Can Chalk Paint® go over a previously crackled piece or freshly painted Milk Paint that is chipping?

Painting Chalk Paint® over a previously painted surface that has some type of effect – will most likely pass through to the Chalk Paint® or Milk Paint.

This would probably be the case no matter what type of paint you were using.

So for example—– if you paint Chalk Paint® (or Milk Paint…or Latex) over a previously crackled surface- it will most likely cause the Chalk Paint® to crackle in some spots, if not all over.

Painting Chalk Paint® over a piece that was recently painted with Milk Paint that is chipping- will still cause the Chalk Paint® to chip since the foundation beneath …the “Milk Paint” is still chipping since it has not “bonded” with the base surface.

My suggestion for the crackle – would be to sand all of the crackled surface off as so to remove it.

With the chipping Milk Paint, sand it back lightly to accelerate any loose paint to come off.

Then in both examples, blow off the surface of any dust and use Zinsser Clear Shellac to as so to seal the surface (I like the aerosol cans- but you have to use the spray outside) and apply a thorough coat of shellac over the whole piece. Possibly two coats. Shellac is very inexpensive and can be a life saver depending on the piece you are working on.

I have a post HERE on my website that I suggest you read.

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Painting Over a Crackled or Chipping Surface

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