The Purple Painted Lady Video Channel- First Live Video Show

I have always wanted to be on TV…and well, I guess a live stream on YouTube is the next closest thing.

As many of you know- I entertain your emails written to “Dear Purple Painted Lady.” Questions on “how to” or issues and problems you are having are the majority of what I receive when it comes to painting furniture or creating a mural. So, I have decided to take our emailing correspondence to the next level and host a weekly YouTube channel where we will talk about those issues. You can email me at with painting questions when it comes to murals or decorative furniture.

If you are selected to be on the broadcast via phone or if I reference an email you sent me – you shall receive a gift certificate to be used at The Purple Painted Lady on-line store!

Our first LIVE broadcast will be on Wednesday, December 5th at 9pm EST. Stay tuned because I will be posting a link here to access the live stream!

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