Mint by Michelle Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Welcome! If you own a shop or have a booth, adding multiple lines helps generate additional revenue streams. Let us help you grow your business!

  • A Stockist application must be completed in full. Click HERE to access the online registration form.
  • All requests must be from a business with an existing brick and mortar location, a booth or retail space or an online store.  An online retailer must have a valid domain, shopping cart and website.  We do not accept eBay, Amazon or any other third party resellers.  However, selling on etsy was approved in 2021.
  • A1 size MAP $32.95, A3 size MAP $19.95.
  • Minimum opening order of $450 with a $100 minimum for subsequent orders. Currently no annual minimums are in place.
  • We do not currently have set territory protection in place however sales territories will be addressed on a case by case basis.  We will look at each application taking into account the geographical area and population density to ensure the area is not oversaturated.
  • The Stockist will make an initial order within 7 days of agreeing to Wholesale Terms and Conditions.  Mint Stockist will keep a reasonable supply of papers at all times however the Stockist is not required to carry every design.
  • If you place an order before 2pm Eastern Monday through Saturday, we will pack and ship out your order that same day! We are unable to make add-ons to orders that are already shipped, but if you need something changed or added, text or call ASAP. If we can accommodate your change- we will. Once your order has shipped, the sale is considered final. If however an exceptional circumstance arises we can review your request, please note not every request will be granted.
  • For more information about becoming a MINT Decoupage Paper Stockist please email or call us at 585.750.6056