Awesome Vendors Wanted

If you create amazing unique items- we want you!

The Purple Painted Lady Barn Sale Junk Jubilee is happening on 9/26/15. We will have billboards on University and Winton for the month of August and then another on Route 31 in September. This is a one day – privately promoted festival and I guarantee you a great turnout! I obtain a NY State Farmer’s Marker permit and the town works alongside with me for all requirements.


We are quite selective in the artists we choose- and we want to guarantee diversity for our guests who come. Nothing is worse then all jewelry vendors. We stop registration around 90….but ……typically there will end up physically being around 80 due to fall out for various reasons. SO- email me at and include 3 photos and all of your contact information. We have a couple wineries, and microbreweries also.

Vendor Fee:
$50 in either Cash OR Check (Not Credit Card)

HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT FOR VENDOR FEE ONCE ACCEPTED (and this confirms your commitment to the show)
Check made out to Tricia Kuntz, dropped off at our Macedon shop (77 Main St, 14502)

OR mailed to:

Tricia Kuntz
845 Yellow Mills Road, Palmyra NY 14522- INCLUDE your business name in Subject!

In exchange for the vendor fee- you receive a 10′ X 10′ space. If you need TWO spaces- make TWO payments. All vendors are lined up- entrances to the event are controlled and there TWO…one from the front and another in the back of the property. People will be coming from both directions- so all spots are awesome! Your spot is for ONLY you. No other business will be in your space…and besides- a 10′ X 10′ fills up pretty quick! With the weight of our Facebook followers – closing in on 40,000 and website exposure …250,000 MONTHLY VISITORS – we will be introducing you to a whole new demographic of customers. We provide advertising, organized parking, port-a-potties, management of the event- and we will get a great turn out for you to present your wares!

Additional (and not necessary) For Your Information Stuff –

THIS IS A Benefit!
$1 Entrance Fee:
We always have a “charity of choice” – this year it is the South Macedon Volunteer Fire Department and the $1 entrance fee goes 100% to them. These men and women volunteer thousands of hours, between keeping up with their certification and training, responding to calls, and then – helping raise funds for the department.  So- The Purple Painted Lady hopes this monetary donation will help them!   We do the $1 entrance fee for many reasons, obviously it helps the community as noted above. The other benefit- is the amount of cash gives us an idea of how many people came. The charity works the two entrances and it is left to their discretion- not to charge for kids or elderly. Last year they raised over $6500 and the Rotary raised $3200 in parking fees. (Some people gave large donations instead of just $1- so we estimate we had between 4,000 ad 5,000 people)

Parking Fee:
We charge $5 for a car to park- but we have it manned with a 20 person team- so everyone is flagged into a space and it is quick in and out, no double parking issues. I tell people to bring a bus since the fee remains the same. LOL

We have an awesome band called Vintage that sets up on our wrap around porch and plays from start to finish. They have been doing this the last 4 years.

We are committed to serious advertising.

As shared earlier- We will have a billboard at University and Winton for the WHOLE month of August and another on Route 31 before the Yellow Mills Road turn for the entire moth of September! (This alone is costing $2000 and LAMAR estimates 70,000 viewers in the month of August alone)

We have contracts with 585 magazine and Rochester Woman magazine and Finger Lakes (all are signed and ads have been running since January)

We have handed out 10,000 Barn Sale Post Cards since January and have more to go.

I guarantee you – you have never attended a venue anything like this before.

To agree and confirm your spot -once accepted – there is a $50 fee as noted above before AUGUST 10th.

You agree to:
1. Selling only the items I agreed for you to bring.
2. Donating an item worth $30 to be raffled. We will have over 120 raffle items. The Boy Scout Explorer’s manage the raffle and all money raised from it, 100% goes to them. Can be dropped off at my Macedon store location – anytime two weeks prior to the show! (Attach your business card to your donation)
3. Set up your space (tent, infrastructure, tables, drop totes off) the day before (Friday, 9/25/15) anytime between 7am and 10pm With 90 vendors- there is no way all of the could set up their tent the morning of.
4. having your space all ready on Saturday morning by 9:30am as so to attend the quick vendor meeting on the front lawn
5. Not sharing your space with another vendor/person/business. The 10 X 10 space is for advertising one business only.
6. Agree to attend ONE pre-barn sale meeting that will be held at my house over the summer (I will email in late June three dates to choose from)
7. Agree to post on your Facebook / website PR about the event
8. that if you cannot attend, forfeit or do not show – there is no refund for vendor fees.
9. That you will NOT start to break down your booth prior to 5pm on 9/26 unless Trish gives the OK to all vendors.

Questions? Just call me at 585-750-6056

XO Trish

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