Modern Masters Give-A-Way (Transforming a Cement Floor in to a Patina’d Copper and Rusted Iron look)

The Purple Painted Lady is so excited about opening our 4th location in the city of Rochester, NY.  It will be located at 650 South Avenue- which is in the heart of South Wedge and we will open our doors later in August.

The Purple Painted Lady South Wedge Stye Chalk Paint Judy Bret 2015

We have literally gutted the space.

Here is a BEFORE photo of where we started: (take note to even the check out counter.  Below you will see what we have done with it to spruce it up.)

 OKay- just a reminder – the image BELOW is a BEFORE PHOTO!

650 South Ave BEFORE restoration The Purple Painted Lady

We have since done the following to the space:

* tore out the tan leopard print carpet and replaced it with wood.

* pulled about 1,000 nails out of the wall and ceiling, patched the dry wall, and painted the walls a pretty silvery grey/blue. (I like how it compliments the ceilig!)

* put in all new electric and hung new chandeliers (actually, Brett- the buff guy standing next to Judy in the photo above did all of our electric.)

* installed a full prep sink and work counter and the bathroom has been gutted with a new vanity installed.

* and everything else has been scrubbed…multiple times over!

Phew!  It makes me tired just writing it all out. (which is kind of pathetic since I hired contractors or promised champagne and caviar to Judy to do most of this work for me. LOL!)

IN PROCESS Photo below:

South Wedge In Store South Avenue The purple Painted Lady 650 floor paint

Check out the cash counter below!

650 South Ave skid covered counter top The Purple Painted Lady

We even decked it out using skids from paint deliveries!  See it above?  I love it now! (Thanks to our Annie Sloan distributor)

This week Judy will be transforming the concrete bathroom floor into something amazing using Modern Masters Inc. products!    The Modern Masters products we use will make the floor look like patina copper and rusted iron!

The Purple Painted Lady Modern Masters Copper Iron Rust Green Blue activator Hoity Toity Peacock


Modern Masters Metal Effects Acid Blocking Primer

Copper Reactive Metallic Paint

Iron Reactive Metallic Paint



Modern Masters Rust Activator

Modern Masters Permacoat Xtreme

Spray Bottles 12 ounce

You will also need:

Either a 2″ or 4″ roller with a tray

Chip Brush

Hydrogen Peroxide (just a tablespoon – amount depends on the size of your project)

Small plastic spray bottles to mist aging solutions or rust activator (we used travel size shampoo dispencers)

Papertowel/rags for clean up


Anyway- this effect is pretty cool stuff, huh?

Anything will be better than what the floor currently is.  See the image below.  (waah, waah, waah)  : (


Bathroon floor south wedge The Purple painted Lady Modern Masters

Using the Iron Reactive Paint and Copper Metallic Paint– you can make virtually any surface look like patinad copper or rusted iron!


So, Judy and Anne started the process of painting the bathroom concrete floor. First- since this location was rented prior- the floor needed a good cleaning.

Judy  cleaning the floor The Purple Painted Lady Modern South

Judy is super fast when she is on a mission,  In fact- she was so excited to start this project- I could barely get a photo of her cleanig the floor.  Now keep in mind- she bartered a bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne and caviar for doing this for me!

So, using Mineral Spirits and Krud Kutter and a bunch of sponges- the floor was santized!  A clean water rinse was done and then – the floor was left to dry thoroughly.   The Purple Painted Lady Krud Kutter

The Purple Painted Lady Mineral spirits

If there had been flaking paint from a previous project- all of that would have been removed.






Next- Judy used plain old Elmer’s Glue and created a beed across the door way to build up a slight little dam.  She let the glue dry and then – did a second beed. She did this because most of the products we will be using are VERY fluid- this will help keep them contained into the bathroom.

Modern Masters Copper Rust Iron Bathroom floor concrete Elmer glue DAM The Purple Painted Lady

Once the glue was totally dry- then Judy moved to Step 1 below.

