Florence over Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

I saw this photo in a magazine and completely fell in love with the color combination. I know I wrote a post about this in the past, for the life of me- I cannot find it on my website. And since I just a call from a local customer asking about it- I thought I would repost it quickly!

What makes this piece so pretty is the color combination. First, the piece was painted in Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

After one or two solid coats of the Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan , I would recommend applying an application of Annie’s Clear Chalk Paint Wax. You want to put the wax on and then, immediately remove the excess. I like to use a wax brush and feel that it gives you a better application, but if you are on a budget or plan on only doing one project, use some Scott Shop Towels or lint free rags instead.

After you have applied the wax, I would wait till the following day and apply a coat (or two) of Florence Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. Florence is a beautiful color! According to Annie, Florence was ” inspired by the colors of the copper green mineral and semi-precious stone, malachite, and from the same family of stones as azurite and turquoise. In the 17th and 18th century it was used as a color made with verdigris but as it is a very fugitive color turning black with time so we are not aware of how it was used on woodwork in many houses. It is a classical color found in classical Italian furniture.”

After you have one or two thorough coats of the Florence Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan then take a lightly moisten wash cloth or baby wipe and squeeze to remove ALL EXCESS moisture! You do not want any water dripping down your piece. Use the moisten towel like you would sandpaper. Gently rub the surface in the direction you want to “distress.” Keep in mind, distressing is usually heaviest in the corner and lighter as you move away. Below is a close up of a buffet that I did this technique on.

Once you have it looking the way you want, then- seal it again using a coat or two of Annie’s Clear Chalk Paint Wax.

I hope you give this combination a try. It is really pretty when you have detail to show off.


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