Ain’t She Pretty?!

I started painting this sweet little dresser last week and FINALLY finished it today. Not because it took so long to do, but rather I just kept getting side tracked, but not today! Soft and muted pastel harlequin on top, a NY Finger Lake inspired landscape…and the perfect shade of purple by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint called Emile. In fact…this whole dresser was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint..yep- all of it! If you love her but are thinking, “nothing else in the room will match her.” No problem! Bring me in another piece and I can paint it in a matching design! Totally easy-peasy! So, come and visit her (meaning this sweet dresser) at my shop – 208 East Main Street in Palmyra! Keep in mind- pending where you live- if you travel to Eastview Mall- MY SHOP IS LOCATED ACTUALLY CLOSER TO YOUR HOME.

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