml 422 ounce with 500 ml Chalk Paint annie sloan

And they’re coming to The Purple Painted Lady on December 19th!
Mini Wax Pots will be available in both Clear and Dark Wax. They are 4.22 ounces (about the same size as the sample pots of paint) and will be for sale at $15/pot!

Perfect for those looking to test the waters using wax- or you just want a little dark wax. We are taking pre-orders, but note that your whole order will WAIT to ship together once the mini wax pots arrive! And just in time for the holidays too!

Would you like to pre-order a mini wax pot -visit HERE!
The Purple Painted Lady Annie Sloan 422 Wax Sample Pot

The Purple Painted Lady (that’s me!) sells chalk paint® in three of her locations through out western NY and also- via her on-line store/website!

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Here is a little post about what I mean when it comes to customer service and what you should expect from us – click HERE.

Thanks so much!

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