STEP 1 – Use the Modern Masters Metal Effects Acid Blocking Primer:   Modern Masters Metal Effects Acid Blocking Primer 4 oz  The Purple Painted Lady

We have the gallon size of the Modern Masters Metal Effects Acid Blocking Primer that had been sitting for a while so we needed to mix it really well until all the thicker components at the bottom got stirred in. (see image below) This “Acid Blocking Primer” is very importantbecause it creates a base or barrier for the all of the other products to sit on top of.  It also gives either the Copper Metallic Paint or the Iron Reactive paint something to grip to, depending on what it is you are doing and the type of surface it is.  Since most of you would be using a 16 ounce or 4 ounce container of the Acid Blocking Primer, just check the plastic container by hand.  It is doubtful you will have as much sitting on the bottom as we did with the gallon sized packaging.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Primer sludge open quart The Purple Painted Lady south 650


Judy then poured the Modern Masters Metal Effects Acid Blocking Primer into the small roller pan that came with the roller.  Using the roller she applied two uniform.   coats of the  Modern Masters Metal Effects Acid Blocking Primer.  Make sure the first coat is thoroughly dry before applying a second.  In the hard to reach places- she used a chip brush. 


Modern Masters Acid Blocking Primer The Purple Painted Lady

For this product to work well, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO LAY THE SURFACE FLAT.  Since we were doing a floor- this did not apply to us. But FYI for most of the looks of these products because we are dealing with fluids, if you do not lay the section you are applying the products to, you will end up with an effect that looks “runny” vs the images we show here.  So, lay a hutch down on it’s back.  OR, flip a dresser over onto its side.  You have creative options to make this work.

STEP 2 – Use the Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper Reactive Metallic Paint:   

Pour some of your Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper Reactive Metallic Paint into the tray of your roller.  Be careful to only pour a small amount at a time.  You do not want to be pouring left over copper paint from the tray back into the original container and risk contamidating the remainder.  This stuff is a bit pricey, so don’t waste any of it.  Have Syran Wrap available to cover your tray in-between coats.
Judy rolled a layer of the copper paint onto the floor and let it dry.  Once dry- she applied a second coat.
** What is important to know – is that you apply the Patina Aging Soltions over the Copper paint when it is wet.  So, since we we do two coats.  Let the first  coat thoroughly dry- then after the second coat- you immedaitely apply the Patina Aging Solutions.
While the first coat of copper was drying…  Judy poured the MODERN MASTERS GREEN PATINA AGING SOLUTION FOR COPPER and MODERN MASTERS BLUE PATINA AGING SOLUTION FOR COPPER from their large containers into smaller spray / squirt bottles.
While the copper was drying, they poured the green and blue patina into 2 clearly marked spray bottles and 2 of the small travel-sized containers. They also poured rust activator into a spray bottle and hydrogen peroxide into a travel-sized container.
The Purple Painted Lady 12 ounce spray bottle
Judy spooned the iron into a small container and mixed it with water.
Judy worked in manageable sections – approximately 12-18 inches, working her way from the far back corner – around the vanity — to the exit door.
It takes a while for the copper to dry, so don’t paint yourself into a corner.
She started this series of steps by painting a second layer of copper paint.
Remember, the copper paint needs to be wet for the activators to work.
The Purple Painted Lady Modern Masters Copper Rust Bathroom Floor
Judy sprayed or squeezed the green patina activator in random spots on the wet copper. While waiting for it to start to turn green, she flicked iron on the wet copper floor in a cohesive swirly line and then sprayed the rust activator on the iron.
When she could start to see green patina, she sprayed and squeezed the blue patina activator.
In some places she let the green and blue meet but in others kept them separate.
She also took care to leave some of the copper exposed in little spots.
She squeezed some of the hydrogen peroxide onto the blue patina activator to make it look lighter.
She created a dam with blue shop cloths where the activators started to run in sections that did not have wet copper since the floor they were working on wasn’t completely level.
If after doing this step of the project- you would like more of the copper aged, just paint over those small sections and re-apply the aging patina solution.
Initially our floor looked like it had a Cheetah pattern, so we went back over some spots to make it more uniform.
It takes a while for all the activators to do their magic and dry, so Judy and Anne cleaned up for the day.

Modern Masters Rust copper bathroom floor concrete south wedge the purple painted lady


The Purple Painted Lady Bathroom floor copper and iron South wedge finished floor


So, now…for the HUGE GIVE-A-WAY of a basket of all the Modern Masters products you would need to do this yourself on a smaller project!

The winners are……… Becky Kennedy and Meami Craig! Hurray!!!!! Please email Trish at with your ship to address & phone number.

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Here is a link to the Modern Masters products on our shopping cart. 

The Purple Painted Lady Bathroom floor South wedge Modern Masters collage


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