Using Chalk Paint® Over Wallpaper that You Dislike

No photos to show on this, but wanted to share some information on if can you paint Chalk Paint® over wallpaper?

Yes, you can use Chalk Paint® over wallpaper BUT……..

9Again)……But…….. the most important factor to consider though was if your wallpaper was sized properly when it was first hung. You would not want to paint the wallpaper- have the chalk paint moisten it and then have the wallpaper fall off the wall.

So, if you want to paint wallpaper- I would also recommend that you apply one or two coats of Shieldz Wallpaper Primer first. The Shieldz Wallpaper Primer will act as a moisture barrier so that the wallpaper does not become saturated and loose by the Chalk Paint®. It will also block any inks used to print the wallpaper from bleeding through into the new paint layers.

I would STRONGLY suggest doing a “test” area in the most inconspicuous spot in the room because we cannot guarantee that this will not cause an issue with your wallpaper (that is a disclaimer in case we were subtle). And then — be prepared for if it does not work – to take on the project of stripping the wallpaper! I get that removing wall paper is not fun. In fact- if it was not put up properly- removing it can even ruin your drywall….but in the end, you may have to bite the bullet.

Lastly, always ask yourself if what you are doing could impact the resale value of your home if you were going to sell it. : )


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