Painting Your Stone or Tile Backsplash using Chalk Paint

Danielle Dreyer of Rochester, NY Transformed her kitchen backsplash that she was really…really not on love with using Chalk Paint ® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan in Pure. But now…..she loves her kitchen now!

Danielle has been painting with Annie Sloan Paint for a few years. You might recall she painted her bathroom vanity in Chalk Paint® – in the color Amsterdam Green.

As a young mom and an entrepreneur (doodle & jack ) ….a clothing line for littles, she loves the colors in the Annie Sloan suite and the ease of use with minimal prep since she does not have much free time. So, since she has wanted to change the backsplash in her kitchen but just has not had the time to take on that size of a project- she decided to paint the tile using Annie Sloan.

Here are some BEFORE and AFTER photos of her kitchen backsplash that she painted with Annie Sloan. First…the AFTER photo because it looks so good!

And here is her kitchen BEFORE.

Step 1. It is not necessary, but you can scuff the tile with an 80 grit sandpaper if you feel they are super smooth. Follow up by cleaning your tile well using Krud Kutter. Make sure to follow up after cleaning the tiles with a new rag with fresh water because you want to rinse away any remaining cleaner. Then use painters tape and block off any areas you do not want Chalk Paint® to accidentally get on. I would personally cover the counters too. Use what you have, gift wrap paper? Newspaper? Wax Paper? Brown Bags? It does not matter, but it will help prevent any little splatter of getting on them.

Step 2. PAINT

Pick out your paint color. Then pour some into a smaller container. I recommend adding some water to your Chalk Paint® to thin it. You do not want it soupy, but I would add about 20% water to it. What does that mean? If you have one cup if paint, add a little less than 1/4 cup of water to it and mix it in really well. You want the first coat a little thinner. Make sure you get thorough coverage. Then, allow 24 hours before applying a second coat. Please do not try to scratch it off, because you will be successful. Paint takes time to cure and really adhere- so give it the time it needs to do that. You can thin the paint on your second application also if it is easier for you to use. When you thin the paint with a little water it will flow more off the bristles off your brush and should give you a smoother finish too.

Step 3. Top Coat?

There are different options and depending on where the tile is that you painted and the color paint you used, your choice will vary. In some cases- although Chalk Paint® is a matte, flat finish by itself- you may choose to not top coat.

If you are painting your kitchen backsplash and using a “White” colored Chalk Paint® I would recommend sealing the paint with either Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish. In general though- the other topcoats are Artisan Enhancements Top Coat Sealer or Annie Sloan’s Lacquer.


If you are painting around a fireplace or gas insert, every state, county or Parrish may have different code ordinances. We cannot tell you what to use not guide you since we do not specifics to your project or where you live. However, some people have used Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish over “white” colored Chalk Paint® since it will not amber or yellow. Clear Finish comes in different sheens. If you are not using a “white” colored Chalk Paint® and want more a matte finish, then select the matte sheen Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat Sealer.

Another option is using Annie’s Lacquer. It comes in both a Matte or a Gloss. There are caveats and important tips to be aware of- and you can read them HERE.

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