French Gilding Wax- Adding Ooh-la-la For Minimal Moola-la!

I was playing around the other day with a sample board at the shop. First I painted it with Antoinette Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan and then – while it was still wet- wiped a good amount of the Chalk Paint® off. Not sure why I chose to do that- but I did.

Although the washed off sample board had a simple look- I still thought it was pretty. But then I realized how much nicer it would be by applying a little French Gilding Wax.

Immediately I realized how the French Gilding Wax transformed something that was simple & pretty- to something that was haute & exquisite. It made me think, “French Gilding Wax- Adding Ooh-la-la- for minimal Moola-la!” ..and thus, this post began to unfold. Click HERE to see all of the Gilding available on our website.

French Gilding Wax is so easy to use! No fancy tool, just literally opened the top of the 30 ml glass container and using my finger- lightly touched the creamy Gilding Wax. It has a smooth-silky feel to it! Very luscious.

Using my pointer finger, I rubbed some of the Empire Gold Gilding Wax to my sample board…and WOW! The areas I wanted to accentuate- danced with luster. The French Gilding Wax was incredibly easy to use and I immediately started to think of all the projects I plan on using this with.

Click HERE to see a quick VIDEO showing me using Gilding Wax.

Then CLICK HERE to read another post with more examples that I used Gilding Wax on.

The Purple Painted Lady carries quite a few different colored French Gilding Wax colors. By clicking on the name of the gilding wax below, it will launch you to the item in my on-line shopping cart. French Gilding Wax is sold for $21.95 per container.:

Renaissance Gold

This gilding wax is the darkest of them all. It has a slight copper tone to it- definitely more red within this gold compared to King’s Gold or Empire Gold.

King’s Gold

In the spectrum of gilding wax- this color is not as deep as the Renaissance- but not as pale as the Empire Gold. If I was Goldy Lock’s – I guess I could say this one is just right.

Empire Gold

Empire Gold is more of a pale gold…softer and toned down compared to the King’s or Renaissance.


This is self-explanatory. Perfect compliment for a cool metallic, versus going with a warm gold.

Again, the French Gilding Wax is a beautiful way to accent a piece by either kissing just the corners of your piece with it or going all out and using it as a trim. The degree of icing is totally up to you.
So, what do you think about French Gilding Wax? Would you like to try it?

Here is another example of using the Pewter Tim Gilding:

the purple painted lady Leslie Pewter Gilding Graphite

The dresser above was done by Leslie. If you are going for that Industrial / Metal look- than follow the steps she did.

She used the Pewter Tin Gilding Wax and Chalk Paint®! We love the way this piece turned out!

Graphite with both Clear Wax and Pewter Tin Gilding. She applied the Pewter Gilding using her Ultimate Wax Brush like normal wax; first swirling and then ……she dragged it in direction of grain to finish. Love the high/lows giving it an”old” feeling. Looks old but with that contemporary flair.

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