I have always wanted to go to Venice- but Florence makes me happy too!

Someday- I plan on going to Venice and having a Bellini at Harry’s Bar & Grill! Someday- I will go with my husband Steve (my best friend) and my beautiful daughter Danni. But until then….Florence makes me happy too!

Ti amo Florence!!! You are vibrant, fresh, and you are here!!!!

Hopefully, by the color on the walls of my workshop space- you can see I loved you before I even met you!

Annie Sloan describes her newest Chalk Paint™ as “the colours of the copper green mineral and semi-precious stone, malachite, and from the same family of stones as azurite and turquoise. In the 17th and 18th century it was used as a colour made with verdigris but as it is a very fugitive colour turning black with time so we are not aware of how it was used on woodwork in many houses. It is a classical colour found in classical Italian furniture.”

All Florence orders will be shipping out tonight!!!!!! Sweet dreams fellow artists!
Il dolce sogna il mio amore

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