Trish Turned the BIG 5.0.

This may be a “TMI” blog post……but I turned 50 a little over a week ago. Yep, I did …and there….. I said it! LOL I think whenever each of us is blessed to graduate from one decade to the next it brings a range of emotion. Hopefully all are good, but for me …there is always a little tinge of a melancholy – emotional farewell.

I remember when I became a teenager…I was sad because it meant I was no longer a “kid.” Here I am today and feel anyone younger than 40 is just a “kid.” I guess it is all in your perspective and I will probably feel anyone who is 50 is just a kid, if I hopefully make it to 70 or 80…or heck….90!

My last year, being 49 was a great year for me in all senses, professionally and personally. I accomplished some very cool goals with my business, managed a bunch of overwhelming tasks that truthfully, I think some would have crumbled under the pressure and personally, focused on my health and close relationships.

My dad passed away from cancer a week and half before my 12th birthday in 1982. He was only 47. He was a wonderful man and every year on my birthday…of course, I think about him. But breaking past the milestone of 47 meant alot to me. But there was something about turning 50 with the goal to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure that was super important to me. Many have never struggled with their health and that is a blessing for them!

For me…it was not quite a straight path but I am really proud to say, that I did it! I saw this sign that says, “Success is never owned. It is only rented, and the rent is due every day.” This is true for all aspects of life or any goal you might have in business, relationships and health. I would like to think I pay a little rent every day with the choices I have made and continue to make and my daily decisions. It is not always easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

And although this post is not related to paint, or a “how to”….I do feel that “The Purple Painted Lady” is little more than a paint resource to many people and even if we have not met face to face…..we are friends. So, here is just glimpse into one of the millions of thoughts bouncing around in my head at any one minute. LOL

If you are reading this…I just want to thank you for being part of the extended Purple Painted Lady Family!

XO~ Trish, The Purple Painted Lady 💜

Tricia, Kuntz, The Purple Painted Lady

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