Making “Brown” with Chalk Paint®

We have had a lot people asking for a “brown” when it comes to Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.


Annie has a color called Coco in her suite of 32 colors, but Coco is more like a latte.  It is similar to Annie’s color French Linen, but is more brown or chocolaty versus French Linen – which has a bit of grey to it.  Coco is softer color compared to a traditional dark brown.:

Coco Sample Board - Copy


So, if you are wanting a traditional darker brown- there is not one in the original 32 colors.

First, we always recommend to customers to reference Annie’s book called color recipes for painted furniture and more.  Don’t have that book?  Just click on the title above and it will launch you to the shopping cart.  It is a great investment just for chapter 1 alone. (and there are 5 more chapters!)Colour recipe book

Chapter 1 goes into detail about color theory and mixing colors.  Annie shows examples mixing her paint and explaining what the outcome will be and why.  It is really helpful in understanding Annie’s Chalk Paint® and how to create endless other colors.  We suggest to consider purchasing this book if you do not already have it and to experiment with your colors.  It does not take much paint at all.  I usually dip a finger tip into the paint and mix colors on some card stock.

Here is one option that we played with recently.  We mixed almost equal amounts of Graphite and Barcelona Orange.  (we added slightly more Graphite to the mix)

The Purple Painted Lady Brown Graphite Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint Recipe

Another great option to play with color to get you going in the right direction, before buying paint- is the virtual Paint Mixer Tool. This tool is not an accurate, exact representation of an outcome- but mathematically it is pretty darn close. Your monitor quality does play into that equation. And just remember though- nothing compares to working with your local stockist and playing with real Chalk Paint®. With all that said…I hope you have fun using this Paint Mixer!  Just click HERE to try the mixer.


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